Buku-Buku Kafe

Being a millennial, one of the factors in choosing a place to hang out is if it’s Instagram- worthy. Is the lighting good or not? Is the presentation of the meal nice? We make sure that the ambiance artsy.

If we think alike, I bet that you’ll enjoy eating at Buku-Buku Kafe.

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Since I live in the South, I don’t spend much time in Manila. I envy the bloggers out there who lives near cool cafes. Anyway, the good thing is that I’m few blocks away from SM Dasmarinas. Once in a while, I check out some interesting cafes or restaurants there.

Buku-buku Kafe got my attention. It’s very artsy and it’s perfect for bookworms. Buku-Buku is actually a Bahasa term for many, many books.

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Besides the wide variety of books, Buku-buku Kafe also have some board games!!!

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What to Eat?

They offer South East Asian cuisines. We are ordered their group meal for 3. It’s contains Iced Tea Pitcher, Crunchy Thai Salad, I love You Tofu, Black Pepper Beef and 3 cups of rice. We got all of those for 585 pesos only!

The serving size may look small but it’s very tasty and I think it’s worth the price. The beef is spicy but tolerable, it makes you eat more rice. My favorite among them is the tofu. It feels that I’m eating Takoyaki. The salad is so so.

I will definitely go back and try their other meals.

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Outside the cafe, there are some staff inviting people to come in. When you go inside, you’ll be given a menu right away. I think that the staff are very attentive.

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Buku-buku Kafe is located at SM Dasmarinas lower ground floor. It’s near Arctic Artisan Bingsu Craft Cafe, and Karate Kid.

Besides SM Dasmarinas, they also have branches in Las Pinas, and Imus.

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There are three reasons why I recommend this artsy cafe to all the millennials out there! First, I love the ambiance. Second, the food is a must try. Lastly, I am satisfied with the service.

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Buku-Buku Kafe

Buku-buku Kafe in SM Dasmarinas is now permanently closed. It will always be known for their great ambiance and delicious food.

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  1. Looks like a super yummy place to eat and I love that they have board games! I also love how you separated out the sections of this post! I will have to try BUKU BUKY KAFE if I’m ever in town!

  2. I really love the sitting arrangement! And it is so true that we all look for a restaurant which is Instagram worthy I didnt realize I do it too until you mentioned it. I love the neon ambiance of this place.

  3. This place looks really cool, I love the lighting effect and the fact it is an Instagrammers dream! I am glad you enjoyed it.

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