Rosing’s Champoy Sampalok now on Lazada!

Rosing’s Champoy Sampalok and Peanut Brittle is finally available on Lazada. We can now order our favorite snacks through online shopping! They gave out 20% off during their opening sale which started last October 12.

Rosing's Champoy Sampalok

Get to Know More About Rosing’s Champoy

Rosing’s Champoy Sampalok was introduced to the market starting 1966 as a “home-made” product sold to friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues. After some time, Rosing’s Champoy Sampalok became a hit and dubbed as one of the “Balikbayan’s choice.” Their products are DOST and BFAD approved. They were available in some SM malls and major pasalubong centers nationwide.

Our founder, Rosing, died last year. So the business was taken over by her husband Tatay Basilio and their sons. Due to the pandemic, our operations stopped for a while but we’re are slowly getting back on our feet and now going online!

Rosing's Champoy Sampalok
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Regular Price List

100g Champoy Sampalok (Spicy or Original)P69
250g Champoy Sampalok (Spicy or Original)P169
450g Champoy SampalokP289
160g Peanut BrittleP229
Rosing's Champoy Sampalok

Combo Value Packs

1 100g Champoy (Spicy or Original) + Peanut BrittleP268
2 100g Champoy Spicy and Original + Peanut BrittleP330
1 250g Champoy (Spicy or Original) + Peanut BrittleP358
1 450g Champoy (Spicy or Original) + Peanut BrittleP466
Rosing's Champoy Sampalok

Bundle Packs

2pcs3 pcs4 pcs6 pcs
100g Champoy (Spicy or Original)P186P373
250g Champoy (Spicy or Original)P456P913
450g Champoy (Spicy or Original)P520P1,040
Rosing's Champoy Sampalok

Right now they only have Champoy Sampalok and Peanut Brittle but soon they will add new products to the market.

Where to Buy:

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It’s been a while since a I tried eating tamarind. I love that what they have is seedless! Both the original and the spicy Champoy Sampalok taste good. They’re not sour and has a little bit of sweetness. Eating tamarind really reminds me of childhood. We used to have a tamarind tree when I was young. Haha!

As for the peanut brittle, I must say that Rosing’s Peanut Brittle is way better that the peanut brittle of Good Shepherd in Baguio. The sweetness is just right and the texture is perfect.

If you have Balikbayan relatives or even foreigner friends, I totally recommend that you make them try these local delicacies!

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Let’s support local businesses!


  1. Wow! These champoy sampalok looks so yummy and I want to try ??
    Thanks for recommending Ms. Karla ❤️

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