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My college housemates and I meet once a year to catch up about life. We are from different parts of the Philippines but we often meet in Manila. Last year, we had our bonding at Rainbow Dreams Cafe. We were quite disappointed with the food that time. So this time, I volunteered to search for a place with good food. 

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I opened my app NAU Philippines and found the address of Dessert Draft Cake Shop. In the description, they claim to be the makers of premium, delectable, and pleasing to the eye cakes and desserts. I also saw that they have a Buy 1, Take 1 offer so I sent the address to my friends.

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Dessert Draft Cake Shop

The owners of Dessert Draft Cake Shop has a cake workshop called Dessert Draft which started in 2014. Most of their students are always looking for pastries and cakes because they bring along their family and friends with them when they go to class. Since the family and friends don’t have place to wait, they decided to put a cake shop on the first floor, and the class on the third floor last November 2017.

Dessert Draft Cake Shop became their show room studio where the wedding cake clients take place for cake tasting first. They also pick up their customize cakes in the shop as well as commissary cakes.

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Although their specialty are cakes, Dessert Draft Cake Shop also sell snacks like fries (₱60-75) and nachos (₱140). They have Panini Sandwich and Chips (₱100-135) and Pasta with Sliced Bread (₱130). Chicken Rice Bowl with a side of buttered veggies (₱100) are also available.

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Dessert Draft Cake Shop sells whole cakes as well as slices. They sell cakes in different sizes: 6.5 inch cake (₱400), 8 inch cake (₱900-1100), and 9 inch cake (₱950-1200). A slice of cake costs ₱90-150.

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They have hot and cold drinks on their menu too. For hot drinks, you may order a brewed coffee (₱65), milk (₱55), hot chocolate (₱100), and even Green Tea (₱115). For cold drinks, they have iced coffee (₱95), milk (₱65), lemon cucumber juice (₱60), raspberry iced tea (₱60), kiwi soda (₱60), milk tea (₱90), and frappes (₱115-140).

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What’s my favorite?

I highly recommend their blueberry cheesecake! A slice costs ₱120 but since I have the code, I got two! The texture is perfect. The combination of the blueberry and cheese will really satisfy your cravings.

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The staff are courteous and neat. I like that they wear cap and apron. The owners are very hands on with their business. They accommodate all the inquiries. I even asked them how they choose their employees. “Our bakers have no background in baking, we are the one who trained them,” said Chef Christene San Pedro. Isn’t that amazing?

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Dessert Draft Cake Shop is located at 60 Lanzones, Project 2, Quezon City, Metro Manila. It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday.

  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday to Friday – 10am to 7pm
  • Saturday – 8am to 7pm | Sunday – 8am to 3pm

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Download the NAU Philippines App to avail the Buy 1 Take 1 n Heavenly Cake Slice. We saved a lot because of the app!


They change their promo every month but it is always with slice of cake.

  • September: Brewed coffee/ hot tea + any slice cake for ₱150.
  • October: Rice Bowl + any slice cake for ₱180
  • November: Pasta + any slice cake for ₱200

Don’t forget to follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts for more updates.

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Would I recommend this place?

Definitely. I am totally satisfied with the cakes and the ambiance. They are not only perfect for Instagram but also very delicious. 5 stars for this!

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35 Replies to “Dessert Draft Cake Shop”

  1. It’s a nice place to wind down over desserts and coffee after a heavy lunch or dinner. Good thing they also have meals to offer so you don’t need to look elsewhere.

    QC is far from my place though. 🙂

  2. Super sarap sa Dessert Draft. I am friends with the owner/baker there 🙂

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  4. That app looks nice! Kasi naman, other apps have really slow servers and sometimes the images for the menu doesn’t load agad. I’ll be dloading that para mas mabilis ako makahanap ng restaurant or at leasst may back up ako if I am on the search for good food around. 😀

  5. I have a sweet tooth and those desserts look delicious!

  6. The app looks good! I can search for different restaurants using that one!

  7. I love hearing stories about friends who kept up with each others’ lives despite time and distance. I miss a lot of my college friends but they are already all over the world. As for this place, I bet the aroma of sweets wafts around the room. Plus coffee, of course What could be better? Lovely day, indeed.

    Safe travels,

  8. Those desserts look absolutely mouthwatering. That shop looks like a great location for you and your college housemates to meet up and talk about life.

  9. It’s my first time to hear about a place that has a baking ‘class?’ together with a bakery! and they were even connected with an app? Did I got it right? — but yeahhh I want to try their cakes too! ♥

  10. Really one of the place for sweet tooth-s, amazing that their cake slices, and brewed coffee are not pocket busters. Thanks for sharing your experience Karla!

  11. Anlayp ng QC pero ikaw nakadalaw pero sulit kung may promo naman dahil sa APP. Bongga na!

  12. blair villanueva says: Reply

    OMG these cakes are killing me, I want to devour them all. Glad they offer brewed coffee and tea to perfectly paired to these sweets.

  13. drooling. i love it.

  14. Travel with Karla says: Reply

    I’m so guilty. It’s a cheat day!

  15. Jayne Glezelle says: Reply

    OMG! I love all these cakes! Now with the beauty of your post, my tummy is already craving for these sweets! thanks love!

  16. Omg! Reading this post at this hour and it made me crave for some blueberry cheesecake!! I just wish there’s a dessert house/cafe in our town 😦

  17. It is like a wonderful place! All the deserts are making me drool … they look so tempting as well

  18. Those cakes look really yummy. Dessert Draft Cake Shop seems like a must-visit place. Hope to try this soon!

  19. Okay added this shop to my bucket list!! Who doesn’t love cake?

  20. Everything there looks delicious. I would know which of those amazing desserts to choose. And total bonus that they also serve a bunch of comfort food options too.

  21. I would definitely go for the blueberry cheesecake if I was to visit the place. The place looks nice and clean

  22. I love that they have trained them up there! such an amazing achievement! I bet the staff love it, they seem very passionate! the cakes look incredible!

  23. Parang ang sarap dyan.. Sayang lang ang layo sa amin. .

  24. What an amazing bakery! All of this looks so yum. Always love your posts, Karla!

  25. That looks like a really cute coffee shop. The food that they offer look amazing.

  26. This looks amazing! I love the idea of a cake workshop. It would be so much fun!

  27. That dessert looks DELICIOUS!! Definitely adding this spot to my must visit list.

  28. Looks like a really nice place with a lot of yum foods!

  29. Those chocolate desserts look absolutely scrumptious! I’m sure you ladies stuffed your faces lol.

  30. Ooh! Even though I’m not much of a sweets person, I do enjoy cakes and desserts from time to time and I think I’m going to enjoy one of those chocolate laden slices they have there. QC is a bit far from me, though. Maybe when we find ourselves in Project 2 we can drop by. 🙂

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      You’re not alone. QC is three-four hours away from my place. LOL

  31. Love the place’s vibe but I am loving the cheesecakes even more! On my must-try list 💛

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      Me too. I would go back there for the cheesecake!

  32. Only one thing to say, YUM!

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      Yes, I totally agree!

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