Olivia’s Coffee Estate

Cavite is my hometown. Whenever people ask me to recommend a place to stay, I always recommend Tagaytay. It’s the most touristy after all. What if you’re a person who enjoys privacy? What if you want to visit a place where you and your family or friends want to have an intimate bonding? Where would you go? I finally know the answer to that question. You should visit Olivia’s Coffee Estate.

Olivia’s Coffee Estate

Just few minutes drive from Tagaytay, you’ll see a town called Amadeo. Amadeo is the coffee capital of the Philippines. It’s where you can buy good quality coffee beans! If you’re a fan of coffee, you should take a trip to Olivia’s Coffee Estate.

Olivia's Coffee Estate

Eight Reasons Why You Should Visit Olivia’s Coffee Estate:

1. They have a coffee plantation.

This is a good learning experience not only for the kids but also for adults. To be honest, it’s my first time to see coffee berries in person.

Olivia's Coffee Estate

2. They can show you the coffee production process.

You’ll see the process from sorting, roasting, grilling, to packaging.

Olivia's Coffee Estate

3. They have coffee scrubs!

They are so Eco-friendly, they use the excess coffee grains as body scrubs. Although it looks gross, I enjoyed the minty feeling because they mixed it with essential oils.

Olivia's Coffee Estate

4. They have an infinite pool and Jacuzzi.

The infinity pool and Jacuzzi is open 24 hours. I like that it’s clean and perfect for photo shoots!

Olivia's Coffee Estate

5. They have a chapel.

If you want to have an intimate wedding, this could be a perfect venue for you.

Olivia's Coffee Estate

6. They have sports facilities.

They have a basketball court which is perfect for team building activities.

Olivia's Coffee Estate

7. Their rooms are spacious.

They can accommodate as much as 10 persons per room.

Olivia's Coffee Estate

8. The owners are very accommodating.

For inquiries, you may contact them directly. You may contact Ms. Irah using this number: 0916-422-2075.

Olivia's Coffee Estate
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Did I mention that they have their own restaurant? It’s where you can taste the different varieties of their coffee products. I’ll write about it on my next blog post!

Olivia's Coffee Estate

For more details, you may contact their social media accounts:

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  1. I haven’t been Amadeo but yes, I have heard that its a good place to get really good coffee. Will make sure to drop by on our next trip to Tagaytay. I would love to see their coffee plantation.

  2. That’s sounds like a lovely place to go to! I love coffee so I definitely find it intriguing! I think I would really enjoy the coffee scrub.

  3. It’s so crazy but they have entire places devoted to coffee like this! It looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m not sure I would necessarily get married there, but it would be a fantastic trip.

  4. This reminded me of my grandmother’s old house in Lipa, Batangas. Her property was surrounded by coffee trees. When the wind blows, the house if filled with the aroma of coffee! I will let my sister know about this place. Maybe we can plan an entire family vacation there. I was just wondering how many rooms to they have on the property?

  5. Beautiful! I love that they reused the coffee beans as scrubs. I enjoy some quiet after bustling tourist areas too so this would be perfect as an escape.

    1. My fiancé was raised in Cavite. Perhaps he knows this town, much less the place! Jusy inicase, would youy know how many hours of travel will this be from Manila City proper?

  6. Wow! I would want to try that coffee scrub. I want to feel and experience how coffee would feel on my skin.

  7. The estate looks neat and refreshing! And I would love to see their coffee plantation. I experience coffee body scrub before and I’m thinking about having one again. I feel so refreshed after.

  8. Sounds so interesting coffee place to enjoy quality time. The restaurant’s pictures are absolutely fine. I would love to spend my vacations there.

  9. Hi there Karla, I’m from Cavite too. Never heard this before though we always drive along Amadeo and stop over to buy some brewed coffee. Will check on this place one of this days.

  10. I super like it here, sis! As in talaga, ngayon ka pa lang nakakita ng coffee berries? When I was 7 or 8, we used to gather those fruits, binabayo at binabalatan, tapos binibilad sa araw, then ibebenta ni mama per ganta.. ???? Ang sarap ng kape kasi, it takes a lot of work to process it.. ????

    1. Coffee scrub is not/does not look gross! Haha. Coffee is one of my fave body scrubs because it really smoothens the skin and smells good too.

      Surprised to know it’s like an all-in-one place – with pool, sports facilities, resto and their own coffee plantation. ???? Sana makavisit rin kami soon.

  11. Interesting place for a coffer lover like me! The place seems perfect for family gathering as well, its rooms can fit 10 persons.

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