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Containers by Eco Hotel turns 1

Eco Hotel Philippines celebrated its 1st anniversary last Saturday, November 17, 2018. I and other lifestyle and travel bloggers went there to celebrate this milestone with them. They also introduce their managed budget hostel property, Dormitels Philippines.  

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Eco Hotel is the first green hotel chain in Tagaytay. They are the first container hotel in the city.

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You may bring your own container and fill it with different toiletries for a very low price.

Moreover, they also host Eco Art Festival by emblazoning murals with a cause on their walls.

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Containers also have an eco-friendly restaurant. They have Camping & Grilling which serves Filipino favorites on the roof deck.

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They served some porridge for the guests.

We stayed there until night so we decided to go back at the Camping & Grilling for dinner. We tried their Bulalo – a perfect meal for the cold weather in Tagaytay.

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Another great feature of Containers by Eco Hotel is their glamping facility. Glamping, or glamorous camping, allows visitors to experience nature while being protected from the harsh elements. Think of it as camping-lite: a family or a barkada can rent one tent (good for up to 10 pax) and enjoy the clear night sky, cool breeze from the safety of the Containers roof deck.

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And what’s the best way to bond while camping? Grilling and drinking around the fire, of course. Containers have also prepared a Grill tent, with ten tables where guests can prepare and grill the food themselves. They may order from our restaurant or bring their own for a small corkage fee.

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What’s inside Containers by Eco Hotel?

Besides the great interior, I love the lemon grass scent of the rooms! The Queen Room can accommodate two to three people while the Family Suite is good for five to six people. They also have complimentary breakfast.

ROOM TYPESunday – ThursdayFriday – Saturday
Queen Room₱4,000 ($76)₱4,900 ($93)
Family Suite*₱8,100 ($154)₱9,400 ($179)

*Extra person charge is ₱750 (without breakfast) or ₱1,000 (with breakfast).

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Containers by Eco Hotel is located on SVD road, Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay City, across Starbucks by the ridge. Camping & Grilling can be found on the 4th floor roof deck of the hotel.

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Kuripot ka ba? (Are you frugal?) 

Dormitels Philippines is the perfect place for you. You can now experience great accommodation and service without breaking the bank! Book now for as low as ₱99 ($2) per person! 

Containers by Eco Hotel + Dormitels.PH
Photo Taken from Dormitels Philippines Facebook Page

Dormitels Philippines has branches in some of the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations, including:

Dormitels Philippines will soon open its budget-friendly hotel in UST. “We saw the need of a secure and affordable dorm for students, especially, for those students who are from the provinces taking their reviews in Manila,” says Dormitels UST prices are extremely affordable. “P149/day is I think a decent price not only for students but for everyone who needs a comfortable, clean, and secure place to stay in Manila,” Bagatsing told the media.

Dormitels Philippines is managed by Eco Hotel Philippines. It is a concept combining dormitory accommodations with budget hotel services.  Hence, the double sized beds supplied with fresh linens, clean towels and basic toiletries. Guests can choose between a fan or an aircon room.  Each room is equipped with TV set, and has its own toilet and shower. Dormitels caters to backpackers, transient travelers and practical vacationers seeking no-frills but clean and comfortable accommodations.

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Photo taken from Dormitels Philippines Facebook Page

For the latest updates on all exciting promos, visit and their social media accounts:

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It’s great to know that there are hotels like Eco Hotel Philippines which is passionate about conservation, preservation, and protection of our environment. They ensure that Eco-friendly processes are implemented from construction to day-to-day operations. I like their advocacy of minimizing its impact on the environment while imparting practices of sustainability to their staff and guests.

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Don Bagatsing, the owner of Eco Hotels Philippines

I hope more hotels will implement the ecotourism principles: the protection of the environment and its ecosystem, and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage. I believe that this will benefit the immediate community where it stands. It will also be good source of employment to the locals. In addition, experiencing Eco hotels may effectively convey the message to the guests that each one can be a part of the same mission to protect their environment.

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  1. Looks cozy enough perfect for those on a tight budget or just staying for a night off for a long travel. Not bad.

  2. Wow I am so impressed with these hotels! Eco-friendly anything is on the map right now as the Earth is depending on it. Do you know whether they offer vegan food at these hotels? ????

  3. The concept is refreshing! Glamping is really a staycation trend nowadays. What makes it more interesting is the hotel’s advocacies for environment protection. I hope more hotel owners will adopt that thinking.

  4. I love that there are hotels like Eco Hotel Philippines that care about conservation, preservation, and protection of our environment. I haven’t come across any hotels that go to this extent in the USA.

  5. Sobrang artsy ng place plus comfy!! Hoping next time overnight na tayo here! <3 Would also love to try their grilling experience toooooo

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