5 Things I’m Grateful For in 2019

It’s that time of the year to reflect about the things that I’m grateful for. Although 2019 gave me lots of heart breaks, I’m going to start 2020 with an appreciation post for all the good things that happened last year.


The Lord has blessed not only me but all the members of my family. 2019 is the year of achievements. Karlo got high grades in MMMA. Karl became one of the topnotchers in the Licensure Exam for Agriculturists. Karlee won in a mural painting contest. My mom and dad didn’t get sick this year. I’m just happy that we are complete.

Things I'm Grateful For


I don’t classify myself as a friendly person. I prefer few close friends over large circle of friends. I’m really busy so I rarely go out with my childhood friends but I make sure to attend the important events of their lives.

Besides my childhood friends, I’m also grateful for my college friends, and blogger friends. I love how they are available whenever I need someone to talk to.


I’m a teacher by profession. However, I don’t really practice the formal classroom setup ever since I came back to Philippines. I’ve been teaching IELTS/TOEFL for the past two years now. My life with MedPro International has been great. The bosses, colleagues, and salary are good! I couldn’t ask for more!

Things I'm Grateful For

Besides my teaching job, I also work as Sangguniang Kabataan Secretary. I’m glad that I can use my skills to serve the community.

It really feels good do what you love. It also great to love what you do.

Failed Relationships

My boyfriend for four years left me. It’s a long and sad story that deserves a separate blog post. Kidding. This year, I started using dating apps to find a permanent travel buddy. I work at home so I’m not really much exposed to other people. I only get a chance to meet people whenever I travel. It’s great to get to know the stories of various people using the dating apps.

Things to Do In Baguio

I’ve been fooled a lot of times. It’s my fault I trust the wrong people easily. In the past months, I keep on finding myself dating people who are in a relationship. I stop as soon as I figure it. I needed to investigate more before asking people to travel with me. LOL.

In the process of dating people, I got a chance to know more of myself. I now know what kind of person I want, and what I want to do with my life. You see, I want to thank those people for making me wiser and stronger.

Originally, the fourth thing I’m grateful for is the travel opportunities I had in 2019. I’m also thankful for all the travel pictures taken by those human tripods. I’ve been to Japan and Korea last year. In addition, I also get the chance to explore some places in the Philippines like Baguio, Bataan, Baler, Laguna, Rizal an many more.

RIP sa lahat ng travel pictures na di ko na pwede iupload. HAHA! Sana this year makapag-upload na ko ng tunay na couple pics!

Travel with Karla

Travel with Karla has been blessed with super supportive followers! I now have more than 100K followers on social media: Personal profile (15.7K), FB Page (89K), Instagram (10.4K), YouTube (1.6K), Twitter (1.6K), and WordPress (3K).

Besides the awesome followers, I’m grateful for the brands who trusted me.

Things I'm Grateful For

Thank you Dermacare for taking care of skin. Heather Clothing boosted my confidence by providing cool outfits. Also, I’d like to thank Marelitz for the awesome earrings I often wear whenever I travel.

Travel with Karla

I hope you’ll continue following my adventures:

What are you thankful for?

Travel with Karla


  1. I love your post. But what I love most is that you now know yourself better than the before because of the struggles from your past relationships.

  2. waah kakaloka yung binura yung face hahahahahahah!!hamo na ghorl he will come in the right time wag ka na maghanap. Youll find him when you least expect it. Happy new year and congratulations!!!

  3. Happy for your 2019 successes, Karla! I’m sure you’ll meet that one person who will stay with you for life. Happy New Year!

  4. I’m happy for you Karla. From your achievements, travels, family and friends. Don’t worry you’ll meet you’ll special someone in the right place and the right time. Enjoy being single!

  5. I’ve been your follower this year and I could say I’ve learned a lot from you and I enjoyed every post you shared Kaya cguro ako napasama din sa top fan mo last time. Thank you for being a part of our 2019, love#TeamryceRoad3ps

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