Things I’ve learned from the 30-Day Just Write Challenge

Last month, I joined the 30-Day Just Write Challenge of Mother Ant (Charlyn June Awing). This opportunity gave me a lot of insights.

1. Consistency is the key!

I used to rely on motivation. However, it’s not every day that I’m motivated to write. During the 30-Day Just Write Challenge, we have a checklist to show that we show up every day. This actually made me more productive. Writing became my habit!

30-Day Just Write Challenge
Image Credit: Liz Fosslien

2. Set realistic goals.

At the start of the challenge, my goal is to publish one blog post a day. I got overwhelmed and failed. I realized that there are actually days when I can’t publish a blog because of my busy schedule. Instead, I allotted days to take and edit photos, and other days to actually write a blog post. As they say, you just need to show up every day. Things might not go as planned but what’s important is to focus on your goal.

30 Days Just Write Challenge
Image Credit: Liz Fosslien

One piece of advice that I learned from the group is to set a schedule. In my case, I mentioned that every day, I will wake up at 5 AM and write a blog post on our dining table. We have to make it specific and attainable. It’s good to have a daily routine so that we are focused on what we need to do.

3. We all need a support group.

In this challenge, I found a support group. They became my accountability partners. We had a weekly call to talk about our challenges and wins in writing. After that, we share feedback and tips with each member of the group. We learn from each other. It actually feels good that there are people reading your blog posts.

30 Days Just Write Challenge
Image Credit: Liz Fosslien
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I really appreciate this opportunity because it helped me achieve my goals. I was able to become more productive last month. In fact, I published 15 blog posts for the month of October. It’s really nice to develop better habits.

30-Day Just Write Challenge

I guess what I want to say is, sometimes opportunities can come unexpectedly in different situations. We just need to take a leap of faith to make it work. When was the last time you feel excited? What opportunities are you willing to explore? Maybe this post will serve as the bridge to make it happen.

As for me, I can share the opportunities for blogging. Let’s help each other! I’m inviting you to join The Writers’ Nook Ph. Check the details here –

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  1. Yay thank you for sharing.
    Great tips ito to help din talaga para ma achieve natin ang ating goals in life. Sabi nga nyan kapag talaga magal niyo ipupursue ninyo no matter what.
    So proud of you po

  2. Awww so proud ms. Karla , thank you for sharing this , ito tlga ung mga needs ntin ung support , goals at consistency ?

  3. Nakakainspire po kayo ,Ms.karla
    Despite of Busy schedule may time pa kayo Magsulat sa blog niyo po
    Thank you soo much Ms.karla , I’m really appreciated your effort too,Godbless

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