Where to Eat in Molino: DC Cheese

DC Cheese is a food stall which offers delectable dips, chips, and cheese. It’s one of the food stalls you should visit in the 5th Avenue Food Park in Molino, Bacoor. I went there with my siblings and friends to try their cheesy snacks.

DC Cheese
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Barkada Meal (550 pesos good for 6 pax)

Who goes to Food Parks alone? If you plan on going there with your friends, barkada meal is my most recommended. They have Barkada meal for 3-4 persons (350 pesos) and 4-6 persons (550 pesos). You’ll get the chance to try everything at an affordable prize! It includes nacho salad, mozzarella sticks, grilled sandwiches, onion rings, fries, and drinks!

DC Cheese

The package includes four drinks. You may choose between CalaMINTsi and Cherly. For additional drinks, it costs 40 pesos only. My siblings preferred the taste of Cherly because of it’s sweetness. On the other hand, I enjoyed the Calamintsi. It’s a bit sour but really refreshing.

DC Cheese

Perfect Pair (240 pesos)

For couples, I highly recommend the Perfect Pair. It includes Cheesy Beef Nachos, grilled sandwich and drinks. What makes it special is that there’s DC Cheese Original Dip on the side. You may dip the oreo, the nachos, and even the grilled sandwich on it!

DC Cheese

Chee-Ka-Log Meals

They have three types of rice meals: Chee-ka-log (50 pesos), Bac-Chee-Ka-Log (75 pesos), and Beef-Chee-Ka-Log (75 pesos). Aren’t they affordable? You also add some sides like Corn Tortilla (25 pesos), Onion Rings (40 pesos), and Fries (30 pesos). Extra bacon, beef, egg, and rice is also possible. Scroll down to the Tips section to find out about their secret meal!

DC Cheese

Among the rice meals, I like the Beef-Chee-Ka-Log the most. I recommend that you start with the sides first because they fries and onion rings tastes better when it’s still hot. The amount of beef, cheese, and egg is just right for the rice. It will definitely make you full and satisfied. The Bac-Chee-Ka-Log is also good but it tastes a bit spicy for me.

Recommended Ala Carte Meals:

For a cheesier experience, I recommend the Cuyabanos Sandwich and the Sloppy Fries or Onion Rings! It’s been months since I stopped eating rice so I prefer bread and other alternative sources of carbohydrates and protein. Cuyabanos is composed of Taco beef in grilled four cheese sandwich. It’s actually a Cuban-inspired sandwich.

DC Cheese

Check out their menu:

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There are two factors that I always check in terms of the staff. First is their cleanliness. The staff in DC Cheese wears the proper uniform for food service. Both of them wears apron, cap, and even mask for the mouth. Second, I also like the way they treat the customers. They are very attentive too. Lastly, the owner of the stall is very hands on.

DC Cheese
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Secret menu

One of the things I discovered is that they have a dish called “Taal Volcano”. It’s a rice meal which includes Cheese Sauce, Egg, Taco Beef, Bacon, Onion Rings, and Fries. It’s best to try if you’re really hungry and adventurous with food!

Signature Cheese Sauce

DC Cheese offers a variety of cheese sauces. They have original, garlic brew, pesto, and even sriracha flavor. You may buy the delectable dips from their shop too.

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DC Cheese is located at 5th Avenue Food Park. It’s on Avenida Rizal Avenue corner, Humabon Street. Phase 2C, Bahayang Pag-Asa, Bacoor, Cavite.

DC Cheese
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Final Thoughts

What makes DC Cheese different from other food stalls which offer the usual fries, nachos, and sandwiches? They have unique dips! Besides the mouth watering dips, I also like their unique drinks. They don’t sell soda or alcoholic drinks which makes them family-friendly.

If there’s one thing they could improve on, I think that would be the packaging. I hope they would consider using plates or containers that are not disposable to have less wastes.

DC Cheese

Overall, my siblings, my friends, and I enjoyed our meals there. We stayed there until night so we’re able to watch the live band at the 5th Avenue Food Park.

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  1. Cheese lover here! I might check this out once quarantine is over since I reside near this place. I wanna try a mukbang with my friends with their barkada meal.

  2. The Taal Volcano meal looks like the famous Loco Moco of Hawaii. Well, everythign with rice is definately a good meal! I can’t live without rice plus the eggs! It’s worth all the calories!

  3. Food looks good and affordable. I love cheese based dishes pa naman, kaya lang ang layo samin nito ?

  4. I would like to eat in a place like this with my friends. Maybe, that is one of the downsides of living in the city. Puro fast foods lang mostly here and wala masyadong stalls or restos like these na unique or may personality. Sobrang love love love ko pa naman ng nachoes and cheese. Ughhhh. Huhuh. Hope to visit soon.

  5. It’s great to know all the great places to eat. This make any travel experience more fun.

  6. I miss street food, there is nothing like that here in Japan. DC Cheese looks like a fantastic street venue with yummy food and delicious drinks!

  7. The Beef-Chee-Ka-Log looks very appetizing. Taal Volcano looks amazing as well. Really love these food trucks with the food they have to offer.

  8. I miss college! College was the time when my friends and I went to different places to do food trip! Hope to try this with them again. See you soon Bacoor! ?

  9. Feeling ko yung barkada meal ba 5-6pax ako lang mauubos ko hahahhahaa cheese is life eh! Yung signiture cheese sauce nila grabe lang! Wish malamit sya sakin huhy

  10. It looks like a nice place for casual dining especially if you are craving for cheesy meals. The prices are great and those drinks look so refreshing!

  11. That Cuyabanos sounds really good. I will have to look up how to make this at home for my kids!

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