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Travel with Karla in 2017

I would like to thank everyone who supports my blogging life!

Weddings in the Philippines

Check out my observations in Filipino Weddings

Soul Sesh On The Streets

Instead of giving some goods to some established organizations like orphanages or home for the aged, we decided to choose the people who are literally on the streets. 

Things to Collect while Traveling

What do you collect when you travel?

Tips for First Time Travelers to Korea

15 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Korea

Missionary Visa in Korea

Do you plan to get a Missionary Visa in Korea?

TOEFL Experience

Check out my TOEFL experience!

Travel with God

Life Testimony of Travel with Karla

IELTS Experience

Are you interested in taking IELTS?

Things you should NOT do in Korea

“Do you want to eat Ramen at my place?” …say NO!