Places to Visit in Tagaytay during GCQ

Can we go to Tagaytay during GCQ?

Yes. Tagaytay is now open for tourists! Everyone is welcome but you need to follow the public health standards. However, kids (ages 0-21 years old), and senior citizens are still not allowed to travel.

Places to Visit in Tagaytay during GCQ

1. People’s Park in the Sky

People’s Park in the Sky, formerly known as Palace in the Sky, is actually an unfinished palace. It was originally made for US President Ronald Regan and his wife for their visit to the Philippines. Because he did not came to Philippines, it was converted to a park instead.

Most people go here to experience to the fog. It’s best to visit early in the morning. It’s not that foggy in the afternoon.

Tagaytay during GCQ
The structure outside really looks like a part of a palace.

Inside the park, you can see a 360 view of the Taal Volcano. There are benches outdoors where you can feel the cold breeze of Tagaytay. People can also buy some fruits and souvenirs near the parking lot.

  • Park Hours: 7 AM – 5 PM
  • Entrance Fee: 30 pesos

2. Picnic Grove

Picnic Grove is literally a place where you eat with your family and friends. You can enjoy the view of Taal Volcano by renting one of the cottages. They also offer activities like horse back riding and zip line.

Tagaytay during GCQ
Watch me on Brigada (GMA News TV Channel 11) on September 26 at 8:45 PM.
  • Park Hours: 7 AM – 7 PM
  • Entrance Fee: 50 pesos
  • Parking Fee: Car (PhP35), Bus (PhP 100), Vans/Jeepney/Coaster (PhP 50)

3. Sky Ranch

You can now enjoy some rides at Sky Ranch during the weekends. However, please be reminded that kids (0-21 years old), pregnant women, and senior citizens are not allowed to enter the premises.

Tagaytay during GCQ
Photo taken from Sky Ranch Facebook Page
  • Park Hours: 10 AM – 7 PM (Friday to Sunday)

4. Puzzle Mansion

Puzzle Mansion houses the biggest collection of rare and popular puzzles in the Philippines. The puzzles have a wide range of sizes, genres, sources, subject matter, and art forms. You may also buy some of their puzzles there.

Tagaytay during GCQ
  • Museum Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM (Friday to Sunday)

What To Eat?

Tagaytay is known for the famous Bulalo and Crispy Tawilis in Mahogany Market.

Senor Alvino Bulalo and Ihaw-ihaw

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  1. Kung pwede lang din sana bata ipasyal jan ano, kaso hindi pa. Next year sana mas maging okay na ang lahat, masilayan nating muli ang ganda ng Tagaytay. Gusto na makakita ng anak ko ng kabayo e hahaha. Namimiss na din namin mag bulalo. Sa susunod na visit namin jan sa Tagaytay, 4 na kami!

    Best regards,

  2. Hi! Ms. Karla, Thank you for the update during your vacation in Tagaytay. We miss to travel as well, we love to read your educative articles with amiable tourist spots in Tagaytay. I would like to see and experience the Puzzle Mansion where the Guinness Book of World Record for the most number of jigsaw puzzles in the world. Hope to travel soon 🙂

  3. Daming magandang pwede puntahan talaga sa Tagaytay. Last punta ko dyan, 2009 pa ?
    Pinaka namimiss ko dyan yung FOG. Tapos sobrang lamig. Sabayan pa ng paghigop ng bulalo.

  4. I missed Tagaytay! Whenever in Cavite I really hope I can drop by Tagaytay na din.. and I am glad the tourism industry is slowly going back to the normal days.. By the way love no 1 and 3 of the list! Nakakatakam din food!

  5. good to know that little by little bumabalik na ang services ng tourism industry. hope to visit Tagaytay soon

  6. Pwede po pa fansign? Saw you posting this before and man, nakakamiss mag gala hahaha! And yes, top talaga sa mga dapat puntahan ang people’s park cause even if foggy enjoy pa rin dun dahil malameeeeeeg 🙂

  7. Napuntahan ko na lahat ng place na yan sa tagatay ng madaming beses pero hindi pa din nakakasawang puntahan, sayang we were planning to go there nung July with Nathan for a friend’s wedding but cancelled because of the pandemic

  8. I am like 15 minutes away from Tagaytay! I miss going it here but I think after pandemic na. Never been to the Sky Ranch pa talaga haha! A really nice place to spend a lazy weekend!

  9. The puzzle mansion is just new to me. I will visit it soon since my hometown is just 1 hr away if I use canlubang shortcut route. I remmember when going to Tagaytay to view the Taal Volcano and realize that the small volcano is not the Taal itself haha..I miss senoritang saging from tagaytay.

  10. I just cancelled my staycation booking sa Tagaytay and I after seeing this post, I felt sad about. I really miss Tagaytay and can’t wait to enjoy this once the pandemic is over

  11. I’ll probably wait until the restrictions are lessened so that my kiddos and parents can join the trip. Travel is more fun with them around.

  12. I really hope we could bump to each other dyan sa tabi-tabi. ❤️ I really miss Tagaytay. It is our go-to place talaga pag summer, naulan, walang magawa… ❤️

  13. I have visited these places for many times kasi I am 20 minutes away lang from Skyranch. Hahahahaha! I WOULD NEVER GET TIRED OF IT. The view, the ambiance, the food, the people, love ’em!

  14. Shucks nakaka miss Tagaytay! It’s good to know they now accept tourists again!!! ? I didn’t know Puzzle Mansion is an establishment that showcases different puzzles pala… akala ko like name ng hotel or accommodation hahaha! ? Yun lang di ko napuntahan among your list! I miss the tawilis and bulalo sa Mahogany market! Huhu!

  15. Thank you for sharing this Karla. This is very informative to readers like me who’ve been eyeing for spots to visit in Tagaytay. If I may ask, inaallow na ba ang senior citizens sa restaurants? Some of my friends told me na pwede na daw, pero my sister and grandma were not accommodated in Bulalo point.

  16. Puzzle Mansion na lang ang hindi ko napupuntahan sa list mo! Eto na ang next targer namin sa susunod naming punta sa Tagaytay! Also, parang masarap din yung mga food sa Senor Alvino! Try din namin next time

  17. Ay sarap na ata magroad-trip with… ay wala. Hahahaha. Pero I haven’t been in Puzzle Mansion ah. That place sounds interesting. I hope it’s gonna be safe na to travel soon. Huhu

  18. Sad that we can’t go there yet because we have three kids who can’t travel pa. We miss Tagaytay so much. We frequent that place. It’s our go-to place to relax and break away from the city.

    1. Grabe. Kakamiss talaga! Planning to go back here again. Huhu. Sana maging maayos na ang lahat at sana ang mga pupunta sa tagaytay ay talagang hindi maging pabayasa pagsunod sa mga safety protocols.

  19. Never been in the puzzel mansion… Pero the last time we visited tagaytay is after nung taal…. Konti plng ang nagoopeeate… Open na din ba ang mga hotels nila now. Nkakamis din.. Madalas kmi mgbulalo jn.. Lalo na ngayon malamig na ang panahon. Kakamiss…

  20. Congratulations on this Ms. Karla! Such a great opportunity to be featured in Brigada, GMA TV! Galing niyo po. Many people really trust what you recommend <3

  21. The museum is the best place I’ve visited in Tagaytay (I wonder if the old lady owner is still alive?). She did a great job in building her own museum, along with the adjacent Bed and Breakfast.

  22. I super miss being in the Filipinos! Iba tlaga ang bulalo ng Tagaytay! hahanap hanapin mo tlaga! We live in Silang that’s why we always hang out in Tagaytay! Those places you mentioned will be part of my list! I want to buy a painting from that museum and bring it over here!

  23. Tagaytay, ito yung lugar na sana ikakasal kami this Year, but because of the Pandemic. NaAdJust, but it’s OK I know That This is Will of God, sobrang ganda tlga ng mga view dto ate Karla, and thank you for sharing this kind of Experience, mas Lalo Akong Naganhan na Pmunta Jan. Even No Occassion.. Look so Yummy Din tlaga ng Mga Food.. truly Recommended tlaga

  24. Goodevening Ms. Karla ! That’s good to hear, I hope magtuloy tuloy na to ??⭐ But ofcourse, kailangan pa din natin mag- ingat , just follow the protocols at magiging okay talaga lahat ? Grabe , I will surely add this to my bucket list. Poponta talaga ako dyan , kasama mga kids ko ? Thank you for this wonderful blog ??⭐

  25. Plano na namin pumunta dito kaso nagka-pandemic. Perfect place talaga yung picnic grove para sa bonding ng family habang tanaw ang Taal Volcano. I also want to try horse back riding and zip line. Tagaytay is a really great place to visit. ❤

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