I’m a teacher, a travel blogger, an SK Secretary, and an advocate.

I’m a Licensed Professional Teacher. I taught English as Second Language in Korea for two years. Now that I’m back in the Philippines, I work as an English Proficiency Guide. I teach nurses, medical technicians, and physical therapists on how to get a high score in IELTS and TOEFL.

During weekends, I explore different places. My goal is to visit the Famous Landmarks in the Philippine Peso Bills. I enjoy hiking, going to the spa and saunas, exploring theme parks, and having staycations at beach resorts, and hotels. In addition, I also visit themed cafes and restaurants, and make some product reviews. If I don’t have any blogging gigs, I watch a lot of Kdrama!

Earlier this year, I got appointed as an SK Secretary in our Barangay. I’m serving the people by doing some sustainable projects and activities for the Sangguniang Kabaatan.

Every Sunday after church, I do something for my advocacy. I teach children on How to Eliminate Online Sexual Exploitation of Children. I believe that having awareness about sexual exploitation will help children avoid it.

Travel with Karla is open for collaboration such as accommodationย (hotel/guesthouse), cafe, restaurant, and product reviews. You may email me at karla.obispo@gmail.com for business partnership.