Black Scoop Cafe: Chill at SM Dasma

Black Scoop Cafe is finally in SM Dasmarinas! It’s their first branch in the South. What to do if there’s something new? Make a review! In this post, I’ll make an honest review about my first time experience at Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma.

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Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma

What to Eat in Black Scoop Cafe?

Black Scoop Cafe offers various types of meals: Buffalo wings, Sandwich, Pancakes, Rice Meals, Pasta, and other snacks like Fries, Nachos, and Chicken Poppers.

Buffalo Wings

Their Buffalo Wings are generally spicy but you can choose a milder flavor. The skin part of the chicken is really flavorful you might wish you have a rice with you. Haha! If you’re a fan of spicy chicken, you may add 20 pesos for extra spicy flavor. Six pieces costs 195 pesos, while a dozen costs 350 pesos. It’s great for sharing.

Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma
Buffalo Wings 4/5


Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma serves four types of Pasta: Aglio Olio Spanish Sardines (220 pesos), Classic Carbonara (220 pesos), Spaghetti Bolognese (235 pesos), and Tuna Pesto (220 pesos). The Carbonara I ordered has some toasted bread on the side. It’s generously garnished with bacon tidbits on top. For me, the sauce is a bit dry. I wish it’s creamier.

Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma
Carbonara 3/5

What to Drink in Black Scoop Cafe?

Since it’s a cafe, they sell some coffee based drinks. They also serve Cream Cheese Lattes, Frappes, Tea Drinks, and Specialty Drinks.

Brown Sugar Latte Series

I tried their best seller – Original Brown Sugar Latte with Cream Cheese. It’s one of the best drinks I’ve tried in SM Dasma. I highly recommend it!

Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma
Original Brown Sugar Latte with Cream Cheese 5/5


For desserts, they have Sundaes and Bubble Waffle. I ordered the Sundae in cup. It’s Yakult flavored! It tastes like the actual Yakult, I like the sour taste of it. I wonder how the White Rabbit, Nido, Milktea Swirl, Ghirardelli, and Black Mascarpone flavor taste. I’ll be back for sure!

Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma
Yakult Sundae 5/5

They also have cakes but I’m too full to try one. I’ll probably have some on my next visit.

Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma
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The staff are generally approachable. The one who asked for my order politely answered my inquiries. I also like that all of them wears complete uniform. They all look skilled in what they are doing.

Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma
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Black Scoop Cafe in SM Dasma is located at the 2F just across Giordano and Potato Corner.

Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma

The interior is really perfect for your Instagram feed! The lighting is great and it’s not crowded in the area.

Black Scoop Cafe SM Dasma

Follow their Facebook Page for more updates: Black Scoop Dasma

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Final Thoughts about Black Scoop

I think it’s a great place to have snacks with family or friends. I had a pleasant experience because of the cozy ambiance and accommodating staff. As for the food, I totally recommend the Original Brown Sugar Latte with Cream Cheese and the Yakult Sundae.

I was invited to try their meals for free but all my opinions are mine.

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  1. I love trying out new cafes and coffee shops. I would love to try out the tasty treats you have pictured here!

  2. Black Scoop for me is one of the best cafe. I really would wanna try their carbonara and buffalo wings too

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