Amo Il Cibo: Where Food, Fashion, and Art Meet

Welcome to Amo il Cibo, a unique shop offering food, fashion, and art all under one roof. Inspired by a lifelong dream and a memorable year in Italy, this place is more than just a store. It’s an experience.

What is Amo Il Cibo?

Amo Il Cibo

A Dream Come True

The inspiration behind “Amo il Cibo” stems from Ma Id Pimentel-Reyes’ childhood dream to create a space that houses all her passions. The name “Amo il Cibo” translates to “I love food” in Italian, a nod to the country where she discovered her love for pizza during a year-long work stint. This dream turned into reality with her vision of a one-stop shop for like-minded individuals who share a passion for food, fashion, and art.

A Unique Concept

What sets it apart from other shops in the area is its unique combination of offerings. The store is not just about shopping, it’s about creating a community space. It provides a family-friendly ambiance complete with board games. This makes it a perfect place to relax and enjoy with loved ones. Alongside trendy clothing and home essentials, there are stunning artworks, all crafted by local artists from the Philippines.

A Rewarding Journey

The most rewarding part of running Amo il Cibo has been the joy of making people happy through our food and service. Building friendships with our customers and seeing them enjoy our offerings is truly fulfilling.

Ma Id Pimentel-Reyes

Things That I love about Amo Il Cibo:

1. Supporting Local Talent

As an avid art collector, Ma Id Pimentel-Reyes is passionate about supporting local talent. The shop features works from some of her favorite artists. This includes her sister Mai De Dios and Susana Felicidad Tambasacan from Gensan, both members of the artist group Kalatas. This group is close to her heart, and she even hosts their events.

Amo Il Cibo

2. Keeping Up with Trends

Staying current with trends in fashion and art is important to “Amo il Cibo.” The shop regularly updates its collections to ensure it offers the latest styles and designs. It also provides customization options. This allows customers to request specific clothing designs for special occasions or commission unique artworks from artists.

3. Signature Styles and Flavors

The clothing selection includes unique dresses, many from Ma Id Pimentel-Reyes’ personal collection acquired from around the world. In terms of art, glitch art has become particularly popular among customers for its unique aesthetic.

On the food front, the menu is a testament to quality and flavor. The shop offers 12 distinct pizza flavors, each handpicked by Ma Id Pimentel-Reyes. Best-selling items include all-meat pizza, croffle, and high-end potato products. Freshness is ensured by using top-quality ingredients, some of which are imported, and all the pizzas are homemade.

4. Seasonal Delights and Customer Experience

To keep things exciting, they offer seasonal and trending snacks for a limited time. The goal is to provide a welcoming and friendly experience to all customers. The shop also hosts various events and workshops. This includes pizza making and arts and crafts activities for kids during the summer. Additionally, the shop is available for private functions at an affordable rate. It’s a great venue for celebrations and gatherings.

5. Loyalty Programs and Discounts

Amo il Cibo values its customers. They will soon be offering seasonal discounts for students from specific schools and employees from select companies. Stay tuned for more details on these exciting offers!

The team invites you to visit and experience its unique charm. Follow their journey and stay updated on the latest offerings and events through their social media channels:

Amo Il Cibo is located at Commercial Space #2 Bliss and Fair Building, Block 11 Lot 9 Greenbreeze Village Barangay Langkaan 2, Dasmariñas City.

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  1. So nice naman mapuntahan yan😍
    Sasarap ng foods at sure na din sa magandang place lalo nat magaganda pa ang artworks

  2. Worth it ma try yung ganito kainan kakaiba din talaga exciting na din lalo pag nagkaroon na sila ng seasonal discount 🤗

  3. Wow ang ganda naman po ng Amo il Cibo kasi nag offer sila ng food, fashion and art sa shop nila tapos in support pa nila ang mga magagandang gawang artworks at crafts ng mga Local Artist dito sa Pinas.

  4. Ang galing ng concept nila at hindi lang basta food. I will tell my husband na dito nya dalhin yung visitors nila from abroad.

  5. Beautiful Place Po Ms.Karla
    Plus May Masarap Na Foods
    And Nice To Know ,they also supporting local talent at sulit din Ito Puntahan

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