Ascott Makati: Perks of Being Guest of the Day

Ascott Makati

Here’s a little back story on how I was able to experience the Ascott Makati. Every year, our company holds a raffle during our year-end party. Usually, they give out some kitchen appliances like rice cooker, microwave oven, and other stuff. Everyone gets one prize. This year, they decided to limit the prizes to three major prices only: Asian Destination Package for two, Philippines Destination Trip for two, and 5-star Hotel Staycation Package for two. Luckily, I was one of the winners!

Ascott Makati
Travel with Karla

As soon as I got there, the receptionist asked for my name and talked about my booking details. I didn’t have to present anything. She just asked for my name. Because it’s Chinese New Year, she gave us some fortune cookies.

Ascott Makati

Perks of Being Guest of the Day

1. Complimentary Room Upgrade

Originally, my prize is a Studio Executive Suite but they gave me a 1 Bedroom Executive Suite! It includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining area. Watch my room tour at Ascott Makati:

2. VIP Set-up

There’s a personalized letter from the Assistant Residence Manager on the dining table. I like that they also prepared some complimentary snacks and drinks.

Ascott Makati

3. Happy Hour Access for 2

We were not able to avail this because we opt to stay in our room and watch TV. My sister got excited when she saw the bath tub. She enjoyed the warm bubble bath. The toiletries are also complete!

Ascott Makati

Surprisingly, the unit has a television inside the bedroom too. What more can you ask for?

My sister is too young for the Happy Hour in the hotel so I told her that we’ll just enjoy the buffet breakfast the next day.

Ascott Makati

4. Complimentary 15 minutes back and shoulder massage at Paradasia Spa

I enjoyed the massage after going to the gym. My muscles really felt relaxed!

Ascott Makati

The best thing about the massage I had is, it’s free! LOL. Here’s the price list of their services:

Ascott Makati

5. Complimentary late check-out

We availed the late check out because we want to experience their amenities. In the morning, we spent some time in the swimming pool and the gym. There’s so much things to do in Ascott Makati!

Ascott Makati

Their gym has lots of equipment. It’s exclusive for the people who are staying in the hotel. In addition, they have gym instructors to assist the clients.

Ascott Makati
Travel with Karla

I really enjoyed my stay in Ascott Makati. It’s not everyday that you’ll experience staying in a 5-star accommodation nor being the guest of the day. I’d like to thank MedPro International (my employer), and Ascott Makati for this wonderful experience.

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Ascott Makati


  1. I love staycations and I take my family as much as I can. But I never knew of such perk from The Ascott Group. And I am seriously impressed. Yay to happy hour and the free massage!

  2. Ang posh ng room tour/vlog! Hehe. I know it’s months after but congrats on winning one of the prizes! Getting VIP treatment is awesome, haha. Happy Hours at the Ascott are always lovely, and it has a really nice vibe. 🙂

  3. Giving appliances during Christmas parties are so overly rated! The best gifts are airline ticket, vacation getaway, or like yours an overnight stay in a high-end hotel. You should try Ascott BGC soon, it is also good.

  4. What a luxurious stay, Karla! So sweet of you to bring your sister with you! Looks like you had loads of fun and the swimming pool is a cherry on top!

  5. Ang saya naman ng staycation at free travel! Looks like you had fun. Love the massage and yung mga sweets nila, mukang yummy, at ang sarap gawing display =)

  6. Awww lucky you! Looks like you had fun! Good thing you were able to try most of their amenities and you got to experience their spa too! I’ve stayed in Ascot BGC recently and I like their service – you will really feel like a VIP 🙂 I think they upgraded our room din – naging 2 bedroom kasi eh. Haha i love the bathtub! 😀

    – Hazel |

  7. Your sister is so cute! I’m sure you girls had a great time because I would enjoy it too, looking at all the amenities. Cupcakes?? Sign me up lol

  8. Lucky girl!! Iba ang feeling ng free pa hotel haha!! i had one win din last year ang saya saya kooo, rather ng anak ko! Haha! I love the compli snacks fave ko yan actually. Pero pinaka fave ko yata ang massage at buffet breakfast. Glad you enjoyed

  9. Congratulations on being Guest of the Day!!! We always get the early check in and late check out perks because of husband’s membership plus executive lounge… So the boys always look forward to all our staycations.

  10. One of my favourite words in the service industry is “Complimentary” . I loved how Ascott also made sure that you really were a VIP! I’m sure not all guests who avail of the same room can say the same

    1. Wow!! I am reminder of “Fabulous” by Sharpay from HSM2 when i saw your pictures. You’re soooooo lucky!! Wish i could be treated like a queen even just for a day too!! Maybe in the future. Hahaha

  11. Ang saya!!!! mapapa sana all nlang ako..kasi dahil nga sa kuripot akong tao parang di ko kayang gumastos ng staycation sa Ascott..hehhe nway may idea po ba kau magkano po ba ang staycation jan Miss Karla? ?

  12. This indeed looks like a luxury hotel! How is the price or… value over price ratio? 😛

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