Craft’d Eats PH now cooking!

Craft’d Eats PH is now cooking!

In this time of pandemic, most of us are just working in the comfort of our home. Whenever we are craving for any thing, we turn to our social media and scan for great snacks to try. Just last week, I ordered a tub of Double Chocolate Crinkles by Craft’d Eats PH and I must say that I’m totally satisfied with them.

Craft'd Eats PH

Get to Know more about Craft’d Eats PH

According to the owner, the idea started a long time ago but it was during the lockdown that their family had the time to really put it into reality. They’ve been up and running for 2 weeks now.

All products available and launching soon are our family’s “comfort food.” We enjoy crafting them as they are our personal favorites.

Chef Ran Yasis
Craft'd Eats PH

Besides the Double Chocolate Crinkles, they also take pride on their Homemade Garlic Longganisa. In addition, they are on the process of crafting variety of sweet and savory delicious homemade products to be launched soon.

Craft'd Eats PH
Introductory Price List:
Garlic LongganisaPhP 290 per kilo (15-17 pcs)
Double Chocolate CrinklesPhP 130 per tub

They accept different modes of payment (Cash on Delivery, GCash, and BDO). For orders, you may follow them on their social media accounts:

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Double Chocolate Crinkles Review:

Since crinkles is one of my favorite pastries, I must say that my standards is quite high on this. First, the chocolate flavor is not too strong despite the oozing dark chocolate filling. I like that the sweetness is not overpowering. Second, the texture is perfect. It’s soft and chewy but it still has a little bit of crisp texture on the outside. Lastly, the serving portion is just right for the price. One tub which contains 10 pieces of crinkles is just 130 pesos. It’s a steal!

Craft'd Eats PH

In this trying time, most people lost their jobs and a lot of our friends are opening some startup businesses like this. Let’s support them by buying their products. If you need help with marketing, send me a message on [email protected].

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  1. ang madaling i cook for breakfast. Hopefully mka try ako mukhang malinis at masarap kasi 🙂

  2. Great menu! ? Double Chocolate Crinkles is looks so appetizing! Perfect for a cheat day! ❤️❤️

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