Charming Tagaytay Vacation Home

My cousin wants her debut to be a Pajama party. Since their house can’t accommodate all the guests, we decided to search for a vacation house in Tagaytay. The good thing is that Charming Tagaytay Vacation Home is available last January 13 to 14.

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Here are the reasons why we chose Charming Tagaytay Vacation Home:

1. It can accommodate 20 people.

The house has four bedrooms with a queen size bed. It can accommodate 8 people.

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There’s only one room in the first floor. It’s where the parents of my cousin stayed.

Our family and another family stayed on the second floor since it has three bedrooms suitable for families. The second floor has its own living room too.

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The third floor or the attic has 12 single beds. That’s where her classmates and friends had the sleepover.

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2. The kitchen, dining room, and bathroom are fully furnished!

The kitchen has an oven, stove, rice cooker, microwave, refrigerator, and other kitchen wares.

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The bathroom has bidet, hot and cold walk-in shower, and toilet papers.

3. It has a good landscape.

The house is beautiful inside and out! It’s perfect for photo shoots!

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4. It has a parking garage.

Since most of the guests will go there by a car, it’s important to ensure the safety of their vehicles. Some guests parked their car on the streets but we are at ease because there are roaming guards in the village.

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5. It has a lot of amenities for entertainment.

There’s a WiFi, flat screen TV, cable channels, DVD’s and even books! I hope they will have some board games in the future.

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6. It’s very accessible.

The house is just 3 minutes away from Tagaytay Rotonda. If you need something, it’s less than a kilometer away from Ayala Mall Serin.

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It’s near tourist spots like Picnic Grove, Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay, People’s Park in the Sky, and Taal Lake.

Address: Jesus Street cor Dechosa Street, Tagaytay Country Homes 1 Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hi way, 4120 Tagaytay, Philippines


I had an awesome time hosting the pajama party of my cousin. Besides the Charming Tagaytay Vacation Home, I also enjoyed the cold weather in Tagaytay.

We rented the entire house for 15,000 pesos. The check in time is 2 pm and the check out is 12 pm the next day. I think it’s the most affordable vacation house in Tagaytay.

I’m not affiliated with the owners of the house but if you have inquiries you may contact them using the following: