Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Morgano Restaurant, Tagaytay

Morgano Restaurant in Tagaytay is my go-to restaurant for a fine dining experience. It’s one of the most romantic restaurants in Cavite. Besides the ambiance, you and your date will definitely love the steak, hand-crafted pasta, and fresh salads. I and my boyfriend went there last weekend to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day.

Heart 2 Heart: A Valentine’s Day Special

Morgano Restaurant has a special menu for Valentine’s Day. It’s a five-course meal that includes Spinach Soup, Mesclun Salad, Classic Spaghetti, Morgano Platter, and Morgano Forest.

Spinach Soup

Their spinach soup is one of the best soups I’ve ever tried. I usually dislike eating green soups thinking that they might taste bitter. This spinach soup surprised me. It’s really tasty and it has a generous serving. This warm soup is a great way to start the meal.

spinach, leeks, ciabatta crisp

Mesclun Salad

The Mesclun Salad has a lot of interesting flavors. The slices of strawberries and tomatoes go well with the fresh greens. I love how the citrus vinaigrette adds flavor to the salad.

Morgano Restaurant
assorted greens, vegetables, herbs, shaved parmesan, cheese, citrus vinaigrette

Classic Spaghetti

The hand-crafted pasta will definitely make you full. It has a big serving. This spaghetti is cooked Al Dente. The tomatoes make it sweet but there is a sour aftertaste because of the balsamic vinegar. The basil, mint, and buffalo cheese add more flavor to the spaghetti.

classic fresh spaghetti pasta, balsamic vinegar, tomato confit, basil, mint, buffalo cheese

Morgano Platter

Morgano Platter has a very generous serving size, I think this is good for three to four people. Chef Morgan mentioned that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of couples so he really wants to make it like a feast. The Gold Chuck Flap is cooked medium well, while the pork barbecue is cooked well. I find the Gold Chuck Flap a bit chewy but it tastes great like the pork barbecue. The fresh tomatoes, grilled romaine, and cabbage slaw went well with the savory taste of the meat. We skipped our diet and ate the very flavorful Nduja rice. I could never be more full after that.

Morgano Restaurant
gold Chuck Flap, pork bbq, nduja rice, tomatoes, grilled Romain, and cabbage slaw

Morgano Forest

Save the last for the best! Make sure that you still have space left in your stomach. They have the most beautiful dessert – Morgano Forest. We were the first ones who tried it and we were thrilled to have this gastronomic experience. It’s like you are literally eating a forest. The log is made with Felchlin chocolates. It has chocolate mousse inside. There are also herbs and berry compote that makes it perfect.

Morgano Restaurant
Felchlin chocolates, fresh cherries, chocolate mousse, crumbs, berry compote

Morgano Forest is a limited edition. You can’t order it as an a la carte meal. People need to avail of the Valentine’s Day Special Menu to experience this very interesting dessert.

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Final Thoughts

Besides the mouthwatering food, the helpful servers always make our dining experience worthwhile. You’ll feel so relaxed with the classy ambiance and the relaxing music while dining with your loved ones. The Heart 2 Heart: A Valentine’s Day Special Menu costs 3,800 pesos (+10% service charge). With this kind of experience, I would say that you’ll get more than you paid for.

Morgano Restaurant is located in Tagaytay. It’s at 9003 Arnoldus Road, Tagaytay City, near Pink Sisters Church Tagaytay. To get updates on their seasonal menu, follow them on their social media accounts:

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  1. Ganda naman dito at yung pagkain,ang sasarap?
    Perfect talaga dito for Celebrating Valentines with Our love ones
    For sure ,mabubusug talaga ?
    Looks palang,nakakatakam na!

  2. Feeling ko doon pa lang sa first three dish ay busog na ako, hehe. Pero kung ganyan kasarap ang main course, go pa. And of course laging may space pa for dessert, haha. Wala yatang makakatanggi sa ganyang kasarap na dessert.

  3. Ang ganda naman ng place na ito . Ung mga foods nila nkakatakam ang ganda ng plating . Perfect dito mag date ngayong malapit na ang valentines day! ? Ung dessert nila superb nkakatakam ??

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