20 Student Council Platform Ideas for High School

This article is inspired by my younger sister who asked me for some student council platform ideas. In this post, I’m going to share some activities that you can do for your schoolmates.

I’ve been a member of the student council when I was in High School, we call it Supreme Student Government in our school. When I became a high school teacher, one of my tasks is to be the adviser of the student council. I hope this helps in your upcoming student council elections.

Student Council Platform Ideas

20 Student Council Platform Ideas for High School

  1. Alumni Homecoming Event: Students can invite inspiring alumni so they can ask for tips about their future careers. This can also build networks.
  2. Battle of the Bands: Musically inclined students can form a band and showcase them to the school.
  3. Bingo: This can be an exciting fund-raising activity that students and parents can enjoy.
  4. Blood Drive: Besides helping save lives, this can also help the students to stay healthy.
  5. Classroom Beautification Contest: Students study better if their environment is clean and nice. This can be a monthly event with different themes.
  6. Christmas Party: Besides having a Christmas party inside the classroom, students can know more about other schoolmates if there’s a party for the entire high school.
  7. Facebook Page: In this modern world, students will be more updated with upcoming activities if there’s an active Facebook Page from their Student Council.
  8. Freedom Fashion Day: Once a month, students can ditch their uniforms and wear whatever they want. There can also be a theme per month. Student Council can provide an award for the best-dressed people.
  9. Freedom Wall: One of the walls on the campus can be painted white. Students can write whatever they want as long as it does not violate any person.
  10. Free Tutorials: Seniors or even those who are on top of the class can teach those who are behind.
  11. Lost and Found Box: This will help students find their lost items. The Facebook Page/ Bulletin Board will recognize the good people who return lost items.
  12. Movie Day/Night: It’s a day when classrooms will be transformed into movie theaters. Students can watch different movies from various classrooms.
  13. Mural Painting Contest: Besides making the school more beautiful, this will also showcase the talents of the student artists.
  14. Outreach Activities: This will encourage students to donate food and clothing to the needy.
  15. Poetry Reading: Students can read spoken words in front of a crowd. This is another avenue for students to showcase their talents.
  16. Poster Making Contest: Depending on the theme, this can be a good way to provide awareness of different campaigns on campus.
  17. Suggestion Box: This is for students to provide suggestions and offer new ideas for the student council to try.
  18. Staff Appreciation Day: Students will give small tokens to the staff to thank them for their good work.
  19. Talent Contest/Show: Hold a talent show to discover the different talents of the students.
  20. Teachers Appreciation Day: Students will give small tokens to the teachers. They can also vote for the teacher of the month. Other times, they can replace the teachers for a day so the teachers can rest.

I hope these Student Council Platform Ideas helped you in planning. You may propose these to the administrators of your school or just make quick and high-quality PDF file conversions of this from the legit source of theonlineconverter that is 100% free for your future use.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to write them in the comment section below. Please don’t copy my content and post it on different sites like Scribd and Pinterest.

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  1. I got really interested about this post kasi I used to be a student leader in college and talagang naubusan na kami ng idea to the point na nagdala kami ng ferris wheel sa loob ng school during college festival. 😀 I love the Freedom Fashion Day but I don’t think keri to sa catholic school HAHA

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