Dampa Express opens in General Trias!

Dampa Express General Trias is finally open! They recently opened last March 2020. Dampa Express, known as the home of the original crabs sa bilao, brings the traditional dampa recipes at affordable prices. Despite the community quarantine, Dampa Express continues to serve delicious food for everyone.

Dampa Express General Trias
This is all the food we ordered. They all came with various dips!
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From Shore to your Door

Since it’s hard to go to the wet market these days, Dampa Express provides fresh seafood to our doorsteps. Expect to receive the food warm. The packaging is also commendable. You’ll be sure there won’t be any spill, especially if you’ll order meals with soup.

Dampa Express General Trias
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What to Eat?

1. Fiesta Bilao

This bilao literally has every seafood that you need. It includes mix crab and shrimp buttered garlic, baked tahong, baked oyster and pusit lumot. It also contains some vegetables like steamed okra and fried talong. I like that the garlic toppings are generously spread. The crab and shrimps are huge. It’s so big, you’ll need a crab cracker. I also like the cheesy baked tahong and oyster! In addition, the pusit is also generously stuffed.

Dampa Express General Trias

2. Halaan in Ginger Soup

Dampa Express also offers meals with soup. Halaan in Ginger soup did not fail us. It’s very flavorful, I can feel the ginger on my throat. You may also order Tahong in Ginger soup. For people who loves vegetables, Sinigang is also available.

Dampa Express General Trias

3. Grilled Tuna Panga

They offer various kinds of tuna: Grilled Tuna, Tuna Sisig, and Sigang. You may also order dishes with tilapia and hito. We ordered Grilled Tuna Panga. It’s really tasty and tender!

Dampa Express General Trias

4. Dampansit

For something heavy, I recommend this Dampansit. What makes it different from other pansit we tried is that, it is topped with seafood! We didn’t finish this during our dinner so we kept the leftover. It still tastes good in the morning!

Dampa Express General Trias

5. Crispy Kangkong

For a healthier meal, we ordered Crispy Kangkong. It’s actually my first time to try it and I was really satisfied! They also serve Adobong Kangkong, Ensaladang Talong/Mangga, Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa, Pinakbet, Chopsuey, and Tortang Talong.

Dampa Express General Trias

Dampa Express Menu

Dampa Express Menu
Dampa Express Menu
Dampa Express Menu
Dampa Express Menu
Dampa Express Menu
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Dampa Express is located at Unit F&G Zhang Place, Metro South, Barangay Manggahan. It’s open from 10 AM to 4 PM.

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In general, all the food we ordered satisfied us. I must say that I am also impressed with their customer service. From ordering meals on their social media to the delivery, I am pleased with their service.

If you also want to order from them, you may contact them on the following:

Dampa Express Franchise

If you’re interested to franchise Dampa Express, you may email them at [email protected] or you can text/call (0917) 107-2525. Make sure to include your name and contact numbers.

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  1. It is nice that they do food delivery! The faster they process the orders and be delivered on time, the better and more customers they could serve.

  2. This looks really good. Although, I have never heard the name. The food looks good though.

  3. This is an interesting blog post on a place to eat… I personally would love to try some from the tuna and salmon section of the menu!

  4. Oh goodness, reading this post made me really crave for seafood! We have a Dampa Express near our house (about 300 meters walking distance) but they are temporarily closed due to the quarantine. I wonder if Dampa near Eastwood would be open. I could ride my bike there and get some goodies for the family to enjoy.

  5. That Dampansit looks amazing! I have always loved eating pansit. And I love all the seafood on top. Looks so tasty!

  6. Bet you’re glad they deliver direct. That sounds great. It’s nice to get yummy fresh food in and makes a nice break from cooking daily.

  7. Fresh yummy seafood meal at your doorstep, wow! Perfect ‘to sa situation natin ngayon. Natakam ako sa Fiesta Bilao!

  8. Wow!! Yung foods mukang masasarap. Lalo na yung fiesta bilao. Less hassle din kasi door to door ang delivery. Sana may ganito din dito sa Bulacan. ?

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