Chuseok Itinerary

Take a peek into my Chuseok Itinerary! ❤

7 Days Itinerary in Seoul

Here’s my recommended itinerary for a week. I also include the possible expenses per day.

Dal.Komm Coffee

Can you recognize all the Korean Dramas filmed in this coffee shop?

Rens Tuzon: The Coffee Painter

Meet the World-class Coffee Painter from the Philippines!

AP24 Toothpaste Review

Check out this awesome teeth whitening toothpaste!

Korea’s Seoul Subway vs Philippines’ Metro Rail Transit

If Korea has T Money, Philippines has Beep Card!

Fight For My Way Filming Locations

Visit these awesome filming locations!

Things you should NOT do in Korea

“Do you want to eat Ramen at my place?” …say NO!

Korean Restaurants in Cavite

Have you tried these Korean restaurants?

Filipino Travel Vloggers and their music

Can you recommend some interesting YouTube Background music?

Korean Uniform Experience

Where to rent a Korean Uniform?

Albay Itinerary

Check out the awesome places to see in Albay!