I’m a teacher, a travel blogger, an SK Secretary, and an advocate.

I’m a Licensed Professional Teacher. I taught English as Second Language in Korea for two years. Now that I’m back in the Philippines, I work as an English Proficiency Guide. I teach nurses, medical technicians, and physical therapists on how to get a high score in IELTS and TOEFL.

During weekends, I explore different places. My goal is to visit the Famous Landmarks in the Philippine Peso Bills. I enjoy hiking, going to the spa and saunas, exploring theme parks, and having staycations at beach resorts, and hotels. In addition, I also visit themed cafes and restaurants, and make some product reviews. If I don’t have any blogging gigs, I watch a lot of Kdrama!

Earlier this year, I got appointed as an SK Secretary in our Barangay. I’m serving the people by doing some sustainable projects and activities for the Sangguniang Kabaatan.

Every Sunday after church, I do something for my advocacy. I teach children on How to Eliminate Online Sexual Exploitation of Children. I believe that having awareness about sexual exploitation will help children avoid it.

Travel with Karla is open for collaboration such as accommodation (hotel/guesthouse), cafe, restaurant, and product reviews. You may email me at [email protected] for business partnership.


  1. hello ate karla, sa lahat ng aspeto ng buhay mo super idol kita, galing galing mo tlaga, sana balang araw maging ganyan dn aq ka successful pagdating sa career na tatahakin q katulad mo po ?

  2. Omooo! Nakakaproud ka naman po! I hope na mas magtagal ka pa sa mga advocacy mo at mas marami ka pang matutulungan. Will be with you through your journey. Mwah mwah ??

  3. hi ate Karla, Support lang po , ?? I really Enjoy To Read and watch Your Vlog Here po most specially the Photos while You’re in Church.. sobrang sarap basahin ng mga messages and caption .. hindi po nakakasawa at sobrang nakakaInspire, You are so Humble and Kindess Blogger ate Karla i’am Really Proud and Salute You po
    Keep Safe always ate Karla and more Vlog, and Blessed to come po

  4. Hi Ms. Karla! Thanks for paying my blog a visit hehe, actually I’ve just visited yours earlier and may I say I loved everything about your contents ? .. Do you recommend that I upgrade my blog to premium? What else can you advise for me to monetize my blog? Thank you! ?

  5. Hello there Karla.. I just try to check your Fan Page on Facebook and Instagram ” Travel with Karla ” but I couldnt found…
    Is it change already ???

  6. hi Ms. Karla! Tnong ko lang po magkano kaya magagastos kung magtravel sa korea for five days including na po yung air fare?. Ano-ano po yung magadang puntahan sa seoul at busan? salamat po.

  7. Hi again ms. Karla, I have another question. I really want to buy hanbok rather than renting so i can wear it anytime i want.. do u know any place where i can buy hanbok and do u have any idea how much it costs? its really hard to find stores online (i can only see rental shops).. thanks again… πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Ms. Karla!

    I want to ask po (or help, maybe) where can I apply for a teaching or non-teaching job in Korea? I applied once from a Recruiter. But, unfortunately, I graduated college here in Philippines even though I have a citizenship from one of the native english speaking countries. Any advice po?

    Thank you

  9. Hello po ???? gusto ko lang pong itanong kung alam nyo po mag kano inaabot ng oag tatravel sa korea gusto ko / namin ng bestfriend ko na pumunta kaso matagal pa po siguro po 3 yrs pa po namin pag iipunan . Gusto ko lang po malaman kung magkano inaabot . Para po mapag i punan namin ????

  10. Hi Ma’am,I am a newly passed teacher and you caught my attention when someone posted your blog on Facebook.I was amazed about you and your career there in Korea. Do you have Facebook account so I can follow you. I am also interested on teaching abroad like you. You inspired me and made me realized that I should be pursuing my craft.Thank you.

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