Home Design Ideas: Fabric Doilies

Home Design Ideas: Fabric Doilies by Renell Pacrin

Home Design Ideas: Fabric Doilies

Year 2020 brought us so many survival challenges such as the Taal Volcano eruption, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the devastating typhoon Ulysses. We lost love ones, properties, and livelihood. While others gained insight, hope, and optimism; embraced the opportunity to explore and be resourceful; and made themselves productive and useful despite restrictions to go back to their previous lives’ routine. Online selling boomed. Plant cultivation and home gardening was propagated. Home cooked and baked meals became trendy, as well as handicrafts.

Before 2019 ended, I have made a quite long list of what are the things to be done and needs attention at Mima’s Homey. When I have finished half of my list, I have stopped and went back to the one that I enjoy most – baking! I also tried crochet again, after twenty years, and made washable face masks. Though not completely done yet, one of things on my list is to weed our closet. I have found clothes which can be handed-down, donated, and recycled. Our pre-loved clothes which are beyond repair and can still be of use caught my creativity, I made them doilies.

Decorating with Fabric Doilies

Home Design Ideas: Fabric Doilies
Home Design Ideas: Fabric Doilies

At first, I am not decided what to create out of fabric doilies. I have just continued making patterns, cutting, and sewing until I already made many pieces of colorful doilies. Then I’ve measured our dining table and started to create a table runner. Our dining table is usually bare, without a centerpiece, or even a fruit tray or basket. After I have laid the table runner made of fabric doilies I’ve done, our dining table came to life. I have a lovely silk imported table runner that I haven’t used yet but my hand-sewn doilies is lovelier. Then I made another piece, a kitchen counter mat. I still have some more leftover doilies and I’ve made another table runner, smaller and less colorful.

Home Design Ideas: Fabric Doilies

This is one of the things you can easily do during your idle time which can add color, design, mat, table runner, etc., to your own homey and need not spend any. It can also serve as a memorabilia, my materials includes some of family members’ clothes. It also made one of my home economics’ lessons/projects (when I was in primary school) useful. My youngest niece found fabric doilies interesting and unfamiliar, perhaps a nice one to give your children at home something to learn/create.

About the Author:

Renell A. Dela Cruz – Pacrin is a development worker (support staff) for seventeen years who loves to cook and bake.  She earned a degree in Secretarial Administration and passed the NC II (National Certificate) in Bread and Pastry Production.  During her free time, she bakes cookies, cakes, and pastries, mostly for her lovely daughter’s packed snacks, family occasions, and sometimes made to order.  Currently self-employed, she focuses more on her spouse’ van rental business, home duties, exploring handicrafts, and taking care of the homey.

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  1. Nagustuhan ko po yung pagiging creative niya, kung pano niya ginamit yung mga di na nagagamit na mga damit sa paggawa ng doilies. This quarantine talaga marami tayong na discover na talents. ❤

  2. Ang ganda ng pagkakagawa nya sa crochet. Napaka talentado ng kamay nya. Talagang yung lockdown nagbigay saten ng oras para ma discover ang galing naten sa mga bagay bagay. Like sya, pananahi at crochet. Nakakagawa sya ng face masks at table runner at iba pa. Yung iba naman baking. At karamihan naman naging plantito at plantita na. ?

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