Lago de Dalahican

Lago de Dalahican is one of the affordable family restaurants located in SM Dasmarinas. They serve Filipino dishes. Just last Sunday, my family tried dining there for the first time. My family goes to church every Sunday. As much as possible we cancel all our appointments just to have time together. This time, my brother had a chance to go out of MOL Magsaysay Maritime Academy for few hours. He surprised us and went to church in his uniform! This calls for a family day!

Lago de Dalahican
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Since Banco de Ate (yes that’s me!) is in charge of the bill, I opt to choose the family set meals. I believe it’s cheaper compared to ala carte meals. We ordered Family Set 4 because it’s good for six people. It includes Fish fillet, Chopsuey, Buttered Chicken, Crispy Pata, six cups of Rice, and six glasses of Iced Tea. That’s a total of 1,300 pesos. They also have 10% service charge.

The Fish Fillet is freshly cooked. It’s tender and not oily. We also like the taste of the sauce. I hope they’ll serve more of this. I’ll definitely order this again.

Family Meal Set 4

Lago de Dalahican
Fish Fillet 5/5

They Chop Suey tastes good. We loved the texture. All the vegetables used are crispy. It’s not soggy. They are cooked perfectly. I like that they included vegetables in the set meal.

Lago de Dalahican
Chopsuey 5/5

The Buttered Chicken is our least favorite. The butter they used don’t taste that good and you can only taste it on the skin of the chicken. Without the skin, the chicken tastes bland. We even have leftovers. Well, it tasted better when we ate it the next day. LOL. Probably because the other dishes served are better.

Lago de Dalahican
Buttered Chicken 3/5

This Crispy Pata is superb! Unlike other restaurants I’ve tried, all the parts they served are easy to chew. The skin is crispy and the flesh part is tender. I totally recommend this!

Crispy Pata 5/5


Additional orders? Of course! We ordered two slices of their Blueberry Cheesecake. It’s worth 100 pesos per slice but it’s totally worth the money you’ll pay for. It tastes super good. It’s not too sweet nor too creamy. I might go back to Lago De Dalahican just for this dessert!

Lago de Dalahican
Blueberry Cheesecake 6/5
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Lago De Dalahican Restaurant and Bar is located at the Lower Ground Floor of SM City Dasmarinas. It is next to Choobi Choobi and across SM Appliance Center. It’s open from 10 am to 9 pm.

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Our overall experience in the restaurant is good. The place is clean and artsy. The staff are also attentive despite the crowd.

For more details, check out their Facebook Page: Lago De Dalahican Restaurant and Bar SM Dasmarinas Cavite. You may also contact them using these numbers: (046) 458 41 86 ; 0917 551 2237 ; 09994243057 ;

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  1. Parang the serving is not apt for a family of six. I mean they serve you 6 drinks and 6 cups of rice, food should also be good for 6.

    But it is quite affordable. So I guess it’s just not meant for families like mine. Hahaha. We will starve with this Set Meal.

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