Say NO to FREE blogs

“There’s no such thing as free lunch.” This means that whatever goods and services are provided, they must be paid for by someone. You don’t get something for nothing. This is one of the theories in Economics.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to learn How to Say NO. Say NO to FREE Blogs. This year, I will politely and gracefully say no to the people who don’t respect creatives. If someone asks you to work for free, that means they don’t appreciate what you’re doing.

Say No to Free Blogs

Reasons Why You Should SAY NO TO FREE BLOGS:

1. You have bills to pay.

A blogger spends more or less than 10,000 to maintain a website. They need to pay for a domain, and for hosting. If the event is far, they spend money for gas. Some locations are hard to locate, they spend a lot of money for grab or taxi. Some bloggers I know even buy new clothes to wear to attend the some events.

Will you be happy to receive a pen, some candies, or an insect repellent in exchange of all your expenses?

2. Your opinion matters.

When a blogger published something on the internet, it will forever stay in the internet realm. That is a permanent positive or negative feedback about a product or a service.

I once received a message from a social media manager. She asked me to give their business another chance. Why? Because the honest review I posted about their food went to the first page of Google search engine.

Another example, when I and my friends visited a nearby coffee shop, I created a review about the presentation of the food and how hot the place is. Upon reading my feedback, the owner thanked me for pointing out how their business could be improved.

Lastly, I made a review about a hair product last year. Until now, people are still sending me messages in my social media accounts to confirm if I’m still using it right now.

3. You have lots of skills.

Bloggers not only write about random stuff. They make marketing proposals, take pictures, edit videos, and even manage their social media accounts. Bloggers are like journalists, photographers, and other creatives. They invest time and effort in creating good quality content. (5 Reasons to Hire a Blogger)

Have you ever asked a doctor or a lawyer to work for free? Why should a blogger work for free?

OPINION: Are Influencers/Bloggers Freeloaders?

Travel with Karla

Dear blogger,

Don’t take yourself for granted. Know your worth but don’t be arrogant.

I started with receiving products in exchange of blog reviews. After receiving the items, I make reviews and then publish it. Most of the time when the company likes the review, they will keep on sending some items to be reviewed. Will this benefit me? What will I do to the items that I don’t really need? Is it okay to sell them or to make some giveaways for my followers? Who will pay for the shipping fee? The most important question, “Can I pay my bills by using these freebies?” You deserve better.

Only accept invitations that will give you a win-win situation. It’s sad that some companies don’t see us as professionals. As one of my blogger friends, Lee said, “Bloggers are the new breed of advertisers and marketers for brands and company so meaning we should be paid even if we are freelancers.” Read more about her thoughts on How To Treat Your Bloggers.

Some PR managers get newbie bloggers to advertise their products because they are willing to work for free. You are not a cheap alternative to traditional marketing. Next time someone asks you to make a blog, show them your blogger rate card. Say No to Free Blogs.



Travel with Karla


  1. Oh gosh! So many requests for links and guest posts, and no one wants to pay – or pay much at least. Frustrating for sure!

  2. This is SO True! In the beginning I published for free (certain writers). I charge now!!! It’s insane though, how many people ask for free publishings or backlink exchange… as if we WANT to work for free! like you’ve said, we’ve got bills to pay… and our time and effort is important!
    AMEN to this topic!

  3. I hate it when brands contact me as a blogger and expect me to do something for them without a compensation or offer a discount (‘let’s say 15%) and than seam surprised I do not work for free.

  4. I get so many emails offering guest posts, invites to an event (but no compensation in whatever form), link inserts, etc. I say NO to them or just ignore their email. Free is good, if it is for a campaign for a cause I support, other than that, I need compensation for my creative skills.

  5. I completely agree with your deep analysis. I have never worked with a brand for free…Although barter is something i consider. Also, I blog for fun and some dollars along with it keep me motivated.

  6. Such great advice!! More bloggers need to see this. Way to be an encouraging voice to fellow bloggers.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with your post here !! I had the exact same thoughts just a few months ago and decided that I’d stop wasting my time with the limitations WordPress itself had on me and decided to go self hosted so I could really make some money!! I’ve just recently launched my new blog too! I would love it if you came by to check it out !! ????
    I’m looking forward to connecting with you and reading more of your posts! This one was really just another sign of confirmation for me that I’m on the right track with being self hosted!! Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. I totally agree. I’ve stopped blogging brands for free, and only entertain those that offer something in exchange.

    But then, meron din nag offer ng free service, but kung makademand sayo, grabe din. Parang ikaw na ang marketing department nila. (Sorry, #hugot)

    Having said that, I do write about brands and services that we’ve tried that we have enjoyed and are worth sharing about. For example, museums or sites we’ve visited. It’s relevant naman din kasi to my readers.

  9. I must agree with this one. Since I am new to blogging, can you give me tips on how to do media kit, rate card. Or can you recommend a workshop for this. I am accepting gig pero not totally free, like free food, products ganon..

  10. i am definitely saving this so i can send it to people who always ask me about blogging and then turn away when i recommend a NOT FREE blog! if you’re dedicated and you seek passion in blogging, a price tag should not make you turn away from pursuing your dream. quality over quantity anyday! i agree with all of this

  11. Preach Kayla, preach! So many bloggers bless them have a hard time reconciling the need to do what they love with the necessity to make money. But we must!

  12. Karla, as a blogger myself (and one who is trying to monetize my blog while providing good content to my readers), I agree with you.. and I should work on a rate card myself..

  13. I need to look I to the blogger rate card! I think it is important to know your worth specifically for situations where you need to negotiate with companies for compensation for reviews and the like. Great and motivating info

  14. Well said. Bloggers must know how to treat business and leisure. I my case, I do pro bono for someone worth investing my time. Works everytime.

  15. Hi Karla! As a starting blogger, I’m still struggling if my social media accounts as well as my blog would be credible para kumuha ng rates. So in the mean time, I make blog posts not related to brands. Pero shempre, ang end-goal natin as writers is to not blog for free. Thanks Karla for this post. ????

  16. Good to hear another bloggers experience. I agree that at first accepting products for free are ok but there comes a point you have to know your worth.

  17. Hi Karla! Everything is on point here.

    Like I said, ako naman my dilemma is I know I write well, research well, even bought an expensive camera but I’m still working on the ropes for higher statistics and numbers. Hope meron din article how to increase DA and PA, for beginners like me so eventually, I can post my own rate card. 🙂

    But yeah, everyone starts from small things naman. Important is quality content talaga vs quantity tapos rubbish articles naman haha. Char.

    1. Uyyy thanks for the recommendation! I will write about DA and PA too.

      Totoo yan. Meron madaming posts pero copy paste lang. ????

  18. Just to confirm, hindi ka nagaaccommodate ng ma pakiusap na PR posting? Mukhang dito ako nagkamali. I accepted PR postings from an agency in hopes of building a relationship for bigger projects in the future. Tapos simpleng “thank you” lang last Christmas wala. Samantalang sa iba may token pa

    1. Hindi ako tumatanggap ng PR postings. Feeling ko kasi mamimihasa sila. Lalo na pag walang kinalaman sa travel, baka maweirdohan mga email subscribers ko. Feeling ko kasi mag-a-unsubscribe sila pag nagpost ako ng literal na advertisement.

      1. That is true. Well, I have another blog kasi which I used for accommodating PR postings. Second blog lang yun which I used to get Google Adsense approval but since wala ako content for it, I used it nga for PRs. I should learn my lesson. This year should be different.

  19. This is really advice for anyone who is think about doing a blog. You have to spend money to make it.

  20. I do unpaid writeups about good products or services, because I believe that they deserve it. Plus, I want other companies to be like them and I want to give value to my readers.

    However, those who will pay for a writeup will be prioritized. I will still provide an honest review, but this time, I’ll put extra effort for the promotions both on social media and on my website.

    On the side of bloggers, I hope they don’t shy away when they have to tell companies about their rate. If the blogger is good enough, can offer solutions, and can make quality outputs, asking for a payment becomes easier.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Cams!

      I also did some unpaid writeups for SMEs. Some are good, others are not that good. I’m very keen on giving honest reviews. It’s still a win-win situation. Exposure for them, and traffic for me.

      I’ve seen some bloggers who writes well but too shy to give rates. It’s 2019! I hope they read this. Hehehe!

      See you soon Cams! ????

  21. A blogger friend has once told me I was too kind to post a press release for a “thank you.” Honestly, I do it once in a while if I especially like the brand. But I’m grateful that there had been a few who really pay me in cash to do sponsored posts. And yes, I’ve already made a rate card just in case. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Michelle! I’m still hesitant in posting press release. If I do, I make sure I paraphrase it. Sometimes those people who ask us to post “thank you” press release are also the same people who recommends us to sponsored posts. 🙂

      1. Another tip to post a FREE press release, and you don’t like it to your blog, then use your social media like FB or IG. This is good for those stories that is not too relevant to your blog, but you want to keep the person/brand.

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