Salamat Baby #BabyBakes: Yay or Nay?

“Salamat Baby!” Those are the words most satisfied clients say whenever they try Salamat Baby pastries like the cream puffs, macaroons, and the frozen cakes. I’m really curious so I tried them myself!

Salamat Baby

Let’s Talk About Salamat Baby!

Salamat, Baby! is a family business that started on June 28, 2020. Their main goal is to share with their mouthwatering creations that all started with family lunches and parties.

“Our name was inspired by the “Salamat Shopee!” that trended in May 2020. It all started with a joke from the Sidekick (me and my brother), changing the word Shopee to the Baker’s nickname Baby, bringing an impression of humour and fun to our customers.

Denise Ayna, Owner of Salamat Baby.

What makes them special?

First, Salamat Baby caters to sweet-toothed people and people who like dessert with “no sugar taste” or in Pinoy term, “hindi gaano katamis.” They provide a guide to customers on the sweetness of the products.

Salamat Baby

Second, they offer what is in the trend not just because it is famous. They want Salamat, Baby to be the extension of the family’s taste buds. This means that they only offer the food that the entire family really likes. They provide meals which are not yet widely sold in the market. Besides desserts and pastries, they plant to also offer dishes soon.

Salamat Baby
August Menu

Lastly, all the food they offer are made to order. They don’t stock the products! Expect to receive food that are freshly baked.

Salamat Baby

How to Order

They require advance orders for all products. The Modes of Payment are Gcash, Bank transfer, and COD. You me send them a message on the following:

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Food Review

Now let’s review their products! Among the current products they have, the cream puff is my favorite. I tried the three flavors: classic, chocolate, and salted caramel. I love the Salted Caramel the most. The serving size is just right and it has a generous filling. The sweetness level is perfect. Not too sweet, just right. It’s one of the best cream puffs I tried!

Salamat Baby

Their macaroons are also a must try. They are not too sweet as well. They are soft and chewy. I think they are really perfect for gifts or pasalubong.

Salamat Baby

Moving on to the frozen cakes, people have different opinions here. I like the Avocado Crumble the most because of the flavor. I also love that it has a generous amount of Avocado inside. No wonder, it’s the best seller! For younger taste buds, I think it’s best to order the Oreo Cookie Crumble. It’s a bit sweeter compared to the Mango Cream Crumble and the Avocado Crumble. Lastly, the Mango Cream Crumble also tastes good – it makes you feel that you’re eating a Mango Graham Cake. My whole family loves all of them. They cakes are so good, we all ate three slices in one sitting.

Salamat Baby

In general, I’d give all of them a 5 out of 5 stars because they totally exceeded my expectation. Beside being affordable, they are really plated well. They are like the cakes we buy in expensive coffee shops but this one tastes better!

Salamat, Baby is definitely a YAY!

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  1. Interesting story behind their brand name! Kahit hindi masyado matamis yung products nila, but their brand name is sweet ❤️ Hahaha! I’ll save this for future reference for the boyfie! Sakto from Cavite din ‘to! Haha tinry ko rin yung pinost mo the other day na shop na nagbebenta ng ube pandesal! Masarap daw sabi ni boyfie! ???

  2. Okay, you just made me crave for cake. haha Interesting flavours, would love to try the Avocado crumble and salted caramel cream puffs. Too bad I’m on the other side of the map!

  3. Even though di ko pa nata-try ‘tong Salamat Baby, Yay na kaagad coz I’m so in love with sweet treats or any pastry haha. I like it na meron silang sweetness meter so everyone’s aware of the sweetness content level.

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