Staycation at City Garden Grand Hotel

City Garden Grand Hotel is the testing center of my IELTS exam last month. The moment I saw the exquisite hotel, I knew I had to go back and have a staycation there. After a month of taking IELTS, I decided to take the TOEFL. Fortunately, the testing center is located in Ateneo de Manila University Salcedo Campus. It’s few minutes away from City Garden Grand Hotel. Perfect!

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My brother, sister, and I stayed in their Deluxe King Room. It contains one King-sized bed which can accommodate as many as three adults and two children. It’s really suitable for family staycations.

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It didn’t take some time for my siblings to feel at home. It really feels so tranquil inside the room. It’s indeed a perfect place to unwind.

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Besides the cable TV, mini fridge, and good internet connection, one of the amenities my sister enjoyed is their coffee and tea facilities.

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I like how the shower area is separated from the bath tub. It’s on the other side of this view. Two people can use the bathroom at the same time. Moreover, the shampoo, body gel, bath soap, dental kit, cotton buds, and even shower cap are also provided. No need to worry about bringing toiletries!

You can avail the Deluxe King Room for P3,800.00 per night.


I can describe their amenities using these words: modern, clean, and luxurious. 

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We enjoyed the warm Jacuzzi on their 32nd floor! It’s awesome for soothing the sore muscles. I usually don’t enjoy the public pools because of sanitation. However, City Garden Grand Hotel’s swimming pool is not crowded and very clean. It is managed by trained staff and I experienced how clean it is. They even provide clean towels for every guest entering the pool area.

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There’s a city view by the swimming pool, a lovely location to watch the sunset.

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Besides the outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, City Garden Grand Hotel also includes a rooftop cocktail bar, a buffet restaurant, a gym and a spa.

My brother felt guilty after eating a lot in the buffet so he hit the gym. He mentioned that all the equipment are state of the art and very functional. If only I don’t have an exam the following day, I could have joined him.

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Their food didn’t disappoint us! We experienced the Spanish Buffet at Firefly Roof deck. It feels so good to eat sumptuous meals while being entertained by the live band.

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The next day, we had sumptuous and hearty breakfast buffet at the Spice Cafe. It offers cereals, bread, soup, and other meals people usually eat for breakfast. They also have fresh fruits and juices.

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I think that their menu is a mixture of American and Asian cuisine. I like how they serve everything hot. The fried food like sausages, ham, and hash browns are ordered to be cooked. I can say that It’s worth the price! They even gave 50% discount for my little sister.

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I wasn’t able to take a picture of the staff but I can attest about their excellent service.

Let me begin from the guards in the lobby. The doors were opened for us, and we were welcomed by a polite greeting.  Our check in time was supposed to be 2 pm but we arrived there an hour earlier. As soon as I informed the receptionist about our reservation, she immediately searched for a vacant room to accommodate us earlier.

In the Firefly Roof Deck, we were welcomed by the receptionist. The waiter was very attentive to our needs. When he noticed that it’s quite dark in our chosen spot, he brought some candles for us.


In the swimming pool, the attendant gave us some clean towels. In the spa, the receptionist was very kind to explain all the services. I also like how polite the cleaning staff were. I was alone in the elevator when they asked if it would be okay for them to enter. Of course, it’s not a problem at all. 

City Garden Grand Hotel offers a lot of promos:

  • Nearly There PromoGet 10% off when you book 1 to 5 days before check in date.
  • Last Minute PromoGet 15% off for same day bookings.
  • Christmas Promo Get 20% off from bookings from December 22 to 30, 2017.
  • Early Bird PromoGet 10% off from bookings that will be booked 16 days prior the check in date.
  • Weekend PromoGet 15% off for bookings with stay dates that will fall on Saturday or Sunday

For more details, check out their website.

With all these promos, I bet that you don’t have reasons to say no for a very relaxing staycation in City Garden Grand Hotel.


City Garden Grand Hotel is a luxurious yet affordable staycation place in Makati. With all the state of the art facilities, I believe that it deserves to be called a five star hotel. You can avail their high class services without breaking the bank.

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I’ve been a fan of staycations. Since I’m already in Philippines, I often let my family enjoy the things I love to do as well. It’s my sister’s first time to experience having a staycation in a hotel. She really enjoyed it! She has a lot of stories to tell when we came home.

This will definitely not the last time I’m going to have a staycation there.



  1. Glad to see you had such an amazing time with your siblings and that you got to pamper yourself at such an exquisite hotel. The best part of your whole experience seems to be that king-size bed! It looks super comfortable!

  2. my family’s into staycation and my boys love it!!! glad your sister enjoyed her first staycation experience. kudos to you Karla for giving your family a lot of treats! keep going!

  3. A big fan of the spa, that would be my first destination while in this hotel. The breakfast also looks great and so does the King Size bed. I think every staycation needs to include a King size bed and a shower tub and possible some room service to top it all off.

  4. Staycations are the best! Just this morning I booked a hotel here in Seoul because it was impossible to find anything cheap flying out at the last minute. Some of my co workers thought I was crazy for booking a hotel when I have a perfectly good bed in my apartment but I tried to explain its about leaving your space and enjoying and relaxing somewhere you can be pampered. They didn’t get it! Kudos to you!

  5. OMG that was really gorgeous view….the hotel indeed fantastic.
    i seriously dream of having future honeymoon in a cozy yet spacious place like this that makes u wanna stay at hotel the most instead of going out gahahhahahahaha.
    Maybe Not my first abd second honeymoon but third maybe..

    *Keep hoping*

  6. i’ve been to makati about 6-7 years ago…i love that place…and also i like the tips that ur sharing…nice tips and i’ll recommended it to my family member.. ????

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