Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Gel Foam: Yay or Nay?

In this post, I’m going to tell you about the latest addition to my holy grail, Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Gel Foam. Every time I go home, I make sure to wash my face right away to get rid of the dirt from the outside. This means that I need a cleanser that I can use any time without removing the moisture in my face.

This is actually not the first time that I tried a product from SKIN1004. I also used some of their face masks, and their Madagascar Centella Ampoule. What I love about SKIN1004 is that it’s a natural skincare brand which uses hypoallergenic ingredients. All their products are mild and gentle so it’s good for sensitive skin. In addition, they do not test on animals.

Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Gel Foam

Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Gel Foam is a gel type cleanser. It cleanses your skin while moisturizing and protecting it. It has has a gel formula that cleanses the impurities of pores and dead skin.

Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Gel Foam


  • MadeWhite (Madecassoside) helps to even out the skin tone.
  • Centella Asiatica from the untouched nature of Madagascar soothes the skin.
  • Aquaxyl fortifies the skin barrier.
  • Singreen exfoliates the skin and brightens dull complexion.

How to Use

Apply an appropriate amount onto wet palms. Rub together to create foam. Gently massage on face, then rinse with lukewarm water.


  • This is for external use only.
  • You must stop using it if any irritation occurs.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
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Product Review

It’s a YAY for me!

What I love about this product is that it doesn’t have any smell. This means that there’s no artificial fragrance and colorant use. Also, this foaming cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin. I did not have any breakouts after using it for a week. Moreover, I like that it contains MadeWhite that evens out the skin tone. I have lots of acne scars. I believe that this cleanser helped me to lighten them. Lastly, I love that my face does not feel dry after using it. It actually hydrates the skin.

Here’s the link to the product:

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If you’re interested, you may buy it on Shopee. The products will arrive in 7-10 days because they ship it from South Korea.

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  1. Found this article so informative and genuine. I have read more about Madagascar Centella tone brightening gel foam in all areas described in this blog. So it’s made more authenticity about this. Thank you for sharing soon to buy :).

  2. I love trying out new skin care products. I am so glad that you made a blog review about this so at least I have an idea what to expect. Will purchase this product soon hopefully its available in Amazon:)

  3. Ang Nice naman po nitong skincare products ng skin1004philippines dahil hindi po sila gumagamit ng malupit na kemikal. Ang mga ginagamit nila ay yung mga sangkap na hypoallergenic. I like your honest review 🥰 Must try this po . ❤️ I will check this out po .

  4. Another amazing product to be added to our skin care products. What makes that product more interesting is that it doesn’t use harsh chemicals and it was mild and gentle on skin. Thank you so much for sharing your honest review about this product. Its really helpful.

  5. Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Gel Foam is a yes for me.
    Having a sensitive skin is a dilemma, I like that there’s a product like this which is hypoallergenic. It’s nice that it cleanses and moisturize at the same time.
    I like that you included in the blog the ingredients, directions and even some caution for our guidance.

  6. Looking for the perfect skin care products for me I always choose if affordable, available at mass market stores and a great beauty product to avoid skin allergy reactions. Like this Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Gel Foam that uses hypoallergenic and mild ingredients we can ensure that it is good for sensitive skin. I can’t wait to try this! ❤️

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