Must Try Al Fresco Dining Spots in Tagaytay

Al Fresco Dining Spots in Tagaytay are in! Now that some parts of the Philippines are under the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ), people can only dine in at restaurants which offers Al Fresco Dining. Here are some restaurants you can try on your next visit to Tagaytay.

1. Morgano Restaurant

Morgano Restaurant is one of the unique dining spots you can find in Tagaytay. It serves a rustic Mediterranean style of cooking while using local produce. It is inspired by Chef Morgan’s earliest food memories, extensive travels through the US and Europe, and his experiences honing traditional culinary methods. They make noodles from scratch!

Al Fresco Dining Spots in Tagaytay
  • Facebook Page: Morgano Restaurant
  • Instagram: @morganorestaurant
  • Contact Number: 0945 320 9070
  • Location: 9003 Arnoldus Road, Tagaytay City, Cavite (near Pink Sisters Church)
  • Operation Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10 AM – 7:30 PM

2. Ribchon

Ribchon is the Home of the Baby Back Baboy. Besides the ribs, they also serve All Day Breakfast! This includes Sisigsilog, Tenderloin Tapsilog, Bulalo Steak, Grilled Boneless Manok, and many more.

Al Fresco Dining Spots in Tagaytay
  • Facebook Page: Ribchon
  • Instagram: @ribchonph
  • Contact Number: 0916 687 1568
  • Location: Mahogany Avenue, Maharlika West 4120, Tagaytay City
  • Operation Hours: Monday to Thursday 10 AM – 7 PM | Friday to Sunday 8 AM – 8 PM

3. RSM Lutong Bahay Seafoods Garden Restaurant

RSM Lutong Bahay Seafoods Garden Restaurant serves delicious Filipino Cuisine. Their best sellers are bulalo, sisig, crispy pata, fried tawilis, beef morcoon, kare-kare ox tail, inihaw na tuna belly, laing, siggarilyas sa gata, and puso ng saging sa gata. In here, you can enjoy the view of Taal Lake while eating Filipino food.

Al Fresco Dining Spots in Tagaytay

4. Fire Lake Grill Tagaytay

Fire Lake Grill Tagaytay is the best steakhouse in Tagaytay helmed by Chef Paul Huang. It is a romantic spot with a spectacular view of Taal Volcano and Lake. This restaurant is acclaimed as one of the Philippines’ Best Restaurants by Philippine Tatler and a consistent TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awardee.

Al Fresco Dining Spots in Tagaytay
  • Facebook Page: Fire Lake Grill Tagaytay
  • Instagram: @firelaketagaytay
  • Contact Number: (046) 483 2069
  • Location: Unit 3 Cliffhouse Tagaytay, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
  • Operation Hours: They are open everyday. 11 AM – 8 PM

5. Aozora Japanese Restaurant

Aozora Japanese Restaurant is the first authentic Japanese Restaurant in Tagaytay City. They have four branches in Tagaytay: SVD Road, Tagaytay Calamba, The Farm, and Tagaytay Highlands.

Al Fresco Dining Spots in Tagaytay
  • Facebook Page: Aozora Japanese Restaurant
  • Instagram: @aozoraph
  • Contact Number: 0936-980-9656 | 0977-683-735 | 0995-426-3498
  • Location: SVD Road, Tagaytay Calamba, The Farm, and Tagaytay Highlands
  • Operation Hours: They are open everyday. 11 AM – 8 PM

6. Josephine Restaurant Tagaytay

Josephine Tagaytay is one of the best fine dining Restaurant in Tagaytay with wide choices of Filipino and Seafood mouthwatering dishes. Their Al Fresco Dining Area is a great place to enjoy the view of Taal. Their best seller includes Bulalo, Mutya ng Cavite Soup (cream based assorted seafood soup), Kare kare, Crispy Kare kare, and Sinugba.

Al Fresco Dining Spots in Tagaytay

7. Siglo Modern Filipino

Siglo Trellis highlights a Pinoy Al Fresco experience that brings heritage Filipino dishes from different regions of the country. Their best sellers include Pinyadobo Lagitik, Sisiglaw, Adobo Fried Chicken, Crispy Sisig, Siglo Almusal Lokal, Siglo Bulalo, Siglo Crispy Pata, and Sizzling Kare kare Bulalo.

  • Facebook Page: Siglo Modern Filipino
  • Instagram: @siglomodernfilipino
  • Contact Number: 0943 131 6625
  • Location: 3500 Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City
  • Operation Hours: Friday to Sunday 9 AM to 7 PM (Operation hours varies based on the LGU’s quarantine protocol)

8. Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a homey, 50s and 60s inspired restaurant, specialty gift shop and beauty salon in one. They offer home-cooked meals like Mom’s tender juicy Baby Back Ribs, Sinigang na Lechon, Tagaytay Bulalo, Dad’s Adobong Kangkong and Hannah’s red velvet cupcake.

  • Facebook Page: Memory Lane
  • Instagram: @memorylane_tagaytay
  • Contact number : 09178581950 09228298486
  • Location: Magallanes drive, Brgy. Maharlika East, Tagaytay City
  • Operation hours: Wednesday to Monday 11 AM to 7 PM

9. Don Limone Napa Grill

Don Limone offers a fine dining experience. They have a superb and fresh array of seafood selections. This includes Monterey Calamari Salad, Fish Kabob, Shrimp Scampi, Calamari Puttanesca, Fish Steak, and more special choices!

Photo from Daniella Louise Sacilioc
  • Facebook Page: Don Limone Grill
  • Instagram: @donlimonenapagrill
  • Contact number : 0927 169 5496
  • Location: NBB Farm, Purok 122, Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing East, Tagaytay City
  • Operation hours: Friday to Sunday 11 AM to 8 PM

10. Diner’s Original Bulalo – Tagaytay

Try the first and the famous original bulalo since 1984! Enjoy the warm bulalo while feeling the cold weather of Tagaytay. The view? Priceless!

  • Facebook Page: Diner’s Original Bulalo – Tagaytay
  • Instagram: @dinersbulaloofficial
  • Contact number : 0963 876 7995/ 0938 044 2378
  • Location:
    • Diner’s Main – Aguinaldo Hi-way, Mendez Crossing East, Tagaytay City
    • Diner’s View- Aguinaldo Hi-way, Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City
  • Operation hours: 8 AM to 8 PM | 8 AM to 6 PM (during MECQ)

11. Meza Tiarra Cafe

Meza Tiarra Cafe is a raw and minimalist specialty cafe in Tagaytay. This is perfect for people who enjoys eating in a peaceful ambiance. It has an indoor and rooftop setup that emphasizes the inner and outer space for greater dining experience. They aim to create a community and culture that celebrates contemporary international and regional cuisine.

  • Facebook Page: Meza Tiarra Cafe
  • Instagram: @mezatiarracafe
  • Contact number : 0975-584-3538
  • Location:  2360 C Calamba Rd Brgy San Jose Tagaytay City National Rd
  • Operation hours: 9 AM to 9 PM
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Al Fresco Dining Spots in Tagaytay

Must Try Al Fresco Dining Spots in Tagaytay

  1. Morgano Restaurant
  2. Ribchon
  3. RSM Lutong Bahay Seafoods Garden Restaurant
  4. Fire Lake Grill Tagaytay
  5. Aozora Japanese Restaurant
  6. Josephine Restaurant Tagaytay
  7. Siglo Modern Filipino
  8. Memory Lane
  9. Don Limone Napa Grill
  10. Diner’s Original Bulalo – Tagaytay
  11. Meza Tiarra Cafe

I know that we all miss dining out. Before visiting these places, make sure that you are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. Always stay safe. Bring your face mask, face shield, and alcohol.

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  1. Josephine’s lang natry ko sa list mo, so far. That’s why I really think it’s important to have a car to truly appreciate Tagaytay with the kids. We love staying there on our special family celebrations. Now that my son’s birthday is coming up, we miss it already.

  2. I am so surprised that we have these kinds of restaurants in Tagaytay! never heard of them before, but since your feature them on your blog! I will definitely will try to visit and try their foods!.

  3. I just realized that super dami ko pa palang hindi navivisit sa Tagaytay! Adding these to my list. Haynako, sira nanaman diet. Hahahahaha!

  4. Josephine and Aozora are at the top of my list! I love how quaint one looks and how the other offers ALL the views, haha! It’s been years since I visited Tagaytay and now have no idea what it looks like. Oh, and thank you for including their contact details!

  5. Miss going to Tagaytay! Its been 2 years since I last went there. Just incase we go there, will make this article as a refernce on where to dine in since we prefer alfresco lalo na ngayong may pandemic

  6. I miss Tagaytay. I think we were there in 2018 but never had the chance to return because of the pandemic. RSM is our favorite! Sulit ang buffet.

  7. I think I would enjoy Fire Lake Grill because of the stunning view! Since Tagaytay narin lang diba? 🙂 I also like to try Memory Lane, just ‘coz, Jolina fan here haha! 🙂

  8. wala pa ako nakakainan dito ni isa!!!! papano lahat na lang!!!! sa leslie’s lang ako kumain hahahaha! or sa pancake house or sa antonio’s or yung kubo na sarado na yata now. kaya will take note of this. thank you!!!

  9. sad to say i haven’t visited any of those places! wala tuloy akong ibang masabi kundi sayang! once there’s a safe opportunity to travel talaga, i’ll go for it!

  10. Grabe di ko na maalala the last time I went to Tagaytay T____T Do you have any favorite/bias place po? I would love to try it out first when I can. My decision at the moment is based on the photo with a good view hahahaha

  11. Grabe nakakamiss talaga yung simoy ng Tagaytay lalo na yung mga bulaluhan dun! Abyways, thanks for sharing this post po, pag nakabalik kami dun may idea na kami kung saan kakain ?

  12. Hello Karla! Hope you are doing well this pandemic.

    Your article is very timely since people are on the lookout for alfresco restaurants in Tagaytay. I want to celebrate my mom’s birthday in Tagaytay because the scenery is refreshing and we need to somewhat unwind this lockdown. However, our only concern is if they would allow above 65 senior citizens.

    Anyway, i miss Tagaytay a lot and reading this article makes me want to look forward to a visit one day. ❤️❤️

  13. So cozy ng dining places ???
    Sana makavisit din kami dyan soon. Thanks Ms. Karla for this loaded of info. and ang gaganda pa ng view ❤️

  14. Wow! Must visit. Napaka ganda naman po dito ang dami pang restaurant na pwede mong mapuntahan . At ang sasarap pa ng foods nila ?? Ang sarap kumain kapag ganito kaganda ang view. Never pako nakapunta dito. Pero sana maka experience din akong makarating dito ?

  15. It’s good news that there are available al fresco dining now in Tagaytay. Nun last kasing punta ng kapatid ko sobrang higpit kahit take out bawal. These are nice restaurants, good food and ambiance, may perfect view pa ng taal lake.

  16. Nakkamiss na mamasyal sa tagaytay . Ang dami tlgang restaurant na pwedeng makainan masasarap ang food at my mga mggndang view . Hndi na kailang lumayo pa kse sa tagytay lng meron na medyo malapit pa smin ?❤️

  17. Thank you for sharing complete details Ms.Karla. I like your list po after ng pandemic then nakapunta ako tagaytay visit ko po yung list mo talagang nakakatakam yung food nila halos lahat may mga special menu?.

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