10 Best Eco-friendly Stores in the Philippines

Are you ready to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle or still looking for eco-friendly stores in the Philippines where you can get sustainable products for your daily essentials?

A sustainable lifestyle is more than just a trend now. More and more people are becoming eco-conscious in their consumption. 

If you are one of those, you would love to check out these lists of eco-friendly stores here in the Philippines.

1. Katha Lifestyle Store

Katha is a sustainable go-to store in Cubao, Quezon City.  

They aim to implement responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials. 

They have a wide selection of eco-friendly products that are also available online which includes bath and beauty, home and interior, food and health, and even eco-friendly fashion items. 

Not only that, but Katha also offers online workshops for candle making, DIY home scents, coffee brewing, etc. 

If you are an enthusiast of learning a new hobby or skill while at home, this is perfect for you.
Check out Katha on their Instagram.

10 Best Eco-friendly Stores in the Philippines
Photo credit: Katha Lifestyle Store

2. Humble Market

Humble Market is a sustainable bulk store in 2F Glorietta, Makati. 

They have sustainable living essentials for personal and environmental wellness. Their product categories include Food (baking, cooking, superfoods, etc), accessories (bags, containers, food wares), self-care (bath and body), home care, and even eco-friendly items for your pets.

The cool thing is if you shop in their physical store, you can bring your container, scoop out from their bulk bins and buy only the exact quantities that you need to avoid waste.
Visit Humble Market on their Physical Store or purchase from their Instagram account.

10 Best Eco-friendly Stores in the Philippines
Photo credit: Humble Market

3. Simula PH

Simula, as their name suggests, helps you to cultivate and start your journey to sustainable choices. 

They have partnered with over 70 Local and Micro Sustainable Enterprises. Their product categories include Home & Kitchen, Beauty and Wellness, and even Zero Waste gifts wrapped with their Flour Sack Bags. 

I love their concept #TayoandSimula because it encourages people to start their sustainable journey one small step at a time through the variety of eco-friendly products available to them.

Check out Simula PH on their website and Instagram.

10 Best Eco-friendly Stores in the Philippines
Photo credit: Simula PH

4. Eco Shoppe PH

Eco Shoppe PH prides itself on making pro-environment and sustainable products more accessible to Filipinos. 

They are also partnered with different local brands with the advocacy of helping Filipinos switch to more eco-friendly alternatives. 

Products available vary from hair & body care, home care, baby care and so much more. 

The first shampoo and conditioner bar I tried is from this shop. I also love that their social media pages post inspiring content about wellness and sustainable consumption, and even tips on how to use their products.

Check out their amazing products on their social media accounts and on their website

Photo credit: Ecoshoppe PH

5. Eco Warrior PH

“Marching towards sustainability.” Eco Warrior PH advocates reducing single-use plastic with the long-term goal of building an animal shelter. 

They have bamboo-based products, canvas bags, and many more. 

They try their best to ship the products plastic-free by using recycled materials such as old boxes. scratch papers and magazines.

10% of their revenue is donated to different organizations.

Visit their website and Instagram account to find out more about their advocacy. 

Eco-friendly Stores in the Philippines
Photo credit: Eco warrior PH

6. Back to Basic Eco Store

A refill grocery store located at 30 Maginhawa St., UP Village, QC.

Back to Basic Eco Store has the vision to normalize the zero-waste lifestyle by offering home and personal care essential products without unnecessary packaging, promoting the reusing and refilling of containers. 

They also encourage customers to purchase only the amount of product they need. 

Some of their best-selling eco-friendly products are home cleaning, snacks, and pantry essentials. 

Visit their website and social media accounts to find out more about their products. 

Eco-friendly Stores in the Philippines
Photo credit: Back to Basics Ecostore

7. Luminary Ph

One-stop shop for your sustainable essentials located at 2742 Cailles St. Bangkal, Makati City.

Luminary PH promotes waste-free shopping. 

They strictly have a Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) rule when going to their store. 

They have wide selections of eco-friendly essentials but are best known for their Tea Collections – Blended Loose Tea (refreshing iced tea or a flavourful hot tea) and Plain Loose Tea (breakfast tea, afternoon pick-me-up, or bedtime brew) carefully crafted with the finest ingredients.

Check them out on Instagram

Eco-friendly Stores in the Philippines
Photo credit: Luminary PH

8. The Bamboo Company

‘’Your eco-friendly bamboo buddy”.

The bamboo company’s vision is to have clean water around the Philippines where marine life can thrive peacefully and live unharmed by plastic waste. Thus, they focus on reducing plastic waste by using bamboo as a sustainable alternative to everyday essentials.

Products offered include eco-friendly personal care, bamboo home furnishings, bamboo-based packaging solutions, and many more. 

You can even personalize the items such as tumblers with your name on them to make them more special. 

Visit their Instagram account to learn more. 

Eco-friendly Stores in the Philippines
Photo credit: The Bamboo Company

9. Suds sustainable pods

This sustainable shop proudly introduces the new wave of cleaning in an eco-friendly way. 

Their product includes personal hygiene and household cleaning products such as hand wash pods, laundry, and all-purpose cleaner pods.

The pods are packaged as concentrated single-drop refills in water-soluble film.

If you are looking to switch to a more eco-friendly home cleaning alternative, this is an interesting product because it’s waste-free, with no plastic packaging unlike what we are used to. Definitely, worth a try. 

Check out their website and Instagram for more details. 

Eco-friendly Stores in the Philippines
Photo credit: Suds sustainable pods

10. The Good Trade

The Good trade values sustainability, community, and accessibility that supports every individual in making a more eco-conscious way of living. 

Their product is not just limited to individuals looking for eco-friendly alternatives. 

They also support local business owners by providing them with compostable mailers, sugarcane-based food containers, and other sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. 

Check them out on their website and Instagram account. 

Eco-friendly Stores in the Philippines
Photo Credit: The Good Trade

Final Thoughts

Whether it be personal care, home cleaning, or pantry essentials, you will even be surprised that there is an eco-friendly alternative to the products you are using right now.

There are also some crucial tips I would advise. 

If you are just starting your journey to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, start with what you have. Start with the basic environment rule of reuse, recycle and reduce your consumption. 

And buy only what you need to avoid waste.

These eco-friendly stores have different advocacies but all lead to one goal helping us help Mother Earth. 

“Buy less. Choose Well. Make it last.” – Vivienne Westwood

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