Balai Mariano: Team Kahoy Airbnb

Balai Mariano: Team Kahoy Airbnb is one of the prettiest accommodation you’ll see in Manila. It is filled with all the things you need to have a comfortable stay. In this post I’ll give you a quick tour and honest review of this pretty Team Kahoy Airbnb.

Team Kahoy Airbnb
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Balai Mariano totally exceeded my expectation. It actually inspired me to improve my bedroom too! I’ve seen a lot of ideas when I was there.

Team Kahoy Airbnb
Entertainment Area

Besides watching Netflix on TV, they also have Jengga to keep you entertained! Just look at the stuff inside those containers below the TV.

Team Kahoy Airbnb

They have a corner for a fine dining experience. Who wouldn’t love this table setting?

Team Kahoy Airbnb
Dining Area

In the kitchen, they also have microwave, water heater, ref, induction cooker, rice cooker, and even air fryer. In the bathroom, you may also use their washing machine. It’s perfect for people who plans to stay there for a week or two.

Team Kahoy Airbnb
Kitchen and Bathroom

I really had a good sleep in the bedroom. It’s clean and well-organized. If you’re planning to attend an event nearby, you may also use their clothes steamer.

Team Kahoy Airbnb

By the way, they also provide face masks, alcohol, and toiletries!

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They are very considerate. The staff will even escort you to the unit so he can explain everything. It’s nice when the hosts are responsive to messages on their AirBnb and social media accounts.

Team Kahoy Airbnb
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Balai Mariano is located at unit 3025, Fame Condominium along EDSA. It’s perfect for people who want to have a change of ambiance without living the city.

Let’s take a quick tour on this video:

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If you’re looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Balai Mariano is the perfect place to be. Going inside this unit will make you feel relaxed. I love that every corner of Balai Mariano is Instagram worthy! I’ve been to a lot of Airbnbs. I must say that this one has the best interior design.

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Team kahoy airbnb

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  1. The place is really cozy and perfect for a staycation because it has everything. I love how clean and organized it is and how it smells crisp and homey, which made me want to stay there longer.

  2. now ko lang narealize na pag ganyan pala na ma”kahoy” ang beach ng feels ano? kaya nakakarelax. you just have to find the right furniture and decors if you want to achieve that look. and it must have felt great to have your me time there, even if you were also working!

  3. Team Kahoy indeed! Okay, ngayon gusto ko na rin makalabas or at least madagdagan yung mga kahoy elements ko dito sa kwarto hahaha! I also love na may clothes steamer sila, not a lot of air bnbs or hostels provide such ammenities 😀

  4. Surprise! Balai Mariano is in Manila! I thought it was located in Tagaytay or in Cavite. It does look good and quite comfortable, I might say. I love the attention to detail.

  5. Hi Karla! When I read your post I first thought this place is located out of town. I love the provincial vibe of the wooden furniture/ accents. Looks very relaxing and complete pa yung amenities and toiletries. I love Airbnb with unique themes or unconventional. 🙂

    1. Definitely Team Kahoy here. I would love to explore the place with the kids if they are allowing kids younger than two. But of course, we are still on the safe side so perhaps next year na lang? Aha.

  6. Ang ganda Naman po dito sa Balai Mariano. Perfect staycation talaga Ang ganda ng mga gamit and love the ambiance nakaka relax. I love the design of the rooms and ung mga interiors din very unique. Hoping soon makapunta din ako dito. Sulit na sulit talaga Ang mga rates Nila ?❤️

  7. This is a lovely place, Karla! Save ko ito kasi lagi kaming Airbnb kapag nag-travel. Maganda ang ambiance at homey talaga 🙂

  8. Gandaaa! Mas love love ko mga designs like these ? Parang ang homey ng dating nya. ? Very ideal for everyone who would want an escape from the things na na eexhaust tayo like work and all. ? Thanks for sharing this Miss Karla. Kahit di pa ako nakapunta dito, parang nafifeel ko na ang place ?

  9. When I first saw Balai Mariano at your instagraw I was amazed because I also want to have this kind of theme in my house. The room is completely beatiful and unique at very affordable rate. It looks like a single destination that is suited for those who want a peaceful staycation.

  10. It was cozy and amazing place.
    Ang Ganda neto ❤️
    Sobrang nakaka amazed at truly appreciate all interiors and exteriors.

  11. Sobrang ganda naman po Dito, talaga namang nakakarelax ang Lugar na ito… Napaka ganda pa ng Disensyo pati narin ang silid nila Napakaganda , must visit po dito sa Balai Mariano sana mabigyan ako ng chance na makapasyal dito, hndi ko talaga sasayanhin ang chance na yun.. Talaga namang namang kamangha mangha. Perfect place. ?

  12. It’s really Nice to be in a place like this Balai Mariano: Team Kahoy Airbnb which is the prettiest accomodation that you’ll see in Manila. Staying in a place that will help us relax especially during this time of stressing time of pandemic. I hope to have the opportunity to stay in a place like this too. Thank you so much for sharing your honest review about this place.

  13. I like wood designs so Balai Mariano is really a perfect place to visit for me. I’m impressed how comfortable your stay here will be coz of their beautiful interior design, cozy room and even complete stuff that you can use.
    Their considerate staff is commendable too.

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