Abelyana: The Best Cold Brew in Cavite

Abelyana: The Best Cold Brew in Cavite

Abelyana was formed by the founders’ desire to bring local coffee to the modern generation and share Filipino culture and language with each of it’s product. Besides the great taste coffee, the containers are reusable which makes them eco-friendly.

Abelyana is a tagalog word that means “tan” or “nut-brown”, the color of a roasted coffee beans.

Abelyana The Best Cold Brew in Cavite

To be honest, I’m not a coffee drinker but I usually like trying something new. I always think that coffee does not have a good taste but I eventually enjoyed drinking the cold brew of Abelyana. In fact, I tried all the five flavors!

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Their cold brew is a must try.

300 mL500 mL
Bathala (concentrated)110150
Hanan (sweetened black)110150

They have five different flavors:

Abelyana The Best Cold Brew in Cavite
Abelyana: The best cold brew in Cavite
300 mL500 mL
Apolaki (lemonade coffee)120160
Aman Sinaya (salted caramel latte)120160
Ikapati (honey cinnamon latte)120160
Mapulon (vanilla latte)120160
Mayari (hazelnut latte)120160

Their best sellers are Lemonade Coffee, Salted Caramel, and Honey Cinnamon.

They also sell coffee beans!

Abelyana The Best Cold Brew in Cavite
150 grams300 grams
Sagada (Medium/Dark Roast)150260
Hazelnut (Dark Roast)170280
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Abelyana is located at Avida Residence Santa Catalina, Dasmariñas and Mary Cris Complex, Gen Trias, Cavite. You may order from them by sending them a message on their social media accounts:

Use this form to order: https://forms.gle/1oyZ6SvDWgsUxp6y6
Mode of Payment includes GCash, Paymaya, and BPI

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What I like the most about Abelyana is the story behind each product name. Here are some of the characters featured on their packaging:

  • Bathala – The most powerful leader of the gods and goddesses in Philippine Mythology.
  • Hanan – One of the three daughters of Bathala to a mortal. She is the goddess of the morning.
  • Aman Sinaya – The fierce rival of Bathala and the protector of the fishermen. She is the goddess of the Sea.
  • Apolaki – The glow of Apolaki’s eyes serves as the light of this world. He is the god of the Sun.
  • Mapulon – He is considered as the kindest deity. He is also known as deity of health and god of Season.
  • Ikapati – He is the benevolent giver of food and prosperity. He is the goddess of Cultivated Land.
  • Mayari – She is one of the daughters of Bathala to a mortal. She was the most charming of all the goddess. Mayari is the goddess of the Moon.

Use the code #ABELYANAxTWKARLA to get 10% discount on all products. This code is valid until October 31, 2020.

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  1. I love how they wrapped their products with so much culture!! Ive been drinking less instant coffee lately cause i much appreciate the brewed ones. Cold brew is one of my faves so I’m super curious about this one!!

  2. Woah, the packaging looks fresh! It’s quite different from other cold brew bottles I used to purchase. I used to be a huge coffee person until I became acidic, haha! Those coffee beans look tempting though – gusto ko tuloy bumili!

  3. Ang creative ng name of each product, talagang pinag-isipan. I also like the fact that it is Filipino made, looking forward to try their Sagada beans.

  4. Wow! So refreshing, perfect to sa mga coffee lovers like me. I want to try this Ang daming flavors na pagpipilian. Thanks for sharing Ms. Karla ❤️

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