The Selah Garden Hotel

Would you believe me if I say that there’s a paradise in Manila?

I’m sorry to say this but when I think about Manila, I always associate it with traffic and pollution. My perception of Manila has changed when I experienced the activities at The Selah Garden Hotel. Keep on reading to know why!

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Selah Garden Hotel, an 83-room boutique hotel, offers an alternative relaxed lifestyle in an urban setting. It has nine different types of rooms:

Rooms Occupancy Rate
Flagship Room 2 pax ₱ 3200 ($60)
Flagship Room 3 pax ₱ 3800 ($70)
Cozy Room 3 pax ₱ 3800 ($70)
Fantastic Loft 4-5 pax ₱ 5100 ($95)
Fantabulous Loft 7 pax ₱ 6700 ($125)
Fabulous Suite 5-6 pax ₱ 5900 ($110)
Stellar Suite 10 pax ₱ 13000 ($242)
Bunk Room 4, 6, 8 pax ₱ 800/pax ($15)
Clique Room 10 pax ₱ 800/pax ($15)

I, together with my roommates Chelsea, Mikhaela, and Jin, experienced the fantastic loft. It looks like a condo to me. There’s a place for dining and entertainment on the first floor. The beds are located on the second floor. Inside the cabinet, you’ll see some toiletries like bath towel, shampoo, and bath soap.

The room is perfect for family and group of friends. It’s very comfortable. You don’t need to wait for someone taking a bath when you need to use a toilet. They actually have separate rooms for the bathroom and toilet. They also have a sink and fridge under the stairs. Everything you need is here!

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What’s makes The Selah Garden Hotel different from other hotels in Manila? They have a lot of outdoor activities! They have high ropes activities: wall climbing, zip line, control descent, Burma bridge, Multivines, Jacob’s ladder, and Broken bridge. They also have low ropes activities: Whale watch balance, swing aboard, team wall, and trust fall.

Check out Brazzi Sun Bra <3

The Selah Garden Hotel is perfect for team building activities! Besides the outdoor facilities, they also have function rooms, Tabla Restaurant, Spa by Selah, Infinity pool, and even Scuba diving course.

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We arrived there at lunch time. We tried the Crispy Pinakbet (₱189), Hongkong style friend chicken (₱384), and Liempo Negra (₱187). The Pinakbet is great for vegetable lovers like me. It comes with bagoong. The chicken and the sweet potato tastes great as well. Liempo Negra is new for me. I thought it was burnt. Apparently, they used the ink of the squid to make it black. (Tip: Brush your teeth right away after eating!)

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For dinner, we had Crispy Bagnet (₱295), Osso Bucco Kare Kare (₱423), Laing Con Morcon (₱227), and Trilogy Mushroom Soup (₱169). We also had Brownies ala mode (₱110) for dessert. ALL OF THEM TASTE GOOD. I would say that the Kare kare is way above the usual Kare kare you buy in other Filipino restaurants.

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Birthday Celebration of Momma Lee at the TLC room with Karaoke

Their breakfast buffet begins as early as 6 am. It’s very suitable for people who have early morning appointments. They offer fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, omelettes, soups, and other usual breakfast dishes. It’s free for all people who are staying in the hotel.

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I don’t know if it’s just me but all of their staff are good looking! LOL. The people in the reception wear floral dress. I thought they are part of the guests. They are very accommodating to all our inquiries. Morever, the staff in the team building are also great! They made our stay really fun and exciting. They explained the activities well.

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  • Follow their Facebook Page to be updated about their promos.
  • Don’t smoke! Penalty is ₱2000.
  • Don’t bring outside food. You must try their delicious meals!
  • Bring proper swimwear if you want to use the swimming pool.
  • Don’t bring pets. It’s not allowed.
  • Bring your friends and family! You’ll enjoy the team building activities.

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The Selah Garden Hotel is located at Park Avenue corner Ignacio Street, Pasay City, Philippines.

For booking and inquiries, please contact:

  • Mobile: +63917-9582760, +63925-5111131, +63998-8810864
  • Landline: +632-5111331 or +632-8997080

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Will I go back there? Definitely!

The Selah Garden Hotel is not only perfect for staycations but also for team building activities! I’m going to bring my family and friends so that they can experience the same fun! The rooms, amenities, food, people and activities deserve a 5 star rating!

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