Kwazy Bites: Yay or Nay?

Kwazy Bites is the latest addition to my highly recommended quarantine snacks! In this post, I’ll tell you more about their delicious food.

Kwazy bites is COVID baby, it was birth out of our need to tide us over the short term, my brother is an Architect and I work in Fintech/own my corporation consulting with companies globally. But because of the pandemic, no companies will engage in an external collaborator and I was forced to go back here to the Philippines and wait till the pandemic ease up before I resume my career. Since there’s 4 of us who have been laid off, we turned to what we know something in common for all of us and that’s our love for good food.  

Rhema Bethany Palencia, Owner of Kwazy Bites
Kwazy Bites

The story behind Kwazy bites is really inspiring. According to the owner, they don’t want to exist to just create good food. They curated some of the classic comfort food as the perfect bites in the moments that matter to their customers.

We may be staying home but we’re not staying monotonous. During this unprecedented time in the so-called Stay-at-home economy, we need to spark hope in every opportunity even as simple as sharing a bite with a family, colleague, or friend. We believe keeping hope alive can be done even in the smallest ways such as sharing a good meal. Sparking hope one bite at a time.  

Rhema Bethany Palencia, Owner of Kwazy Bites
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What to Order?

The best seller is Our Favorite Brownie which is their flagship product. They started with the Fudge Bar line and expanded to Four-Cheese Lasagna and All-Natural Hummus.

Kwazy Bites
The All-Natural Hummus is made from chickpeas, freshly squeezed lemon, freshly made Tahini, extra virgin olive oil, cumin, garlic, and some kwazy goodness love.

The All-Natural Hummus costs PhP350 only. It includes a complimentary black olives in olive oil, and Turkish bread.

Kwazy Bites provide a Brownie for everyone.

Kwazy Bites
  • Homeschool Bites (Oreo Brownies) – Struggling to make homeschooling work? Whether you’re the parent of a homeschooler or the student. Oreo brownies will comfort while you’re hard at work. You deserve it.
  • Zoom-Call Bites (Salted Caramel Macchiato) – Getting sepanx over not seeing your loved ones for a while? Set up that zoom-party call and pamper yourself with Salted Caramel Macchiato like you would catching up with them in a coffee shop, a blend of bitter and sweet while sharing updates online.
  • Work From Home Bites (Almond Espresso) – Need a nudge to get you started in the day? It’s the kick you need before you take on the world. Indulge in the marriage of both worlds, the goodness of espresso and the familiar taste of chocolate topped off with Almonds.
  • Nightcap Bites (Walnut Cranberries) – Wrapping up the day? When all is said and done you’d like that brownie that pairs well with your night tea. The balance of cranberries and walnut pairs perfectly for your evening musings.
  • Laid Back Bites (Our Favorite Brownie) – Grabbing a good book or chilling over a new Netflix series? Our (OG) original gangsta brownie is the perfect pair. It is made from triple chocolate with that nostalgic classic nuts we’ve known growing up.

Price List

Box of 8
Our Favorite Brownie (OG) PhP 190
Salted CaramelPhP 200
Oreo BrowniesPhP 210
Almond EspressoPhP 220
Walnut CranberriesPhP 230

The also have Four Cheese Lasagna. It’s made from Ricotta, Cheddar, Parmesan, Mozarella Cheese in signature Béchamel Sauce, generous beefy meat, and Italian Marina from scratch (no preservatives & no MSG) freshly made.

Half Tub (3 layers)Big Tub (6 layers)
Four Cheese LasagnaPhP 200PhP 375
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They bake at home and they’re located in Salawag, Dasmarinas (Avida Residences Sta. Catalina). If you’re located in Dasmarinas or nearby towns, I totally recommend that your order right now.

How to order these Kwazy Bites?

You may contact them through their social media accounts:

The mode of payment includes Gcash, BPI, Paypal (with service charge) and Metrobank.

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Kwazy Bites is definitely a Yay for me! Besides the mouthwatering brownies, I also love their concept of sparking hope one bite at a time. Each brownie has a distinct flavor so I recommend that you try all of them. I really can’t choose which one is the best because I love all the flavors!

Oh by the way, they are also offering a Sampler Box. It’s called Better Together. For only 230 pesos, you may get a combination of all their specialty brownies in a box of 8.

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Let’s support local businesses!


  1. Been a repeat customer since I’ve tried their brownie collection! Almond espresso and Oreo brownie are my faves!! ?

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