Belmont Hotel Boracay: Be Safe and Savor the Moment!

BORACAY ISLAND, PHILIPPINES – Belmont Hotel Boracay is now open with an enhanced health and safety program providing guests and associates with confidence and assurance that their well-being is an utmost priority all through-out their stay. It’s a 6-story seaside haven impeccably landmarked in the heart of Boracay Newcoast.

Belmont Hotel Boracay

What’s To Expect?

  • Submission of Health and Declaration Forms and rapid testing on all employees before reporting back to work.
  • Mandatory use of PPEs (face shields/masks and safety masks) when traversing throughout the property.
  • Non-contact temperature check, footwear, and hand sanitation upon entering all hotel entrances.
  • Contactless check-in & out process
  • Social distancing signages located throughout the property
  • Grab & Go food service
  • Availability of protective masks and hand sanitizers in the guest room
  • Frequent sanitation of various key locations in the hotel
  • Steaming of curtains and UVC light disinfection.
  • Limited seating capacity, footwear sanitation, and social distancing in guest shuttles.
  • Personal protective equipment and enhanced training to all team members

Be Safe and Savor the Moment

The hotel has also introduced the Megaworld Hotels’ E-Concierge App. It delivers greater attention to detail while allowing guests to control how they engage with the hotel’s associates. In addition, these features include online check-in and check-out, easy-to-book restaurant and spa reservations, and room service orders. For optimum luxury service, Belmont Hotel Boracay’s Duty Managers will contact each and every guest to ensure a truly personalized stay and that health and safety concerns are successfully addressed. The hotel has also enhanced its safety procedures through the use of Ultraviolet-C light disinfection tools that effectively sanitize all interior and exterior spaces and surfaces in the hotel. They will implement a two-day disinfection and a room “seal” process before it will be opened for occupancy again.

Additionally, guests can enjoy a gourmet picnic experience in the hotel’s expansive beachfront and indoor garden. All seating capacities at the restaurants are reduced to 50%. Also, All associates will be wearing masks and gloves. There will be electrostatic foggers each day during set-up before service commences. There will be sanitation in the area before setting up for a new guest. Moreover, hand sanitizer stations will be available for guests and associates. Lastly, physical distancing is encouraged by standing at least six feet away.

Whether you’re planning to celebrate life’s big milestones or simply wanting to cherish the freedom of traveling again, Belmont Hotel Boracay’s team vows to make your stay a safe, unique, and unforgettable one!

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Belmont Hotel Boracay is part of the Megaworld Hotels’ brand, the largest homegrown developer of 100%-Filipino hotel. It is located at Newcoast Drive, Boracay Newcoast, Brgy. Yapak, Boracay Island, 5608, Malay, Aklan.

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Belmont Hotel Boracay

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  1. Safety is the best asset nowadays. I can’t wait to travel to the Philippines soon and explore Boracay. I pinned this hotel to my Google Map para madali kong makita.

  2. Wow this is by Megaworld? This sure looks elegant and dreamy, I wish I could go to Boracay again soon! I also love that they implement a two-day disinfection and a room “seal” process before a room will be opened for occupancy again. They are serious in implementing the COVID-19 protocols.

  3. Last time I’ve been to Boracay was 10 years ago! For sure, they did a lot of renovations and improvements of that place since my last visit. I will try to visit the island next year and will sure to check this hotel out! I miss Boracay!

  4. I love that hotels and resorts have really upped their game in sanitation and guest safety amids the pandemic. All the more reason to patronize local tourism soon! 💗

  5. Im happy and impressed kasi makikita po talaga na pina-prioritize nila yung safeness ng mga guest and mini-make sure nila na madidisinfect lahat para namn po sa mga susunod na visitors. ❤

  6. I’m very happy to know that the tourism sector is slowly opening up. It’s one of the badly hit industries and I hope it gets restored to its bloom sooner or later!

  7. I hope my family and I get to stay in that hotel after quarantine… I have never went to Boracay yet ’cause my parents are more of city people. I hope you stay safe!

  8. Thanks for sharing how Belmont is very vigilant and active in making their employees and business safe for everyone. This is what we want to know for every places, so that we encourage people more to travel safely.

  9. Talagang life needs to move on one way or another. It’s really nice to see that hotels are slowly opening its doors to the public Lalo na Boracay! People love going there. I’m glad that they are also taking the protocols seriously. Also, what a beautiful view they have!

  10. I watched the short video clip, and I am impressed with the hotel’s efforts in maintaining the sanitation of the place for the well-being of its guests. I hope more hotels will follow this protocol to uphold excellent service and prioritize the safety of its guests.

    If ever given the chance to visit Bora, I will consider Belmont. Thanks for this article.

  11. Namimiss ko na ang Pilipinas… And Philippines is about beaches, too. Boracay is tops…. I wish we can go home and enjoy the beaches. Buti naman the hotel is doing all it can to make the vacation as normal as possible.

  12. My dad used to work at Boracay. I think he worked there for 2-3 years? This is great for the employees and as well as the natives at Aklan. However, we should be extra careful this time. Booking a trip soon!

  13. How I wish I can visit Boracay again! One of my top places to visit ‘to pag pwede na mag travel ulit. 💖💖💖 It’s nice that Belmont Hotel is following safety protocols for their guests and staff. 😀

  14. This is absolutely wonderful! 😀 I do think that as long safety measures are put in place AND everybody follows protocol, we should be safe from contracting the virus. I love Belmont’s safety measures and just by watching the video, you can immediately tell their care for their guests. Top notch!

  15. Safe & Perfect place to stay when in Boracay! Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon para gora na sa boracay mag unwind! 🤣❤️

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