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Travel with God

Life Testimony of Travel with Karla

IELTS Experience

Are you interested in taking IELTS?

Things you should NOT do in Korea

“Do you want to eat Ramen at my place?” …say NO!

5 Things I Miss About Korea

It’s not the cosmetics, nor the street foods.

Reasons to Travel with Family

Do you like traveling with your family?

Multicultural Family Music Broadcasting

DJ Gennie Kim meets Travel with Karla

Seoullo 7017

What can you see in Seoullo 7017?

Things to do in Seoul during Rainy Season

Don’t let the rainy season ruin your trip. There are lots of indoor activities to do in Seoul.

Summer Activities for Kids!

During summer, while adults are too busy working, the children tend to get bored in the house. I’m writing this article to give a list of summer activities that your kids might enjoy.

Things to Eat in Korea

What to eat in Korea?