Where to Eat in SM Dasma: Ramen Kuroda

Ramen Kuroda became my go-to restaurant ever since the community quarantine has begun. It recently opened last July 24, 2020. Every time the government decides to have a general community quarantine, I look forward dining in at restaurants. In this post, I’ll make a review of one of my favorite restaurants in SM Dasma.

Ramen Kuroda
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Your visit to Ramen Kuroda isn’t complete without eating a ramen of course! They have various flavors and I already tried four of them.

Main Dish

Here’s my ranking based on the flavors I tried:

  1. Nikumiso Ramen
  2. Kuro Ramen
  3. Aka Ramen
  4. Shiro Ramen

Since I visited Japan, I feel that my standard in Ramen has become higher. I don’t usually finish a bowl of noodles but if the broth really tastes good, it’s a win for me! Nikumiso Ramen totally satisfied me. In just less than $5, I felt that I’m in Japan eating an authentic ramen. On my next visit, I tried Kuro Ramen. I love the garlic flavor on ramen and it’s cheaper ($4). My brother who likes spicy food tried the Aka Ramen. I was hesitant to try it but when I tasted it, the spiciness level is just right. The heat runs through my throat and it’s definitely satisfying. Lastly, my mom ordered Shiro Ramen. It tastes bland for me. Probably because I had Kuro and Aka Ramen first.

Side Dish

I’ve only tried the Gyoza and the Kani Salad. I’d say that the Gyoza is 4/5 while the Kani Salad is 5/5. I’ve tried better Gyoza in Korea but theirs is above average compared to the gyoza I tried here in the Philippines. For Kani Salad, the serving size is generous and the vegetables are really fresh. I totally recommend it!

Ramen Kuroda

Ramen Kuroda Menu

Ramen Kuroda
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I like that all the staff are complying with the safety measures. All of them are wearing face masks, face shields, and even gloves. Kudos! I also like the contact less manner of using QR codes for contact tracing.

Ramen Kuroda
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It is located at lower ground floor of SM Dasmarinas. It’s just beside Giligan’s.

I like how they practice social distancing. There are arrows on the floor and partitions in between tables. You can still see your companion unlike other establishments who only accommodate one person per table. In addition, they also proved a small plastic for face mask.

Ramen Kuroda

Where To Order:

Ramen Kuroda Branches

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Ramen Kuroda lives up to their concept. With their affordable meals, people can really make real ramen a part of their everyday. Whenever I go there, I always go home with a full and happy tummy without breaking the bank.

Ramen Kuroda

One thing I like the most about them is that they have this unique container of sesame seeds. I love that we can add more sesame seeds to the ramen. However, if there’s one thing that irks me, they don’t check the tissue supply often in their toilet. Anyway, the toilet seat and floor are clean and there’s a liquid soap available too.

Ramen Kuroda

I only dine it at malls once or twice a month due to the pandemic. I hope everything will be back to normal soon so we can dine in with our friends and family without fear. Stay happy and healthy. See you on my next blog!

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Ramen Kuroda

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  1. Ramen Kuroda sounds familiar – I’m not sure if I have eaten there before or I saw their resto already. Ang dami na pala nila branches! I miss eating ramen hahaha! Good thing you were able to try them kahit covid. 🙂

  2. Happy Weekend Ate Karla.. sobrang Sasarap Nian .. and in Dasma .. Near in My Partner Location.. Pwede Ko Siyang Dalhin Jan. Para matikman ang Masarap ng Ramen ???

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