Taste of Heroes Cafe: Al Fresco Dining in Silang Cavite

Taste of Heroes Cafe saved us from hunger – truly a lifesaver! The savory Shawacco Pizza totally uplifted our moods as soon as we took a bite. I and my family were frustrated because the previous restaurants we visited do not accept children. I’m really glad that we saw it while driving along Aguinaldo Highway.

Taste of Heroes Cafe
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What to Order?


They offer Tofu Nuggets (140 pesos), TOF Fries (160 pesos), Kani Salad (160 pesos), Jalapeno Cheese Sticks (175 pesos), and TOH Nachos (285 pesos).

Rice Meals

If you’re looking for something heavy, you may try their rice meals. They have Thai Fried Chicken (165 pesos), Tuna Cheese Omelette (185 pesos), Longganisa De Luisa (190 pesos), Filipino Bangus Plate (240 pesos), Pork Katsu (220 pesos), and Marjorie’s Tapa (260 pesos).

Taste of Heroes Cafe
Thai Fried Chicken (165 pesos)
Taste of Heroes Cafe
Filipino Bangus Plate (240 pesos)
Taste of Heroes Cafe
Marjorie’s Tapa (260 pesos)

Does it taste good? I actually have no idea because my family members ate them right away as soon as they are served. LOL! All I can say is that the plating is good and the serving is generous.

Pan-Grilled Pizza

They have nine types of pizza! We ordered Three Cheese Pizza (260 pesos) and Shawaco Pizza (320 pesos). They also have Chicken Parmesan Pizza (280 pesos), Chicken Mushroom Pizza (290 pesos), Bacon Hawaiian Pizza (290 pesos), California Roll Pizza (280 pesos), TOH Ultimate Pizza (295 pesos), Garlic Shrimp Pizza (300 pesos), and Beef & Pepperoni BBQ (320 pesos).

Taste of Heroes Cafe
Shawaco Pizza (320 pesos)

The Shawaco Pizza tastes so good, we ordered two! It’s perfect for Shawarma lovers.

Taste of Heroes Cafe
Three Cheese Pizza (260 pesos)

Pasta and Noodles

They have Pasta and Noodles from different cuisines. We only tried the Pasta Carbonara (185 pesos). They also have Egg Noodle Soup (135 pesos), Korean Black Noodles (Jajjangmyeon) (195 pesos), Jackie Chan Passta (185 pesos), Mee Goreng (195 pesos), Tuna Puttanesca (185 pesos), Salted Egg Shrimp Pasta (190 pesos), and TOH Laksa (280 pesos).

Taste of Heroes Cafe

TOH Chicken Wings

I orderd the Salted Egg Chicken for 180 pesos only. It includes 4 pcs wings with rice and soup. I think this is their most affordable meal. People may also order half dozen for 224 pesos (1 flavor) and 1 dozen for 424 pesos (2 flavors). In addition, people may also order fries as sides just by adding 15 pesos.

Taste of Heroes Cafe

Signature Sauces & Seasoning

  • Texas BBQ (Sweet and Smokey, tastes like ribs off the grill)
  • Nagasaki (Sweet and savory coming from Japanese inspired flavors)
  • Korean BBQ (Sweet and a little spicy, tastes like Korean Bulgogi)
  • Jamaican Jerk (Sweet and tangy with unique Carribbean spices)
  • NY Buffalo (A classice American sauce, vinegary, hot, and salty)
  • Salted Egg (Rich and savory but highly addictive)
  • Honey Glaze (Classic TOH Sauce, sweet and tangy but a little spicy)
  • Naked Wings (Classic Salt & Pepper with a side of Mayo Garlic Dip)
  • Cheddar Cheese (Nacho Cheese drizzled wings, perfect for kids)
  • Spicy Carolina (Sweet-chili spices, for those who love it spicy)


Taste of Heroes Milktea Menu
Taste of Heroes Milktea Menu
Taste of Heroes Menu
Taste of Heroes Coffee Menu
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We actually visited their third branch in Silang. It is located at Emilio Aguinaldo Highway,By Pass Road, San Miguel, Silang, Cavite.

Taste of Heroes

Other Branches:

  • West Wind Market Plaza, Congressional Rd, Burol Main, Dasmariñas, Cavite | 0906-209-9227 & 0951-633-1339
  • Villa Nicasia, Congressional Rd, Dasmariñas City (in front of EAC University) | 0967 678 2929
  • At the back of TOH, you may also Peralta’s Restaurant . They serve Filipino Cuisine good for family sharing.
Taste of Heroes Cafe

Visit their Facebook Page for more updates!

Travel with Karla

There are three reasons why you should visit the Taste of Heroes Cafe. Firstly, this is a great al fresco dining place to dine and take pictures with family and friends. Besides the chill atmosphere, I love that they are accepting kids and pets! Secondly, they serve mouthwatering dishes. They are not confined to the usual fries and chips most cafes serve. Our cravings for different Asian cuisine will definitely be satisfied. Lastly, the place is accessible using public transportation. It’s just along Aguinaldo Highway!

Your trip to Taste of Heroes Cafe won’t be complete without trying the Shawaco Pizza! In addition, you’ll get what you paid for because they serve rice meals and pasta generously!

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Taste of Heroes Cafe

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  1. A perfect place with the perfect food’s Ms.Karla.truly highly recommended po. So affordable and surely satisfied our cravings.

  2. This is a must visit. I love how affordable their foods are. I personally like to try their pizzas.

  3. Yay love this Ms. Karla kung nasa City lang ako pupuntahan ko to ganda ng ambiance po dami din choices ng food kaya hindi nakakasawa and budget friendly 🤗😍

  4. Wow love this cafe , perfect place and tlga nman npka gnda ng ambiance niya . Kumpleto dn ang menu marming choices ng foods very affordable price pa must visit! Thank you for sharing great review ❤️😍

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