Daily Dose Spa Cafe: First Impressions

It’s my sister’s idea to visit the Daily Dose Spa Cafe in Dasma City, Cavite. She’s been bugging me to visit it since it opened last year. Who wouldn’t be curious to visit a spa cafe? I guess some of her classmates already went there that’s why she’s interested too. Anyway, I promised to bring her there when gets high grades.

Daily Dose Spa Cafe

We went there last February 29, 2020 (Saturday) at around 5 pm. Usually coffee shops or spas are quite busy during the weekends but the customers inside are few. I don’t see it as negative, we can freely roam around and take pictures without getting shy. LOL.

Daily Dose Spa Cafe
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Let’s Talk about Food!

We ordered grilled cheese sandwich (ham with chips on the side), nachos, and Ferrero Rocher Frappe. We wanted to order more but the waffles and cakes were not available during that time.

Daily Dose Spa Cafe

Ham Grilled Cheese Sandwich with chips on the side

In general, we were satisfied with the taste of the sandwich and the chips. I particularly like the plating.

Daily Dose Spa Cafe


The serving is not that generous but it tastes good. I wish they will have a collab with DC Cheese because their dips are really great for chips.

Daily Dose Spa Cafe

Ferrero Rocher

Okay, I totally recommend this. I often order drinks which are uncommon. This one really satisfied my curiosity. It’s not too sweet, and it’s really Ferrero Rocher inspired.

Daily Dose Spa Cafe

Daily Dose Spa Cafe Menu:

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There are only two employees in the cafe. I think it’s just enough to cater all the customers. They are courteous, and they look neat. They are also apologetic when we got disappointed because most of the food we want to order are not available.

Daily Dose Spa Cafe
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Daily Dose Spa Cafe is located at BCA Building, Governor’s Drive, Langkaan 1, Dasmariñas, Cavite. They are open from 11 am to 11 pm.

From Robinson’s Dasmarinas, you may take a jeep, and get off at Metrogate. If you want to burn some calories like us, you may also walk from Robinsons to get to the cafe.

Daily Dose Spa Cafe

The interior is classy. I like the simplicity. It’s mostly nude colors with a touch of green.

The overall ambiance of the place is relaxing. I think I can do my online jobs there. LOL. I’m not sure if there’s WiFi connection. I wasn’t able to check it.

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  • I suggest that you contact them first before visiting to make sure that the spa is available.
  • Book your service ahead. Call them at (046) 450 1536, or send SMS to 0997 605 2681.
  • Daily Dose Spa Cafe Facebook Page sometimes reply, other times you’ll get seen but just be patient, and message again. HAHA!
  • They also have an Instagram Account: @dailydosespacafe, tag them on your IG stories!
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Daily Dose Spa Cafe claims to be the first ever spa cafe in Cavite. Although I’m satisfied with the food I ordered, I still wish I was able to try their spa services.

Daily Dose Spa Cafe

Here’s their Spa Services just in case you want to book in advance:

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