5 Reasons to Hire a Blogger

There are many reasons to hire a blogger. In this blog post, I’m going to enumerate 5 reasons why you should trust them. What do they really do? What can we expect from them?

reasons to hire a blogger

1. Bloggers are Professionals

Most bloggers have already worked with different clients in various industries. They know how to deal with the business owners, marketing executives, and PR managers. In addition, professional bloggers publish posts on time. You’ll get what you’ve paid for.

reasons to hire a blogger
Origani Skincare Philippines

2.  Bloggers are Writers

Bloggers know how to make content which are suitable to your target audience. They can tailor the content so it will be more appealing to the readers. Moreover, they don’t just write random stuff. They make time to do the research about your company/event/product. They develop unique content and design the visuals.

In a more in-depth view, working with bloggers will help you improve your search engine ranking. The higher their Domain Authority is, the greater chance it will be seen on the first page of search engines. This will give you a permanent advertisement online.

reasons to hire a blogger
Hey Focus Lounge

3. Bloggers are Photographers and Videographers

Bloggers are armed with good quality cameras. Sometimes, they can produce photographs better than the usual event photographers. You may even ask the blogger to give you a copy of their photos that can be used for your future advertisements.

reasons to hire a blogger
Pied Piper Gastrolounge

4.  Bloggers are Social Media Influencers

When you hire a blogger, you also hire a social media influencer. Most bloggers has a lot of followers in their Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Sharing some pictures or videos about your products, services, or events will give you an instant exposure to their thousands of followers.

reasons to hire a blogger
Figaro Coffee Dasmarinas

Most people nowadays like to check the online reviews first before going to a place. Moreover, seeing good ratings on social media accounts will encourage them to visit a place or to try some products.

5. Bloggers will give you more sales

Bloggers will give your business more credibility in the online world. When people read a well-written blog about your business, they will be encouraged to try your products or services.

Having a TV advertisement will only last for few seconds and will cost you a fortune. On the other hand, hiring a blogger who can make good reviews will give you a permanent advertisement online and will not cost you a lot of money.

Hauliday at NCat Philippines (18)
Hauliday at N.Cat Philippines

Disclaimer: One a serious note, not all bloggers possess all those characteristics, you need to be very meticulous in choosing the blogger that suits your business.

On my next post, I will write about tips on how to spot fake influencers.

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  1. Hey Karla great post just followed you on twitter @iamjhco just want to let you know. This was great post and very informal on what we can do and achieve as bloggers.

  2. You know, I think bloggers are a very underpaid portion of marketing, and your post reminds me of all of the things we do as bloggers. It’s motivating for me to see it spelled out like that…there’s a huge learning curve on learning how to blog, that is largely self-taught. There’s value in that, and there’s value in continued learning of things like photography and social media management. We do so much for our readers, and our brands.

  3. You do learn to pick up quite a few valuable skill sets as a blogger! Some are definitely more experienced in some of these areas than others, but overall many successful bloggers are ones who learns to do a little bit of everything!

  4. Although i don’t totally agree with all your points but you did make a good point.. Not every blogger can do all that you stated but “professional Bloggers can” I have hired a lot of bloggers in the post but not all were able to deliver..

  5. Interesting post on hiring a blogger which can help people and companies in so many ways. Bloggers and influencers are gaining traction in social media and helping companies with increasing sales/exposure and should get paid fairly with what skills they bring to the table. Thanks for sharing!

  6. i am hoping that the benefits you say bloggers provide is visible to more people and hope that gives us those well-paid side-hustles i keep hearing about.. i have to yet make money blogging 🙂

  7. yes! eto talaga yung reasons kung bakit need nila tayo i-hire as bloggers. we literally work with brands and influence it to our network. kaya say NO talaga sa freebies freebies lang kasi profession din ito at di madali maging blogger.

  8. Yey! Super agree ako sa lahat ng nandito. Haha! Kahit minsan, minamaliit nila tayo and others are expecting us to work for free! They should know the importance of hiring a blogger. Yung blogger talaga hindi yung feeling blogger. Haha char!

  9. I was also reading Blair’s comment, which shared another perspective about this article – which is also quite interesting.

    Bottomline is, whether we influence a brand’s sales or the market’s purchasing decisions, we still have an impact. Our articles once published will forever stay in the internet realm— and that is permanent advertisement. I would always emphasize that people should not underestimate bloggers- for we invest time and effort maintaining our websites, and we sit down to pull up a good— not just copy paste content. That is my principle as a blogger – whether paid or unpaid, I will write my heart out.

    Good luck in our endeavors and passions! 🙂

  10. I agree that bloggers are great at getting the word out there… We work hard to market after writing content and taking awesome photos… Wish we were paid more for all the efforts we put into it!

  11. And still, sometimes bloggers are taken for granted. We live in a digital era so bloggers are for sure not going anywhere. Although we see so many Instagram and YouTube users, I do believe having your own platform is the smartest choice.

  12. I do not have a massive following on my social media accounts but I am proud of my writing skills. On good days, I make it a point to carefully craft every article that I write so that they are well-polished. I treat my blog as a column. I just hope people would not view bloggers as the cheaper alternative to, say, a mainstream writer or a journalist. We can be as good as them.

  13. All of things that you have said are true. Bloggers play important roles in industry, business and society, Thanks for this wonderful and informative share 🙂

  14. This is a great post. I think it’s such a great idea to hire bloggers, I think a lot of the time bloggers don’t get the recognition they deserve as a career choice.

  15. Hello Karla,

    I don’t agree 100% on your post. I believe your purpose of this is to have awareness for clients on ‘what bloggers can do’. However, after reading entirely your post, here’s my assessments:

    On a Client’s Side:
    * Your whole article is telling the client that hiring a blogger is a CHEAPER way. Period.
    This is to sums up of your stated benefits of why I, as a client should hire a blogger.

    However, you missed a LOT of points here. Your article only shows one side (client’s side).
    How about the other side – the Blogger (writes, social media influencers, photographers, etc.)

    Here are my thoughts, on a Blogger’s side:
    *Do you know that Clients can’t just easily ASK for photos from bloggers and other creatives for free? There is a specific rate for each photos, (professional and non-pro). What you stated in your post is a misleading.

    * Articles and photos distribution have separate fees.
    * Every tasks that a bloggers can do, he/she can give a rate for each services.
    * Hiring a blogger doesn’t GUARANTEE clients of MORE SALES. Reality check, bloggers can help clients on brand awareness for its target markets and consideration to purchase, not the actual sales. You are misleading here.

    You see, if bloggers can guarantee sales – then brands should dismiss their Sales and Brand Managers and replaced by bloggers, et al.

    Do you know that bloggers who is gifted with the ability to convert here voice to actual sales, can command a percentage of sales, on top of his/her talent fee?

    This will go long, dear. And many bloggers and freelancers don’t realized their potentials because no one is sharing this info to them.

    On a blogger’s side, your post for me translates a TOTAL RIPPED-OFF. That’s why this industry is underpaid. This is one-sided, all for the client’s benefits – big time!

    I would be happy to help you guide on this, I hate to say this but this industry it totally misguided.

  16. Bloggers actually help in lots of ways but are mostly under paid (sad truth) because up until now, some companies and brands can’t seem to find the difference between traditional and digital marketing.

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