Morgano Restaurant: Best Steak House in Tagaytay

Morgano Restaurant, a Mediterranean Restaurant in Tagaytay, is the place to go if you want to eat great tasting steak, fresh salad, and handcrafted pasta. I’ve tried a couple of restaurants in Tagaytay which serve steak but theirs is the best!

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Morgano Restaurant fascinates me because they do not have a permanent menu. Since they serve fresh produce, the menu is highly dependent on what is available on the market. Anyway, here is a sample menu just in case you are curious about the price range:

Morgano Restaurant
“For everyone’s safety, this menu is disposable.”

Fresh Salad:

I’m impressed with the freshness of the farm salad. The texture of each vegetable will definitely make you feel that they are freshly harvested. In addition, the calamansi vinaigrette made it really tasty. By the way, Chef Morgan mentioned that they are getting their greens straight from SVD Farm. Great job on supporting local businesses!

Morgano Restaurant
Farm Salad – 5/5

Handcrafted Pasta:

Their handcrafted pasta will never disappoint you. The firmness and the taste are perfect. I like that the flavor of the cherry tomatoes is not overpowering. The mint and the basil balance made the pasta really interesting. It’s not saucy but the pasta is flavorful. On the other hand, I wish that the bread on the side is more toasted.

Morgano Restaurant
Taglierini with fresh heirloom cherry tomatoes, mint, and basil – 4/5


I’m lucky that the US Black Angus Porterhouse is available on the menu when I went there. Besides the tender and juicy meat, I must say that the sauce worked well with the medium well steak. Their steak is braces friendly. LOL. Is that a word? Haha! I love that it’s easy to chew and it’s really worth the price.

The thick french fries and the vegetable on the side are also commendable. They are really appetizing and satisfying. This meal is just perfect!

Morgano Restaurant
US Black Angus Porterhouse 10/5


I ended the meal with Affogato. It’s a homemade vanilla sorbetes poured with hot kapeng barako shot. It is perfect for your TikTok and Instagram Stories!

Affogato 4/5
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The staff in general are really accommodating. They are very responsive on social media. Making a reservation on their Instagram (@morganorestaurant) is really fast. Upon arriving, there’s a staff who assisted in parking. Moreover, the waiter is really knowledgeable about the dishes on the menu. He’s ready to recommend meals.

Chef Peter Morgan Daiz, the owner of Morgano Restaurant, is very hands on. He makes sure to visit every table to check on the guests. It is fascinating how he incorporated his experiences to create gourmet meals.

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Chef Peter Morgan Daiz
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Morgano Restaurant is located at Arnoldus Road, Tagaytay City, Cavite. It’s near Pink Sisters. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday (10:00 AM to 8:00 PM).

They have a big parking space.
Indoor Dining
Right Wing
Left Wing
  • Minors, seniors, pregnant women, and persons with comorbidities are not permitted to dine in during MECQ.
  • Guests need wear face mask and face shield upon entering the premises.
  • Pets are allowed but they have to wear diapers.
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Morgano Restaurant is a great place to celebrate intimate events. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the mouthwatering steak, fresh salads, handcrafted pasta, and great customer service!

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Morgano Restaurant

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  1. Ganda ng place. Another addition to my list of places to visit when I’m fully-vaccinated. So many go-to destinations in Tagaytay already!

  2. Morgano Restaurant is a must visit resto in tagaytay. Thank you for sharing this blog.
    A good idea of resto that i would loved to visit.
    The foods ,the ambiance and the locations are all perfect.
    Such an amazing place.

  3. Must visit po talaga dito sa Morgano Restaurant. Sobrang ganda ng ambiance nila talaga namang makakapag relax ka dito. At ang sasarap din ng mga foods nila. Siguradong masasatisfied ka talaga dito . Perfect place po talaga ito sa Whole Family. Napakagandang experience nito na makapag visit dito. ??

  4. Now I’m suddenly cravings for steak. I love the place in general. It feels very homey, yung vibes nya ba tipong excited kang puntahan dahil makakakain ka ng lutong bahay 😀 Hahaha swear ganon yung feels ng lugar!

  5. Nagco-contemplate nako if magrerelocate nako ulit sa South. There are so many places to explore, food and restaurants to try and it seems there are more popping up from time to time. Morgano Restaurant gives off this homey vibe that makes you comfortable while eating. In fair, mukhang masarap ang food and malaki ang serving. I would love to try it out. ?

  6. interesting. menu is a surprise every time you go there. but since they have superb service and cozy ambiance, the unpredictability of the menu just adds to its charm.

  7. The whole ambiance of this restaurant looks lovely, and I am curious about their steak. I’ve tasted the best of the best (meats from Australia, Japan, and Argentina), though I haven’t tried US-made steak. Something to try when we get back to the Philippines soon!

  8. All the good food and drink! It’s a place where in we can catch up things with the whole family. ,Best steakhouse,an honest review of a wonderful place

  9. I really want to visit this Morgano restaurant. They have nice ambiance and they serve a lot of delicious foods. Good thing about them is they have fresh salad and handcrafted pasta. I saw your tiktok vid about this and it makes me crave on affogato ?? Hoping soon I’ll have a chance to visit them and try their foods ?

  10. Totoo po ang dami tlgang restaurant sa tagaytay pero meron pala tlga mas may masarap pa ? ang ganda dito , ganda ng design , ambiance nkakarelax . Natakam ako sa steak nila and dessert ? dami dn choices ng foods ?❣️

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