Tips for Effective Instagram Giveaway

Since I’ve been handling the Instagram Giveaway Account of @bloggersphgiveaway, I’ve learned that not all giveaways are effective, and there are ways to have an Effective Instagram Giveaway. Here are my takeaways after hosting the monthly giveaways.

Effective Instagram Giveaway

1. Keep your rules short and simple.

Limit it to a few simple steps. People tend to avoid giveaways that are too complicated. If possible, you may do three simple steps: LIKE the giveaway post, FOLLOW all the accounts we are following, and TAG a friend in the comment section.

For example, some giveaways ask people to repost the picture on their account. This is okay for people who keep joining contests but not for those who maintain their nice Instagram feed. Another example is those giveaways asking you to answer something. They might wonder if they will be selected based on their answers or randomly. Lastly, there are also giveaways asking you to follow them on their social media accounts (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others). This makes it complicated because people might not follow the instructions. If you want followers on your social media accounts, you can add that step as bonus entries.

2. Decide on a useful prize.

What does your audience want to receive? Do they want gadgets, shoes, bags, or money? You must know what will motivate your target market to join the contest.

If you want to avoid the hassle of shipping the prizes, I recommend that you stick to cash giveaways. Everyone needs cash and the higher the cash prize, the more motivated the people are. Who doesn’t need cash?

3. Choose the giveaway sponsors wisely.

You and other sponsors must have the same target market. Getting followers who will not engage in your future posts is not useful. They will just pull down your engagement rating.

For example, if you’re a single lady and you join a giveaway hosted by mommy bloggers, the followers might think that you’re a mother too. Prepare to receive comments from mothers. Worse, they might call you mommy too. On the other hand, if the group contains travel bloggers from different regions, you’ll get a chance to reach different travelers from various places.

In addition, choosing sponsors with many followers will also help. Expect that their followers will also follow you. You may also add some brands and ask them to pay extra so you can have a budget for boosting.

4. Promote the giveaway.

Ask all the sponsors to post it on their accounts but ensure that the caption will lead their followers to the giveaway account. For more audience, you may also try boosting the main giveaway posts.

Sharing your giveaway to your other social media accounts also helps. You may pin it on your Facebook Page. You may also ask all the sponsors to share it occasionally on their IG stories.

5. Select the winners fairly.

Choose the winners using a random comment picker. If one of your directions is to be active on social media accounts, ask the sponsors to nominate who among the followers engaged throughout the giveaway period. This depends on what you have written in your directions.

For more transparency, I recommend that you use the Instagram highlights to display the names of your winners.

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  1. One of the biggest decision I made on instagram was joining a give away, never joined giveaways before! cause I am afraid of scammers.. but yours is legit and I really love how they participate on my post.. thank you!

  2. Thank you for this, Ms Karla. I plan to have a giveaway din soon but since I just started out I don’t know how hehe. But I agree with the simplified steps. I tried to enter an influencers giveaway on IG dati and the steps were tedious. Let’s just say I only followed one step lol

  3. before blogging, i was i into joining different giveaways online that is why i agree with the number 1

  4. Soo happy to be a part of a give away. It’s so exciting and I can sense that the participants are having fun as well! I wish, i was rich to give them all prizes you know? Hahahaha. Looking forward to more giveaways to come!!

  5. We seldom have giveaway sa blog, more on sa brand na handle namin. But these tips are applicable and helpful kahit sa brands.
    Is having FB live advisable din ba for selecting winners?

  6. Oo nga, andami natin marerealize, very timely post na eto. Glad I joined, nakakatuwa at nakakataba ng puso at the same time, nakakatulong both ways.

  7. Hindi pa pala ako nakajoin ng giveaway mo… And yes i agree na dapat simple rules lang… Hindi marami or else turn off si participant. Ang daming tina-tag ako pero pina-pass ko kasi nahihilo ako mag follow ng instructions.

  8. I never tried any online giveaway, and it is interesting to learn about how it works. However, you’ve never mentioned about DTI guidelines about giveaways and contests..? Especially there is a huge money involved here.

  9. I agree!! No wonder that the giveaway I have joined for 2 months is effective. The sponsors have actually earned the trust of their audiences so the engagment is great!

  10. I’ve never done IG giveaways yet. Although i have some hesitation about it. Sometimes giveaways like this are full of dummy or 2nd accounts for giveaways only – thus not really real followers that will help with IG engagement after the giveaway is finished. But i’m glad some have success with it. 🙂

  11. I am also increasing my social media presence. This is helpful because i am planning to do a giveaway promo to increase my followers. Thanks for these tips.

  12. Ive hosted giveaways solo and group. Shempre pinaka effective ang group. Pero pinaka epek ay yung you have yhe same niche. Like kami nitong last 2 month, puro mommy bloggers literally. So we gained a lot of mommy followers that have been very engaging din naman!

  13. I agree that the giveaway should be related to the sponsors’ social media or niche. After all, we aim for a long term connection with the sponsors as well as the followers.

  14. Ako oag nagpapagiveaway talaga laging simple lang ang mechanics at fair. Chinecheck ko talaga kung lahat ng mechanics ginawa or hindi. Hehe hindi rin naman kasi ganun kadali magpagiveaway

  15. I’m just new to the whole blogging/vlogging world, and I learned that giveaways are great for expanding your followers and subscribers. These tips are really helpful for me, so I can start planning my next giveaway.

  16. I must agree. But, I am thinking whether I could make it, though. Gusto ko sana magparaffle/business ng laptops. I’ve been pestering my sister, buti nalang andyan ka. Lusot na sya. Hihi

  17. Agree with your first pointer – keeping rules simple. I experienced being tagged in instagram for an online contest giveaway with an undeniably plenty of requirements to officially participate with.

  18. Very nice tlaga! I totally agree. Iba ang feeling pag nakapagpapasaya ka ng tao in your own simple ways. Giveaways are really nice lalo na sa mga taong need nila ang giveaway price for an important purpose:)

  19. I never had much luck organizing these giveaways on Instagram so i kinda gave up. But now that you make some great points here I will probably give it one more try.

  20. I am in the process of revamping my IG handle, putting a lot of thought into the strategy and giveaways were part of the reflection. Your post is right on point.

  21. These are such sensible tips! I have to say one of the most frustrating things are complicated competition entries, and next time i definitely try your tips for doing this kind stuff. thanks for sharing new ideas.

  22. These are such sensible tips! I have to say one of the most frustrating things are complicated competition entries, I appreciate that brands are trying to boost their visibility, but having to do too much stuff to enter puts me right off.

  23. The giveaways that I have done have been so wishy washy. I wish things could be guaranteed, but since they aren’t, that’s what makes it authentic.

  24. Agree po ako Ms Karla. Tsaka mahirap din po kasi sumali sa lahat ng pa-giveaway, lalo na at iba-iba at maraming nakalagay sa mechanics, lalo na yung paramihan ng likes. And mas attractive ang cash, kasi mas madali ipadala at mas kailangan po ng mga tao lalo na ngayong krisis.

  25. Agree ako dyan Ms.Karla. Kapag masyadong complicated ang mechanics ng giveaway, medyo alangan. Lalo na yung may pa question and answer portion.
    Saka mas attractive sa iba yung cash kasi sa panahon ngayon talagang mas madali isend ang cash at mas need ng lahat.
    By the way Ms.Karla ,Nag Join ako sa currently giveaway mo with the Bloggersgiveaway ??

  26. Tama po, madami din po kasing inaasikaso kaya parang d makafollow sa lahat ng social media accounts ng mga influencers.. ??

  27. Galing nyo ma’am karla, Alam na Alam nyo po yung gusto or nasa isip naming mga followers.. Salute! ???

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