Pestastic Pest Control Services Review

Pestastic Pest Control Services Review by Karla Obispo

Pestastic Pest Control Services aims to help every Filipino achieve a pest-free property. They provide every client a service with efficiency, honesty, and integrity.

In addition, they are accredited by FDA and DTI Philippines. They belong to Federation of Franchise Urban Pest Control Operators & Fumigators of the Philippines (FFUPCOFP), National Committee of Urban Pest Control (NCUPC), and Urban Pest Management Program Designed For Franchise Urban Certified Pesticide Applicators (NCUPC CPA).

Things To Do Before Pest Control:

It’s my first time to have a pest control in our house so I had no idea on how to prepare for it. The good thing is that their staff are very helpful. I was given instructions on what to do.

  1. Take pictures of the whole house. This will help the team assess what kind of equipment to bring. In addition, it will also give you an idea on which places you need to organize.
  2. Remove the things inside the cabinets. It is best to put the clothes and plates inside a plastic so they won’t get contaminated by the solution. If you have kids, make sure that their toys are well-kept. If you have pets, try not to have them inside the house during the pest control.
Pestastic Pest Control Services Review

What happens during the Pest Control?

1. Residual Surface Spraying

Surface spraying is for crawling insects control. It is a good way to repel the insects like ants and cockroaches. I like how they went beyond the surface of our house. They made sure that every corner is covered.

Pestastic Pest Control Services Review

2. Soil Injection, Roof Proofing, Wood Protection

For termite control, they created holes where they can inject a solution against termites. At first, we were hesitant because it can damage the tiles but then, they made sure to cover the holes after the soil injection. This is totally optional but my family decided to avail it so that we’ll be free from any termites. The soil treatment has two years guarantee. In addition, they also added some termite powder on electrical sockets.

Pestastic Pest Control Services Review

3. Aerial Misting

Aerial Misting is for flying insect control. Mosquitos and flies are nowhere to be seen in our house after the misting. I love that it does not have a foul odor. We just stayed outside the house during this process.

Pestastic Pest Control Services Review

4. Installation of Rat Glue bait

For the rat control, they made some baits using a heavy duty rat glue. They also placed rodenticides on some corners where the rats usually go.

Pestastic Pest Control Services Review

5. Disinfection Service

Some of the most common pests, such as rodents, cockroaches, and mosquitoes, are capable of transferring terrible diseases. To prevent having diseases, we made sure that our house is also disinfected. Pestastic Pest Control Services uses a 4th Generation Quaternary Ammonium Compound. They have cold fogging and smoke fogging.

Things To Do After Pest Control:

  1. Do not mop for three days. This allows the pesticides to take effect on the floors and the walls. Sweeping the floor is okay.
  2. When returning the things back to the shelves, I highly recommend that you dispose or give away the things that you don’t use. This makes you have more space and less clutter.
  3. Observe the pest visibility in your house for a week. If you think that there’s no changes, you may report it to Pestastic for a follow up treatment.
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Pestastic Pest Control Services Review

The whole team is professional. They arrived on time and they are very kind to answer all the inquiries promptly. I also like that they came prepared. They brought all the equipment needed. In addition, they also made sure that they are sanitized before entering the house.

Moreover, I must say that they are also courteous. They ask permission before doing anything in the house. All the process are explained well before they execute it.

Is it effective?

It is super effective! Right after the surface spraying, all the hidden cockroaches in and out the house went out. Most of them went outside the house. I’ve seen a lot of dizzy cockroaches on the street. Some flew to the insect traps Pestastic created. I totally recommend their excellent service!

In this time of pandemic, pest control is essential too. Let’s get rid of the pests that spread diseases!

For inquiries, you may contact them on their accounts:

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  1. Sobrang familiar napo sakin itong pest control. At Talaga namang napaka Laking tulong po talaga ito. Ang kagandahan pa nito hindi lang sya para sa trabaho kundi para rin ito sa loob ng bahay. Sobrang effective po talaga nito dahil hindi lang ipis ang napapatay nito kundi pati narin sa daga..

  2. Important po talaga ang pest control, we had once nun nasa dubai ako. Pero di kami nagstart sa flat, we need to vacate it kaya di ko nakita how they made it. I like your blog, it’s very detailed pati yung mga before and after to do.
    I like that they are very professional and effective.

  3. This Pest Control sa Loob ng Bahay is Important. Para patuloy maging Ligtas tayo sa virus or any Sickness,, and this is so Highly Recommendation po talaga dahil sa Sobrang Galing Nila magService, makikita Mo yung worth sa pagkuha sa kanila … Minsan kasi May mga Animal tayong di nakikita sa sulok na kayang tanggalin ng Pest Control kaya dbest po talaga

  4. It is really amazing to have a pest-free property. Based on your experience it seems that this Pestastic Pest Control Service is really good. I also like that they are very professional and courteous as well. This is the type of service that we need. I hope that every customer services and other services will be like this.

    1. Ito tlgang ung need natin sa panahon ngayon ung pestastic pest control ung hndi lang sa mga mall pati sa mga bahay lalo na sa panahon ngyon para mapanatiling malinis at makaiwas sa virus . Super effective nga po nito nkita ko din po ito sa fast food kung san ako ngwork dati talagang lahat naglalabasan mga ipis or maliliit na ipis nglalabasan tlga . Kaya very helpful po tlga ito 🤗❤️

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