Meza Tiarra Cafe: Minimalist Cafe in Tagaytay

Meza Tiarra Cafe is a raw and minimalist specialty cafe in Tagaytay. This is perfect for people who enjoys eating in a peaceful ambiance. It has an indoor and rooftop setup that emphasizes the inner and outer space for greater dining experience. They aim to create a community and culture that celebrates contemporary international and regional cuisine.

Meza Tiarra Cafe
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Meza Tiarra Cafe specializes in artisanal ingredients, all handmade Italian and Filipino cuisine, Artisanal signature desserts to cater both fast and comfort food.

Meza Tiarra Cafe

Best Sellers

Their best seller includes Bulalo, Margherita Pizza, and Chicken wings. People love their Meza Tiarra Specials—Tablea Hot Chocolate and Ube hot chocolate and our Signature Salted Caramel and Ube Ice blends.

Meza Tiarra Cafe

Customers can expect top-notch coffee from 100% Arabica beans and other specialty drinks. They also serve all-fresh and artisanal pastries from breads to cakes all available via pre-order. In addition, they have daily specials pastries via walk-in.


All linguine and ravioli pasta are made from scratch! They serve Cheese Ravioli (395), French Mac N Cheese (350), Pesto Pasta (385), and Spanish Sardine Pasta (390). I’ve tried their Pesto Pasta and Cheese Ravioli. I must say that the serving serving size and the ingredients used are generous.

Meza Tiarra Cafe

Burgers and Sandwiches

You must try their Charles Beef Burger (550). It’s a complete meal with thick beef patty and vegetables. If you’re too busy, you may also take out or have your sandwiches delivered. They have Grilled Cheese (300), Chicken Basil Sandwich (450), California Crab Sandwich (350), Tuna Wasabi Sandwich (400), and Cheese Steak Sandwich (450). I was so full so I brought home the sandwich. I had it refrigerated and surprisingly, it still tastes great in the morning.

Meza Tiarra Cafe


Just like the pasta, the pizza base and sauce are made from scratch! You may choose between Four Cheese Pizza (650), Margherita Pizza (450), Garlic Shrimp Pizza (485), and Seafood Pesto Pizza (575). The best thing about eating in Meza Tiarra cafe is that they make all their doughs, breads, and pastas from scratch. It makes the food more special.

Meza Tiarra Cafe

All Day Breakfast and Filipino Food

In addition to the food I mentioned, they serve all day breakfast. From breakfast silog meals to pancakes, waffles, french toast, steak and eggs, and even scrambled egg on pandesal. They also have a great selection of salads on the menu.

If you’re craving for Filipino food, you may order Kapampangan Sisig or Bulalo. Roasted Chicken, Garlic Butter Shrimp and T-Bone are also on the list of the main dishes.

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Meza Tiarra Cafe is a family business. Most of the members of their family has a role in the cafe. They are very hands on. Chef Charla Bianca Gualberto developed and formulated the menu with the help of her parents for the Filipino dishes.

The staff are courteous. They are very attentive. From assisting with parking, to serving meals, I feel that they are well-trained. Despite the number of customers, it’s easy to get their attention.

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Meza Tiarra Cafe is located at at 2360 C Calamba Rd Brgy San Jose Tagaytay City National Rd. They replaced the Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe. People can for their nearest landmark, Cityland Prime Residences Tagaytay.

Scandinavian Indoor Setup

I really love the ambiance. First, it looks so neat. Second, the music is very soothing. Lastly, the place is really perfect for dining and relaxation.

Meza Tiarra Cafe
They actually sell dried flowers!

Rooftop Dining Setup

It’s chilly on the outside. You’ll really feel the cold breeze of Tagaytay. On some days, they have a live band. It’s a perfect place to chill with friends! On my next visit, I’ll definitely try their cocktails and mocktails!

Meza Tiarra Cafe
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  • They have a Summer Treat Promo! Buy any 2 Ice blends and get 1 JR Salted Caramel (12oz) for free. This promos is available for the whole month of May.
  • Follow them on their social media accounts to get updated with the latest promos.
  • If you’re too lazy to go out, you may order your food via Food Panda app.
  • You may also contact them on this number: 0975-584-3538
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I had a great dining experience at Meza Tiarra Cafe. It feels good to eat gourmet dishes while relaxing in very cozy dining place. I’ll definitely go back there with my family and friends.

Meza Tiarra Cafe
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  1. I have always planned to go here kaso I am too busy. Gusto ko matry yung pastries nila kasi I heard that they were really good. Have you tried any caffeinated drinks?

  2. Mezza Tiara cafe is simple yet elegant, napaka comfy naman. Di kumpleto talaga sa Tagytay kapag walang bulalo. Sarap naman talaga, lalo na sa may magandang view, naku very relaxing naman talaga, hope makauwi din para makapasyal dyan.. See you soon Meza Tiara.

  3. How nice kasi may open air dining. The food looks delicious and the cake is gorgeous, parang ikaw. 🙂

  4. Nakaka-miss na talaga ang Pinas lalo na ang Tagaytay. So many cafes popping around and it would be awesome to visit this place. Those cakes are dope!

  5. I would be happy to dine there and try their made-from-scratch pizzas and have it their rooftop – a perfect setup during this pandemic. Their interior setup is indeed a breather which is a relief for us cramped during this seemingly unceasing ever changing community quarantines.

  6. Nakaka-miss na ang Tagaytay! Mukhang madami na new restaurants like Mezza Tiarra Cafe. Hindi pwedeng hindi kami magkape sa labas when we are in Tagaytay.

  7. mukang masarap jan mag hang out with friends… kaso no one knows when we can do that again. 🙁 looking forward to trying their great food, bet na bet ko yung mga pizza nila!

  8. Looks gorgeous. So nice to be getting out and doing things again, isn’t it?
    Your blog is so lovely, really enjoying browsing. New follower from the UK here!

  9. Done reading this blog po Ms Karla. Ang ganda po pala talaga dyan sa Meza Tiarra Cafe? Must visit talaga ang place na ito dahil it has good ambiance and perfect place to hang out with friends or mag relax relax ❤️? Ang dami pang pagpipilian na foods and drinks na talagang sure na masarap at sulit na sulit pa ❤️☺️

  10. Ang ganda dito grabe . Ung view ung ambiance ng place niya nkakarelax , ang dami pa nilang menu na pagpipilian daming food . Sa tagaytay tlga hndi mwawala ang best seller nila na bulalo masarap kse tlga ?❤️ gusto ko matry ung tablea hot chocolate nila, burgers and sandwiches . Perfect itong place na to sa mgbabarkada at pamilya tlagang maeenjoy ang lugar . Kamiss na din makapunta sa tagaytay , thank you for sharing this ms.karla ?❤️

    1. A good place to chill, unwind and to fill your tummy with great selection of food. Sa lugar pa lang busog ka na, then with different kinds of sumptuous meals, busog na busog ka sa mga servings nila.
      P.S. sana po walang halong mayonnaise or egg yung is a mortal sin against kapampangan hehe??✌️✌️✌️

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