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Focus. Hustle. Breathe. Repeat.

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The advancement of technology brought new professions like Digital Nomads. These people use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and commonly conduct their life in a nomadic manner. They can work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles. For instance, I’m an online teacher on weekdays, and a travel blogger on weekends. I can work anywhere (with minimal noise).


Last week, the Philippines experienced the Barangay local elections. The campaign jingles are being played all over the place. Since I work at home, my students in my online classes can hear it. It’s the reason why I searched for a place where I can focus and work peacefully. Thank God I found Hey Focus Lounge!

Hey Focus Lounge is located at  2nd Floor, Unit 5, Antlers II Building, Mangubat Ave., Burol Main, Dasmarinas, Cavite. It’s just in front of DLSUMC.

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I was really amazed to see these unique tables and chairs. Apparently, they are customized and made specifically for Hey Focus Lounge. Unlike the usual tables with four corners, their tables have six. They can accommodate six people.

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In addition, I’d like to feature their power sockets per table! An average person has 2 to 3 gadgets and it’s really stressful to find a power socket. Unlike in other coffee shops where you have to find a seat that’s near a power socket, here, you can conveniently sit anywhere you want without worrying where you should plug your gadgets.

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Besides the shared tables, they also have private meeting rooms. When I was there I’ve seen some high school students using the room to make their project. Renting the meeting room for ₱450/hour is really affordable especially if there are eight of you who will split the bill.

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They have flexible rates. It’s ₱150 for 3 hrs and ₱40 for additional hours. If you’re going to stay for 6 hours, it’s just ₱250 and ₱40 for the succeeding hours. If you prefer to stay the whole day, it’s just for PHP 350. If you want to have a membership, it’s just ₱5,000 for the whole month.


Being a student or a freelancer can really be stressful that’s why Hey Focus Lounge does everything so that their customers can hustle effectively and efficiently. For instance, most of the books for medicine and law tend to be huge. It’s the reason why Hey Focus provides customized book stands. They also have pens, highlighters, and other school materials clients may borrow. (Applicable to those who availed the Hey Pass monthly membership)

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If you’re rushing, there’s no need to go to a computer shop because they have photocopy, printing and scanning services too. If you have a Hey Pass, you can even have 10pcs. free printing everyday. Did I mention that you can also avail a reserve seat for the whole month?

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Another thing that will help you hustle is their unlimited beverages! You don’t need to spend money for coffee because you can have 3 in 1, white coffee, and caramel macchiato for free!

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You don’t need to worry about the security, the internet connection, and the communications. I can leave my things because I know that there are security cameras on the four corners of the lounge. The WiFi is superb! They have two routers that can accommodate as much as 300 gadgets. If you need to call a restaurant/fast food, you may use their landline for free. That’s right! Outside food is allowed as long as it’s not smelly.

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Although it was originally made as a co-working/ co-study space, I’d say that you can also relax there because of the Instagrammable ambiance. It’s very relaxing, some people even pay to sleep there for few hours. (Don’t worry! PDA is not allowed.) I’ve seen some students taking pictures and videos because they can’t resist the great interior of the place.

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How did I take my pictures? I asked the friendly staff! They have three courteous personnel who are always ready to help the customers. They welcome them warmly, and they attend to their needs immediately. I would like to commend their communication skills. Moreover, they are also hardworking. For example, they clean the tables every time a customer leaves, and they accommodate the inquiries too.

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Don’t mind the password. They change it everyday!

Since there was a dengue outbreak few months ago, the management made sure that the place is insect free by installing some bug zappers. Moreover, they also have dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. This will help the customers to get away from the allergens.

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Last but not the least, it’s very conducive for studying, working, and even sleeping (LOL) because it’s fully air-conditioned. If you’re too cold, you can ask them to adjust the thermostat. Whenever I’m there, I really don’t want to go out and feel the summer in the Philippines!

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Hey Focus Lounge is a collaborative venture of the alumni of DLSU-D. They may be from different colleges but they are all student leaders during their time. It’s really amazing how the group came up with the co-working space idea. I’m glad that they chose Cavite to be their location. I guess they know that students need this!

As you’ve noticed I really enjoyed staying there. If there’s one thing I can suggest, it would be to extend their operating hours. They are open from 1 pm to 5 am the next day. I believe that there are freelancers and students who would like to work in the morning too.

Anyway, if you need more information about them, you may send an email at heyfocusph@gmail.com. You may also check out their social media accounts: Facebook: Hey Focus Lounge, Instagram: @heyfocuslounge.



  1. A truly convenient location to study, work, read or just chill. I also find and use study rooms in Korea and find them so refreshing and totally necessary for group study/learning or teaching. The convenient services of print/scan/coffee are much appreciated and I’m sure utilized in comparison to having to step out into the heat to find another location for those amenities.

    1. The owner mentioned that this lounge is inspired by the study rooms in Korea. I think it’s really a necessity.

  2. The daily rate is only P350? How awesome, considering the amenities and the ambiance. Nice place!

    1. Yes, it’s very affordable. I can even finish three to four cups of their free coffee. LOL

  3. wow! I never knew there is some place like this. With that great ambiance I think one goal for focus is achievable.

    1. Actually, I’m more productive when I work there compared to my home office. Haha!

  4. Karla! I really love reading your blogposts and have been following you on facebook for last few months ???? Although thats the first time I am commenting on your blog ???? You definitely were one of the reason I started my blog too.. so thanks..
    Anyways the HeyFocus space looks really cool and even though I am not a big fan of cafes (prefer library over cafes) but I’d definitely go there someday ????

    1. Power sockets are really a necessity. It’s one of my considerations when I look for a place to work or eat.

  5. Looks like you’ve found a great space from which to write your articles, Karla! Nice find, and I’m sure the lounge owner appreciates your words about the establishment.

  6. Super cool place. The name kinda screams production. HEY! [YOU!] FOCUS!! They should add that to their services, have staff keep people awake if the succumb to the ‘sleeping atmosphere’, so they can hustle more, as you put it. Tell the owners to franchise this and put up locations all over east asia, they’ll be loved in Korea as well.

    1. It’s their first branch. But I really think that they should have more branches.

  7. If you would run both humidifiers and dehumidifiers who would win? — just a thought from what that I previously watched!
    Seriously, good to know another option for a shared space escapade.

    1. LOL! I haven’t thought about that. Maybe there will be a crazy vlog in Youtube about that battle hehe.

  8. This is really great. I know a schoolmate from UP who now owns a co-working space and doing well. Ambiance is very important and comfort is topnotch priority. It’s great to see more of this in the country.

    1. Is he based in QC? Some of my friends in LB are dying to have a coworking space like this.

  9. This is a really cool idea! I agree with how stressful it can be sometimes to find a good seat (one with a power socket) to study/work/chill at, and this place seems to fix that problem in a unique way. The prices also seem great and I can imagine visiting there often if I lived close!

  10. That sure is a nice business concept. The rates are very reasonable. I wish they had more hours in the mornings too. Oh, and I love that unlimited coffee!

    1. I just checked their Facebook Page, they are hiring more staff. I guess they will soon open in the morning.

  11. Finding great work space is also a huge issue in Seoul, despite the millions of cafes around. They’re always so noisy, with music blaring for some strange reason. I’m always thrilled when I find a good one to write in. This place looks amazing!

  12. Wow this so cool we need more places like this in London I love how simple everything is but clean I like the name of it too xx

  13. This is such an awesome idea. I love the thought of having a space to go and work with all the resources I need and no interruptions!

  14. I’ve never heard of such a place. However, it sounds like a great venue to work and to be creative. I’ll try to find something like that in my neighbourhood soon. 🙂

  15. What an interesting concept! I would love to go to such place and work quietly. I hope we have something like this here in India. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  16. I have tried doing it earlier trust me it’s not so easy. Still i am trying may be someday i will do it and then can relax

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