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Annyeong chingu! It’s been a while since I made a review about Korean restaurants in Cavite. I lived in Korea for two years and Korean food became really dear to me. Now that there’s a new Korean restaurant in SM Dasmarinas, I thought that I should give it a try to satisfy my cravings.

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They mainly offer two meals: Unlimited all meat (beef + pork + chicken) (₱499) and Unlimited Pork + Chicken (₱399). These meals include unlimited side dishes, soup, rice, vegetables, and cheese dipping sauce.

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They also have other Korean dishes like Bibimbap (₱300), Kimbap (₱110), Pajeon (₱250), Japchae (₱250), and Kimchi Jiggae (₱300). They recently added a breakfast menu: Korean Glazed chicken (₱199), Korean Fried Rice (₱179), Omurice (₱179), and Dolsot Bibimbap (₱299).

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For drinks, they have softdrinks in can (₱50), bottled water (₱25), classic soju (₱180), OPTIMO classic on ice (₱45), OPTIMO Caramel Macchiato (₱55), iced tea (₱55), lemon cucumber (₱55) and pineapple juice (₱55).

The only dessert they have is Melona Ice Cream (₱40). Various flavors like Honeydew Melon, Banana, and Mango are available.

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They use stone grill for Korean Barbecue. This keeps the meats flavor, cooks evenly,  and keeps nutrients to a maximum. It has no chemical processing and is free from heavy metals.

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They have exhaust tubes per table which gets the smoke from grilling.  They have television for entertainment which shows the latest Kpop music videos. Kids will surely dance when they hear Boom boom! LOL.

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Surprisingly, the people are very accommodating. They ushered us to the table. Then served the meals fast. I love that they kept on asking if we want more refills. I’m totally satisfied with the customer service.

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  • For unlimited meat: Do not ask for a refill if you can’t finish them. They have a no leftover policy. They have a ₱150 leftover charge.
  • The maximum stay is 1.5 hours. Manage your time wisely.
  • There’s no take out policy. Don’t try to put meat in your bag. HAHA!
  • Birthday celebrants can enjoy 50% off for the entire month during weekdays. Celebrants must bring two paying adults.

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Samgyup Korean Restaurant is located at the SM Dasmarinas. It’s situated between Yellow Cab and Cabalen. They recently opened a branch at SM Molino. It’s open from 10am-9pm.

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For me, spending ₱499 for unlimited meat is worth it. That’s just around ₩10,000! It’s actually the price of the meals I get in Korea. The good part there is that even the rice here is unlimited. It’s perfect for Filipino stomachs!

It’s my first time to experience the cheese dipping sauce. I love that it’s also included in the unlimited package. It gives me a feeling that I’m eating shawarma with unli cheese! You should try it too.

Another thing I like is the presentation of meat. I like that it’s neatly arranged and the container isn’t that big. It great so that people can control how much meat they can consume. It’s good to avoid leftovers. I hope they could offer marinated meat in the future.

Lastly, I enjoyed eating their side dishes. The egg rolls can still be improved but the potatoes, kimchi, and pajeon are highly recommended. I would like to try their ala carte meals next time.

For more details,  check out their social media accounts

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