How to send money from BDO to GCash

There are three simple steps on how to send money from BDO to GCash.

1. Visit and enter the correct log-in details.

Make sure that you don’t share your password to anyone. It’s also advisable to change your password once a month. To be more secured, do not use the same passwords in all your accounts.

Here are some guidelines when changing your password on BDO Online Banking:

  • Password should have 8 to 18 non-blank characters
  • Must not be the same as the nominated user ID
  • Must contain uppercase, lowercase, number and special characters
  • Special characters such as [!#$%^&’;”] are not allowed
  • Must not contain consecutive characters (example: abc, 678)
  • Cannot be guessed or derived from public information (i.e. in social media or in public documents) such as birth dates, places of birth and the like
Send Money from BDO to GCash

Next, you need to enter a One Time Pin (OTP) that is sent to your mobile phone. Again, never share any pins with anyone.

2. On the side bar, click send money, then choose To Another Local Bank.

Send Money from BDO to GCash

3. Choose G-Xchange, Inc. 11 digits via Instapay (GXI).

Then, enter the necessary information of the receiver: Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial. Make sure that the mobile number is correct. In addition, you must enter the purpose of transaction too. It’s optional if you are going to save it as a template. Lastly, click the submit button.

Send Money from BDO to GCash

Once, it is submitted, you will receive another OTP. Just enter it, and you’re done!

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I actually don’t have a GCash account but I learned how to send money from BDO to GCash because I had to send money to the winners of our giveaway. You may also join our monthly giveaway on Instagram @bloggersphgiveaway.

Send Money from BDO to GCash

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Send Money from BDO to GCash


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