Get FREE ADATA UV350 USB Flash Drive!

Do you want to get a FREE ADATA UV350 USB Flash Drive? In this post, I will show you the latest promo of ADATA Philippines.

ADATA UV350 USB Flash Drive


Earlier this year, I posted about my ADATA HD330 external hard drive. I was devasted when my phone got snatched in January 2021. The good thing is that I made a backup on my hard drive. Some of my travel photos and videos on my phone are stored there!

ADATA UV350 USB Flash Drive

ADATA HD330 Specs:

  • 1TB/ 2TB memory capacity
  • shock-absorbing silicon casing
  • colors: blue, black, red
  • uses blue and red light as status indicator
  • HDDtoGo software has AES 256-bit encryption that keeps important data password-protected

As an online educator and a travel blogger, it’s important for me to keep my files safe. Besides saving them online, I also save them on my #ADATA HD330 External Hard Drive.

Karla of Travel with Karla

Benefits of using ADATA HD330:

  1. It can save large files! My HD330 has 1TB memory. Enough to save files, movies, and photos.
  2. It has high speed. It takes few seconds to transfer files. I don’t need internet connection to access my important files.
  3. It’s portable. Instead of always bringing heavy laptops, I just bring my hard drive wherever I go.

What are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

How to Get FREE ADATA UV350 USB Flash Drive:

Step 1: Collect Voucher

Step 2: Purchase ADATA HD330 from Lazada

  • Buy ADATA HD330 1TB & get FREE ADATA UV350 32GB USB Flash Drive
  • Buy ADATA HD330 2TB & get FREE ADATA UV350 64GB USB Flash Drive
  • Get ADATA HD330 4TB or 5TB & get FREE ADATA UV350 128GB USB plus ADATA HDD Protection Case

For Pre-Order of 4TB & 5TB, kindly fill-up the form:

This promo is valid from September 17 to October 1, 2021.

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  1. One of the MUST HAVE items of a blogger because you can’t store all your files and photos in your phone. I use one too but not the same brand. I will just share this to my other friends there.

  2. Thanks for sharing this brand, I’m currently using WD but I will always needed a new portable hard drive. Hope ADATA brand is available here in Australia.

  3. Wow That’s awasome ! thanks for sharing this ADATA UV350 US Flashdrive must Have This Lalo sa mga Nagwowork and Nag oonline class na Student

  4. I really want to have this ADATA UV350 Flash Drive dahil talagang perfect ito for online class lalo na if puno na yung laptop ng mga files. Thanks for sharing this po. Talagang must have and may mga freebies din sila! ?

  5. ADATA HD330 is truly highly recommended for it high quality specifications.
    Good news that we can get freebies upon purchasing Adata Hd.
    Thank you for sharing Ms Karla.??

  6. Wow thank you for sharing this ms.karla ? ang bongga nga po nitong ADATA UV350 USB Flash drive ? ganda ng specs niya and quality ?❤️

  7. Il grab this opportunity to own one ! This is unbelievably awesome offer that really important to us, thanks for sharing this information,such a big help

    1. So nice naman po nitong ADATA UV350 USB Flash Drive, Napakaganda ng Specs and Quality nito. Talaga namang kapaki pakinabang po ito lalo na sa mga mag aaral and sa mga nag wowork talagang need po nila ito. Specially sa mga Blogger na katulad nyo ? Very recommended po talaga ito .

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