Red Mango Suites Review

Living in the Southern part of Luzon, it has always been a challenge for me to visit attractions in Manila. I have to allot three to four hours travel time just for me to attend an event. It’s stressful! Sometimes, I opt to stay in a hotel instead. Just last weekend, I tried to stay in a newly opened hotel in Marikina City. In this post, I’m going to make a detailed review of Red Mango Suites.

Mango Tree Hotel also own the Hotel Mango located in Cainta, and Eight Mango Hotel in Marikina. Interestingly, Eight Mango Hotel is located at the same street as Red Mango Suites.

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They have three types of rooms: Suite, Super Suite, and Family Room.


The Suite is good for two people. It has a queen-sized bed, a vanity table with an electric water heater pitcher. Their bathroom contain a hot and cold shower and a bath tub.

Super Suite

The Super Suite is good for three people. This is what I highly recommend! It has a queen-sized bed and a single bed. Moreover, it also has a recliner chair that is perfect for those who want to watch Netflix on their 43 in LED HD TV. On their vanity table, they also have an espresso Machine. In the bathroom, they have a hot and cold shower and a bath tub. Their toilet has a hand-free bidet!

Family Room

The family room can accommodate three people. It has a queen sized bed and a single bed. It has a bath tub, a 43-inch HD TV, hairdryer, and safety deposit box. It’s quite similar with super suite except that this is a bit smaller and does not have a recliner chair.

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Being a 3.5 star hotel, I didn’t really expect much from it. I must say that it exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed my stay for three reasons: security, entertainment, and relaxation.


Security is very important to me. As soon as I got there, the receptionist gave us a card to use for the room. Only the people with card can access the elevator. In addition, they also have a safety deposit box inside the cabinet. You can roam around without worrying about your valuable items.


They have Netflix! I really enjoyed watching some movies while sitting on the recliner chair. It feels like I’m inside a mini movie house.


The restroom will definitely make you relaxed. First, they have hands-free bidet. Who doesn’t like that? Second, they have a bath tub! I spend some time in the warm tub after a long day. It felt great! (Side note: They only provide towels and body soap. Toiletries like shampoo, toothbrush and tooth paste are not included.)

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The staff are polite and courteous. Everyone is helpful. They always greet the guests. I remembered when I forgot my card upstairs, they used their card to help me with the elevator pass.

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They have free breakfast for guests staying 24 hours. I ordered Longsilog. Usually, the side dishes will include cucumber and tomato only. They served mine with carrots, potatoes, and baguio beans. It tastes better!

Although I didn’t receive any water bottle, they have an espresso machine in the room. The blend tastes good. If you want water, you can bring your tumbler and refill it on the lobby. They also sell bottled water.

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Red Mango Suites is located at Lot 8, Block 26, Phase 3, Liamson Street, Midtown Subdivision, San Roque, Marikina City. You may contact them using these numbers: (02) 535-0888, 0915-342-9333, and 0915-345-6999. Check out Read Mango Suites website for more details.

Nearby Attractions

If you’re going to attend the upcoming Antipolo Alay Lakad, you should consider staying here. Red Mango Suites is a great location to rest and relax if you plan to visit Rizal’s Top Destinations like Daranak falls, Mt. Daraitan, and Tinipak River. There are so may places to hike in Rizal like Mt. Binacayan, Mt. Pamitinan, and Mt. Maranat.

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I enjoyed my stay in the Red Mango Suites. I enjoyed watching Netflix and bathing on the warm bath tub. It’s way better than a hostel I tried in Korea. I highly recommend Red Mango Suites if you plan to travel in Metro East and Rizal Area.

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  1. seems like a great place to invite a couple of friends for a girls’ slumber party. The couch looks very comfortable. I can almost imagine eating my chips, taking in my soda while binge watching on Netflix.

  2. Awesome detailed review! I live quite near Marikina so I might not be checking in anytime soon but I’m glad I now have a place to recommend to relatives visiting from abroad.

  3. Wow, seems like a good place for staycation! I love that they have bath tub in their suite. sana pasok sa budget ?

  4. I love how comfortable you look in that brown chair and I could imagine watching netflix there. Suuuper relaxing!

  5. This place looks nice and a good deal knowing that they have a private bath.
    Have you consumed the whole pizza?!

  6. Looks like it’s really a nice place to stay after a tiring day in Rizal and Antipolo! Nakakatempt yung netflix haha parang ang sarap tuloy mag staycation ??

  7. The super suite really is super with the reclining movie chairs! The breakfast looks fascinating.

  8. First, I like that the mango is red. That’s a really cute logo.
    Second, this hot weather in the metro makes me want to stay for hours in the tub hahaha.

    Will definitely check this out when I’m in Marikina. <3

    1. Gusto ko yung may pa-reclining chair sila while watching your favorite Netflix series. Hahaha gusto ko rin yunh bath tub. Okay, will note this hotel when I visit Marikina.

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