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Sunday is family day! It has always been our family tradition to go to church and to dine out on Sundays. Right after going to church, I and my family went to Figaro Coffee located in Salawag, Dasmarinas. It’s near Royal Tips Premium Lounge. At first, I’m quite hesitant because it’s 6 km away from our house but my brother told me that they have an app. We can order ahead of time.

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You can get rewards when you order ahead.

What’s inside Figaro Coffee Dasmarinas?

They have tables for one, for two, and for a group of people. Their interior is mainly yellow, brown, and orange in color.

They also have a private Meeting Room on the second floor. It looks so classy and elegant. It’s perfect for company meetings. I thought I was inside a hotel.

Another thing that caught my attention is the awards and merchandise corner. They received various awards like quality assurance, best practice, and even latte art! Impressive!

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How’s the food?

We ordered some pasta, salad, and a sandwich. I was surprised because the serving size is bigger than what I expected.

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For pasta lovers, they have Pasta Ala Carlo (P235), Italian Meatballs Bolognese (P235), and Gourmet Spanish Chorizo Pasta (P285). My little sister loves the 100% beef meatballs! I tried it and I’m pleased with the taste of tomatoes. On the other hand, my brother told me that the Gourmet Spanish Chorizo Pasta tastes good but it has too much oil. I explained that Olive oil is one of the main ingredients that makes it flavorful.

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In the menu, they have salads like Mexicani Taco Salad (P225), Asian Chicken Salad (P210), and Greek Roka Salad (P219). My mom ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad (P225). I would say that it is high quality compared to the usual Caesar Salad that we eat in Pizza Hut or S & R. Besides the crisp greens, they are generous in the serving of grilled chicken, bacon bits, and walnuts! The Parmesan cheese and the dressing makes it more delicious.

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Chicken Caesar Salad

For sandwiches, they have BLT Croissant Sandwich (P225), BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (P280), Gourmet Spanish Chorizo Burger (P290), Chicken Waldorf Sandwich (P225), and Figaro Club Croissant Sandwich (P225). I ordered the BBQ Pulled Pork and it didn’t disappoint me. The Batard bread is toasted well. The pork is flavorful, tender and easy to chew. I think it’s the best meal among all the food we ordered.

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Okay, let’s not forget the coffee because it’s a coffee shop! Hahaha! To be honest, only my dad drinks coffee in the house. If we drink coffee, we make sure it’s a cold one. Besides the basic hot and cold drinks, they also have specialty hot and drinks (if you want latte art). They have frappes: coffee-based and non-coffee. Among the drinks we ordered, I like the Wild Strawberries and Choco Chips Java the most. Next time, I’m going to try their best seller, Banana Caramel Blast.

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Wild Strawberries (P140-160), Choco Chips Java (P140-160), Iced Chocolate (P100-130), Butterscotch Vanilla Frappe (P150-170)

How to go there?

Address: Unit 101-102A Corporate Center, #29 Jose Abad Santos Avenue, Salawag, Dasmarinas, Cavite (It’s open from 9am-9pm)

From Robinsons Palapala, there are two options:

  1. Take the red cab going to Paliparan, then take a jeep going to Zapote.
  2. Take a bus or jeep going to Central mall, then take a tricycle going to Figaro.
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I and my family had a great time at Figaro Coffee Dasmarinas. The ambiance is very modern and chic. They also have air-conditioning and WiFi. It’s great for meet ups!

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Another thing that can make me go back there is the staff. They are very polite and accommodating. I also like that they are neat.

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Let me share you a secret. I got 10% discount in all the items I bought because I have a Figaro Coffee Club Card. You know what that means? First, I am entitled to 10% discount on regular priced food. Second, I can avail 5% discount on regular priced merchandise item. Lastly, I can get a free 8 oz. cup of brewed coffee or 50% off on coffee drinks on my next transaction. The best thing about being a lifetime member is that it is valid in all Figaro branches nationwide!

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I love the Barako Coffee mugs!

The Figaro Coffee Company is a Philippine coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Figaro works on the franchise model. As of September 2018, it had 84 outlets in Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Papua New Guinea.

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For more details, you may check out their Facebook Page, Instagram and their website.



  1. Whoa an app that you can use to order ahead! This saves people a lot of time – especially helpful for parents.:)

  2. The place looks so nice!! It’s so instagrammable! Would surely visit that when I happen to pass by Dasma! Might try the wild strawberries drink too! ?

  3. Wow it’s cool to know that they got an app!

    I can smell the coffee just by seeing those photos ????

    Nice, I also have thought the same thing, it looks like a hotel.

    The food is so affordable and looks so tasty!

    Those coffe made me feel like seriously thirsty.

    I’ll visit there someday with my girlfriend ^_^

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. This looks like a very neat coffee shop, or as stated maybe even a coffee hotel or boutique. I like the yellow upbeat look including the furniture. If you know what you want to order the advance order will definitely help reduce the time ordering and waiting on arrival.

  5. I love that the cafe has a lot of space. I have not tried their food yet. Your photos made me hungry. Next time I drop by, I’ll make sure to try their food.

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