5 Reasons to Visit The Old Farm Villa in Silang

The Old Farm Villa is a vacation house surrounded by farm animals. Recently, I went there with my travel friends to have a reunion.

Here are the reasons why I chose it as the venue:

1. It can accommodate 15 people.

They actually have three accommodations: The Wood House, The Villa, and The Glass Room.

The Wood House

The Wood House is a loft-type house with a toilet and bath. It is air-conditioned and it has a television. It can accommodate 10 people.

The first floor can accommodate four people. The second floor has mattresses for six people.

The Old Farm Villa

The Villa

The Villa is an air-conditioned family room that can accommodate three people. It has a television, a mini refrigerator, and a sofa on the side.

The Old Farm Villa

Its private bathroom has a bathtub and a hot and cold shower.

The Old Farm Villa

The Glass Room

The Glass Room is an air-conditioned room with a television. It has a veranda overlooking the swimming pool.

The Old Farm Villa

2. It has a fully-equipped kitchen.

They have cooking equipment like a stove, microwave, bread toaster, rice cooker, and frying pans. Guests can also use the refrigerator, water dispenser, and tableware.

The Old Farm Villa

If you’re not into cooking, you may also order food from them.

Cornedsilog Breakfast at the Gazebo

We pre-ordered Lechon Belly for dinner. The pork skin is crispy, and the meat is really flavorful and juicy!

Lechon Belly for dinner

The Old Farm Villa Menu

The Old Farm Villa Menu

3. It has lots of amenities.

They have a swimming pool, gazebo, swing, and beer pong table. They also have a view deck.

The Old Farm Villa

You can also enjoy the billiard table and the basketball arcade without paying extra.

They have a bar area. It has its own wine cooling ref. Wine and liquor dispensers are also available. There’s a separate sink for goblets and wine glasses.

The Old Farm Villa

5. It is pet-friendly.

If your pets are potty-trained or can wear diapers, they can sleep inside the rooms with you. If not, your pets can sleep in the Gazebo. The Gazebo is located just near the gate. It is enclosed by a screen door.

Photo from Pawmilya di Vela

6. The employees are helpful.

They are very responsive to our concerns, from the Facebook page to the face-to-face interaction. They reply fast on their Facebook Page. When we arrived there, they served welcome drinks. In addition, they also asked about our preferred time for the bonfire. The firewood was set up for free.

How To Go There:

  1. Using the Waze App, search for “Balite Fuel”. It’s now Seaoil Gas Station.
  2. One of their employees will escort the guests from the Seaoil Gas Station.
Travel with Karla

I and my friends really had a great time at The Old Farm Villa. It’s hassle-free because they have a parking lot that can accommodate three cars.

Unlike the other budget-friendly resorts I’ve visited, I highly recommend The Old Farm Villa because they have complete toiletries.

Each guest can use bath towels, slippers, and all the toiletries provided by the resort.

For more details, you may visit them on their social media accounts:

Travel with Karla
The Old Farm Villa

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  1. so nice! i would recommend this to my in laws they love having staycations like this! hindi pa kami nakakagawi ng cavite, puro laguna eh. baka ma enganyo ko sya nito! looks so nice! sakto sa buong fam namin.

  2. Wow, this is a lovely property. I’ll save this place and will consider when we visit the Philippines soon. Super mura pa!

  3. Ang sarap puntahan! It looks so cozy and peaceful! Sarap mag getaway diyan. Kaya lang 12K agad for us, medyo steep for a fam of 5. Wala na kasi kaming relatives to invite to join us, matatagalan pa to fly home for a visit.

  4. Such a great place to visit with family or friends! I love the ambiance of this place and the amenities too ? Nakaka relax po dyan and ang daming pwedeng gawin na sure na maeenjoy Ng lahat?

  5. Omg wow ang ganda ganda nmn dito . Perfect ung kanilang mga room and sasarap ng mga foods sa kanilang menu . Saya mag staycation dito ?❤️

    1. Grabe, ganda ng place tapos facilities nila! ??? Makikita sa provided stuffs nila na very accommodating yung farm villa. Great place for a family or friends to relax, kagandahan pa dun nag oofer pa sila ng ibang form of recreation activities which is form of bonding na din. ???

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