Where to Stay in Las Pinas: Hotel DreamWorld

Where to Stay in Las Pinas? Without a doubt, Hotel DreamWorld will be on the top of my recommendations. In this post, I’ll give you a virtual tour of the Secret Garden and Fantasy Yacht room.

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Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Room is perfect for couples who want to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city. In here, you will find some relaxing garden just for you.

The right side of the room is covered with artificial grass. There’s a swing and a bench just like what people usually see on the parks.

Where to Stay in Las Pinas

The bed is spacious. There’s a vanity mirror on the side. It comes with a hair dryer. Since I went there for a workcation, I used that space to set up my laptop. It’s convenient because there are power outlets on the wall. In addition, they also have a mini fridge for my refreshments.

Across the bed, you can find a cable TV. As you can see on the picture, they provide a blanket and personal care kit for the guests. It has toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and comb.

Where to Stay in Las Pinas

I am so happy to see that they have a jacuzzi. They also have hot and cold shower. The bathroom is spotless when I got there.

Where to Stay in Las Pinas
Where to Stay in Las Pinas

Fantasy Yacht

Fantasy Yacht will definitely make you imagine that you are in a love boat. It is great for intimate gathering with friends.

1st Floor

The first floor has a Jacuzzi in the middle of the room. People can relax while watching movies or having karaoke! There are stools and a couch near the cable TV.

Where to Stay in Las Pinas

They also have a mini ref so you can keep your booze cold!

Where to Stay in Las Pinas

The bathroom is located on the first floor too. You may choose between hot and cold shower. Towels and toiletries are also provided.

Where to Stay in Las Pinas

2nd Floor

On the second floor, you can find the bedroom. There’s actually a big mirror on the side of the bed.

Where to Stay in Las Pinas

Across the bed, there’s a small vanity mirror and a Cable TV. They also have a couch and a dining table on the other side.

Where to Stay in Las Pinas
Where to Stay in Las Pinas
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Beside the great accommodation, I also enjoyed all their food! In fact, I ordered three meals from them. Usually, I’ll just order from the outside but I’m glad that Hotel DreamWorld serves good food!


They serve Filipino cuisine like Pinakbet Con Lechon (210), Tofu Steak in Oriental Sauce (150), Adobong Kangkong Con Lechon (140), and Chopsuey (210). You may also order soup like Nilagang Bulalo (415), Sinampalukang Manok (270), Sinigang na Hipon (289), and Sinigang na Baboy (300).

Pinakbet and Sinigang

Their Pinakbet con Lechon and Sinampalukang Manok are my top choice. I must say that they are prepared well. I love that they even served it with salty fish sauce.


I ordered their Crispy Pork Sisig (260) and Buffalo Wings (250) for dinner. Both of them tastes good! Whenever I see Sisig on any menu, I order it right away! Haha! Their Buffalo wings is not that spicy. It’s suitable for people who does not like too much spicy food.

Sisig and Buffalo Wings

They have different types of rice but I would recommend the Yang Chao Fried Rice (110)! I think I can even have it without any meat because it can be a stand alone meal. They also have Seafood Rice (110), Garlic Rice (55), and Steamed Rice (50).

The only dessert they have is leche flan (155). I must say that it didn’t disappoint me! It’s creamy and not super sweet.

Leche Flan and Yang Chao Fried Rice


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I ordered the Dream Breakfast (210). Other options are Garlic Beef Tapa (210), Pork Tocino (210), Chicken Longanisa (210), Daing na Bangus (200), and Ham and Cheese Omelette (170).

Isn’t it nice to start the day with a mouthwatering breakfast?
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Hotel DreamWorld Las Pinas is located just in front of SM Southmall. It’s a drive in hotel with garage rooms.


Secret Gardenweekdaysweekends
3 hrs11001200
5 hrs13001400
12 hrs16001700
24 hrs (with 3 meals for 2)36003700
All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Fantasy Yachtweekdaysweekends
3 hrs13001400
5 hrs15001600
12 hrs18001900
24 hrs (with 3 meals for 2)39004000
All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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Where to Stay in Las Pinas?

Without a doubt, Hotel DreamWorld will be on the top of my recommendations! First, I love the clean themed rooms. Second, I like that they are very affordable. Third, they serve great tasting food! Lastly, the staff are helpful and accomodating.

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  1. These are nice recommendations, Karla. I never imagined Las Pinas as a place for staycations but these hotels, with their delicious-looking food, look impressive.

  2. Both interiors are nice but I think I would go to the Fantasy Yacht! Mas bet ko yung color and minimalism design niya. Feeling ko kasi may ahas sa secret garden, joke! The selection of their menu is also good so I think mag eenjoy din ako dito.

  3. I grew up in Las Pinas and only moved about 10 years ago, but my parents are still there. I don’t believe I’ve seen this yet, but very interesting especially that it’s just across SM Southmall – so very near our family home. We can consider staying here over the holidays to be closer to family when we have our holiday dinners and stuff.

  4. It looks like a good place to stay, very affordable, lots of amenities, location is close to everything! This is a perfect spot!!they also have a restaurant with great food selection! I can’t wait to go home and see this hotel in person!

  5. Its really nice to be in a place like that because it will surely satisfy the customers. This is a great recommendation to what place you should stay if you ever visit and stay in Las Pinas. Thank you so much for giving us a virtual tour about the place. I really like it.

  6. Done reading this blog. Ang ganda Naman po dito sa hotel Dreamworld talagang nakaka relax Ang place and ganda ng ambiance din. Ang cute pa dahil ang daming flowers Ang ganda magpicture picture at kumpleto Ang mga gamit or interiors Nila ang gaganda sulit na sulit talaga and nakaka relax. Sarap pa ng mga foods love this ❤️?

  7. Hotel DreamWorld is indeed the perfect place to stay in Las Piñas. Every corner of this place is world class. I love how elegant and luxurious their rooms are yet the price are reasonable. Not to mention that their foods are also delicious.
    I personally love the Secret Garden Room coz I’m a plantita and I appreciate even the artificial. Plants gives me an ineffable relaxation.

  8. Hotel Dreamworld can take your hotel experiences to the next level. You’ll find here everything from the exterior, the reception, lounge and all other public areas a beautiful and fancy design. And even if you are planning on having most of your meals outside the hotel, if they offer a wide array of cuisines like these for sure you cannot resist.

    1. Sobrang ganda naman po dito at talaga namang marerelax at mag eenjoy kapo dito. Must visit po talaga dito sa Hotel Dreamworld, mahahanap mo rito ang lahat mula sa panlabas at ang gaganda pa talaga ng disensyo perfect place po talaga ito at sulit na sulit ang pag punta dito dahil matitikman mopa ang masasarap nilang foods na Siguradong magugustuhan ng panlasa mo .

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