KindCart: The plant based Sari Sari Store

KindCart: The Plant-based Sari Sari Store provides a healthier option for everyone. Everything is made of plants – no meat, no eggs, no dairy, no honey.

“We believe that the plant based lifestyle is the best solution to our health problems right now. Plants provide all the nutrients we need without the bad side effects that comes with consuming meat and dairy. We believe that being kind to our bodies is the single most important assignment we have here on earth. We have to take care of it. Learn more about the things that make us sick and those that make us stronger. We also have the responsibility to be kind to others – other creatures like the animals. And most especially, we have to be kind to the environment.”

Joyce Yabres, Owner of KindCart
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What are the Best Sellers?

You must try their bottled vegan ulam: Mushroom Tapa, Vegan Bagoong, and Pesto sauce. For pastries, the Vegan donuts and chocolate chip cookies are the best! And for frozen goods, people love their Tofu Sisig and Vegan lechon.

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KindCart is currently based in Quezon City, Philippines.

How to order?

You may contact them on their social media accounts:

  • Facebook: KindCart
  • Instagram: @kindcart
  • Payment Options include BPI, GCash, and Cash On Delivery via LalaMove or Mr. Speedy.

KindCart is open for resellers!

Here’s what the owner says about being a reseller:

  • You dont have to be a 100% vegan to sell our products.
  • You just need to believe that these products will help improve your and your customers’ health and that making the choice to consume more vegetables and fruits is one step closer to being vegetarian/vegan.
  • Labels are not important. What’s important is we value our health and we take care of it and we share it to others so that our community will be healthier and stronger.
  • For inquiries, send them an email: [email protected]
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I recently tried their Vegan Kare-kare Sauce and Vegan Bagoong. As a person who can’t cook Kare-kare from scratch, I would totally recommend their Kare-kare Sauce. The ingredients include peanuts, rice, tofu, mushroom, vegan bagoong, cane sugar, sea salt, herbs and spices. It really tastes like the traditional Kare-kare.

For those who have seafood allergies, the Vegan Bagoong is a great option. It tastes similar to the real bagoong but you can still taste the natural tomatoes used. It also contains black beans, coconut oil, chili, sea salt, and spices.


Their Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies as well as the Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies taste totally heavenly. Vegan food never tasted this good. I like that they are soft and chewy. The sweetness level is just right. Healthy snacking is always better than stress eating!


In this time of pandemic, it’s really important to keep ourselves healthy. Always choose the healthier option. Choose KindCart.

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Besides this healthy food business, the owner also have a clothing boutique. They offer stay at home essentials.

Besides being fashionable, these pajamas are really comfortable to wear.

You may check out their designs on Instagram: @pandemique_boutique

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Let’s support local businesses!


  1. Yay! I discovered another new small biz to support, thanks to your blog! Good thing they’re from QC lang! Some of my friends are vegans so madalas sa vegan restos kami when dining out with them. I noticed how vegan restos in the metro are expensive. Good thing KindCart offers cheaper alternative and they have wide array of products that we can easily cook at home! Gusto ko rin itry yung vegan cookies haha! ?

  2. I’m not really vegan, but i super appreciate vegan food. Ewan ko, parang feeling mo super healthy and fit kapag kumakain ng ganun. Haha i love kare kare din so like, i should try this. Haha

  3. Parang gusto ko i-try yung Organic Rice Coffe nila! Also, first time ko lang marinig yung Vegan Bagoong. May ganun pala! Nakakatrigger tuloy umorder. Sa payday sigurooo. Hihihi

  4. Ang cute ng Pandemique loungewear! Ang kulet ng name, at catchy pa 🙂 Prices of those plant-based products are reasonable.

  5. Wow naman ? ngayon ko Lang din nalaman na may vegan bagoong pala ? I love it ? napakahealthy Ng menu at affordable ?? convenient din Ang payment options plus may delivery service pa ?

  6. Yes Ms. Karla, we are responsible for our health. We need to make our immune system strong by eating healthy foods like these. These Vegan Bagoong and vegan kare-kare sauce looks so delicious and healthy pa at the same time. Thanks for sharing! ❤

  7. I agree, that plants is our best solution for our health problems. These Vegan Bagoong and vegan kare-kare sauce looks so yummy and I love cookies ?? Thanks for recommending Ms. Karla ❤️

  8. “We believe that the plant based lifestyle is the best solution to our health problems right now.,

    Really Love Caption ?? and This Blog Was So Nice, awesome, And Beautiful. Sobrang nakakaAmaze from Top to End, And Look so Yummy Din nung Bagoong ate Karla ??? at may PaCookies Din

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